The animals had it coming

I have never accused activists of being guilty of logical reasoning or thoughtfulness. Yes, they value trees, mosquitoes and dirt more than human beings, but at some point the hyperbole train needs to avoid going off the rails.

Actually, for activists, being off the rails is a way of life. Colonel Sanders kills a chicken, they evoke the Holocaust. A bunny rabbit becomes Hossenfeffer (to quote my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon), they evoke the pain of slavery. Chanting, “Meat is murder,” they truly can compare Jeffrey Dahmer with the woman taking her children to McDonalds. The way those bloodthirsty children play on the slide after devouring a dead cow is just sinister. They are future killers in waiting.

Rather than try and teach a pig to sing, which wastes time and annoys the pig, it is easy to use these “lacktivists (activists usually lack everything normal people possess)” as a foil to entertain normal people. Lacktivists tend to be intolerant. In some cases they are lactose intolerant, but Jewish law prohibits mixing milk and meat, so I will leave milk out of this discussion.

Dennis Leary crystallizes it perfectly when he claims, “We only want to save the cute animals.” Here is a segment from his routine.

“What are you?”

“I’m an otter.”

“What do you do?”

“I swim on my back and do cute things in the water.”

“You’re free to go.”

“And you, what do you do?”

“I’m a cow.”

“Get in the truck!”

“But I’m an animal.”

“You’re a baseball glove, get in the truck!”

I encountered one lacktivist on Michelle Malkin’s website. Below is their screed, with the name redacted for privacy and the screed itself redacted for length and coherence.

“I am also a longtime member of PETA and been veg for about 22 years. I think refraining from eating meat is a noble act. It takes thoughtfulness, restraint and discernment. It means you have standards. It’s not the only noble act we can do in this world, but it’s a significant one. Meat eating is destructive on many levels, not only to animals themselves but to humans as well. If you want to eat meat, fine, do it, but don’t embarrass yourself by putting down others who actually have a higher standard than you. It only shows your insecurity (can you say ‘tallest poppy?’). Most of all, those who care about this are thinkers. I just read a study that said vegetarians, as a whole, have a higher Intelligence than the general population. Go ahead and Google it…and find out for yourselves. It just means you care about the horrible suffering of innocent animals at our hands. Caring about animal suffering is sweet, noble, and kind. These are ideals that conservatives should, at least theoretically, embrace and admire.”

I should return my advanced degree, since apparently my eating meat means I am too stupid to grasp concepts that enlightened lacktivists can understand. I did not go to a poison ivy league school, so I thought my degree was worth something. Nevertheless, I feel a little levity is best when dealing with lacktivists. My reply is below.

“Who says these animals are innocent? I have it on good authority by a well respected anonymous moral authority that many of these animals had it coming. Their parents were awful animals, and their kids would have been awful animals.

I know I am right because the anonymous study I cite is beyond reproach, because it agrees with me, which confirms I am right.

Hail to the Lord of Circular Logicians everywhere!

Time for Monday Night Football and a burger.”

Apparently humor is lost on lacktivists. I suspect we could make the left wing and the right wing happy environmentally if we could just remove the wooden sticks that lacktivists have up their rumpuses. The right wing would be pleased that leftists would be less self righteous, and the left wing would be happy to find another tree. Perhaps the proctologists of the world can unite with the environmentalists to work on this. Until then, the lacktivist missed my point.

“Vegetarianism and, even better, veganism is a higher choice morally and ethically because it takes into account the effects meat eating has on animals and the planet. Blackty Grrrrr the animals that have to live in factory farms and face a gruesome end in the slaughterhouse certainly didn’t ask for it. They did nothing but were found in hapless circumstances. I can’t believe you said such a thing…I’ve never, in all my years of arguing this issue, have I heard anyone say that animals deserve such abuse and had it ‘coming to them’. Just proves that we humans will and can rationalize almost any habit, no matter how little substance we can give for it.”

Folks, I can’t make this stuff up. Liberal lacktivists are the gift that keeps on giving. I offered one last response.

(name redacted) “You may or may not be the only person on this site that did not realize I was kidding. Reread what I wrote above.

Personally I have nothing against animals. Dogs can’t raise my taxes. Felines can’t block traffic with protests about nonsense. Iguanas can’t screw up public schools.

Liberals mess up society more than animals ever could, which is why I rooted for the Cincinnati Bengals to defeat the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Unfortunately, humans, even liberals, are superior to animals, even tigers…Patriots 34, Bengals 13.

The Pats ate the Bengals for dinner! Somebody call Peta now! It wouldn’t be the first time this year they harassed the NFL, but I won’t go there.”

Let me explain it to the lactivists one last time.

Lacktivists…nobody likes you. You talk to each other. The rest of the normal American population wants to get to their car without being burdened with leaflets. It is not your cause that bothers us as much as the the leaflets. Attending peace rallies and engaging in violent shouting matches defies sanity. Trying to destroy the global economy for a greater good is nuts. Criticizing terrorists for eating meat would be great if you also criticized them for killing innocent human beings. Lastly, just because Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian does not mitigate other bad things he did.

How I live my life is my business, but I grew up around wild kingdom. I had dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, and fish. I loved them all. I miss them all.

They are in Heaven, where they are enjoying peace and quiet. A world without lacktivists…of course it is peaceful.

Now I just need to relax and enjoy my own peace and quiet, in a place where humans reign supreme and animals have no say. I will have a burger for dinner, and I will watch another animal slaughter on television.

What kind of human being takes joy in watching animal slaughters? I do.

The Dallas Cowboys will eat up the Buffalo Bills. Let the lacktivists protest all they want, but barring an upset, a good old fashioned rodeo steer roping…excuse me, bison roping…will round out the day.

Besides, if one day I am wrong, I will stand before God and sing, “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

That song is from the 1960s, and it was done by…you guessed it…The Animals.


31 Responses to “The animals had it coming”

  1. Allie says:

    liberal lactivists: 270 degrees out of phase with reality…

  2. Jersey McJones says:

    “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Emmanuel Kant.


  3. micky2 says:

    You have bad heart eric , see a doctor.

  4. Nikita says:

    RE: Felines can’t block traffic with protests about nonsense.

    Um, look, if we can blog who says we can’t organize a decent sized protest?

    I am a Right-Pawed Pussy with an online presense going back to 1998.

    I know of many others of my species, including lots of them of a sadly misguided Left-Pawed persuasion, who are also online, and it’s not inconceivable for representatives of either contingent, if their fur is sufficently ruffled, to organize a public show the MSM

  5. Nikita says:

    Grrrr… sometimes I wish my paws didn’t have so much hair!

    it would make handling the keyboard so much easier!

    Where was I?

    Oh, yes…

    it’s not inconceivable for representatives of either contingent, if their fur is sufficently ruffled, to organize a public show the MSM would drool over like a Dog over the opportunity to chase, well, just about anything that moves, depending on the breed. ;-D

  6. Kowboy says:

    I just want to know when they’re going to do something about all the ANIMALS that eat meat.


  7. Jersey McJones says:

    I think many animals activists, like myself, simply want animals treated humanely and used only when absolutely necessary. For example – I eat meat. All I ask is that the chickens and pigs and catlle and dairy cows that I use be treated as humanely as possible, and culled as quickly and painlessly as possible. As for pets and other domestics, again, all I ask is that they be treated humanely. Same goes for animals used in science. I do think that if people abuse animals, they should suffer under the law. I also think, however, that there are circumstances in which using animals should be outright banned, or at least severely limited – cosmetic testing, hygenic products testing, cigarette, booze, and illicit drug testing. I also think that professional culling should take precedent over public hunting, especially in suburban settings and wildlife management areas, as cullers cull out the weak, sick, or overbreeding, while hunters have no incentive do any of those things. I think most people would agree with me about all this. There is a small fringe that goes “all the way” so to speak, but I think a majority of Americans would concur with my position.


  8. micky2 says:

    Next thing you know there will be the ACLU.
    (Animals civil liberties union )

  9. Brian says:

    Eric, do the world a favor and stick to what you know…The person you quoted shines brightly compared to your mostly thoughtless screed.

  10. Craig says:

    “…putting down others who actually have a higher standard than you. It only shows your insecurity.”

    Let us pause for a moment and reflect on this perspicacity -shall we? .All rise-:Absolute Moral Authority and the court are now in session.

    “Most of all, those who care about this are thinkers. ”

    Most of all?

    An idiom you may have reserved for yourself , but highly unlikely to be used by the remaining 6 billion people on the planet. Which brings me to:

    “…are thinkers.”

    Oh really? And WHAT EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE supports this anencephalic observation?

  11. greg says:

    Eric, this has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen you write.

    And … the Cowboys just barely squeeked by in what had to be one of the most incredible last minutes of football in a long time.

  12. hueguenot says:


    If the shoe doesn’t fit…

  13. Jersey McJones says:

    Hue, I certainly wasn’t trying to confer anything about Eric. I was simply pointing out that caring about animals is noble.


  14. micky2 says:

    I love animals as much as the next guy.
    But when I got done reading this, I was hungry.

  15. micky2 says:

    Jersey said;
    “as cullers cull out the weak, sick, or overbreeding, while hunters have no incentive do any of those things.”

    Hunters are very effective in maitaining populations that overbreed and otherwise would be a detrement to other species and argricultures.
    Here in Hawaii and I’m sure in alot of the other states hunters are given plenty of incentive to go out and trim populations. We have wild pigs, and when they get out of hand, the eating is good. Otherwise they reak havoc on the local farms.
    I’m all for the hunt and kill and consume, love it.
    This of course should be done with care and consideration which is enforced by the rules of the fish and game depts.

  16. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, I never said that all hunting is bad. Just that sometimes, probably most of the time, professional culling is better. But hogs in Hawaii, or rabbits in Australia, or snakeheads in Georgia? They should let ’em hunt them all they want. They are invasive species that don’t belong anyway.


  17. Well done Eric! At least in my not so humble opinion. PETA picks and chooses the science, and morals that it chooses to use. They condemn myself and others for being hunters and meat eaters, yet the FBI has linked them to many domestic terrorist organizations that have caused death and destruction of humans… So much for Kantian Ethics on their parts.
    Over the years, I have had a great deal of sport with those that follow the PETA creed. From being asked to leave a meeting at the Colorado Division of Wildlife where I directly confronted Wayne Pacelle to blandly asking a Wildlife Officer if the PETA protesters, that were dressed in deer costumes, about proof of sex tagging requirements should one of the protesters be harvested…

    I am very busy this week, however, I will set up a trackback and comment further about this subject sometime in the near future.

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  19. micky2 says:

    I dont really want to fight with you jersey, but lets put things into their proper context before you drag this subject into oblivion.

    These are your words, and they are wrong, period !
    while hunters have no incentive do any of those things.”

    Hunters have plenty of incentive, Invasive species or not.
    And since they are invasive, that incentive enough, isnt it ?
    Besides that , fish and game depts across the country and even enviromental groups encourage hunting certain species in order to keep ecological balances in check.
    Also you may of not put down hunting, you obviously seem to know nothing of its benefits.

    I believe the above gentleman Patrick Sperry would agree with me.

    Hunters have plenty of incentive in plenty of areas. And the overwhelming majority of them perform the sport with professional consideration for the animals and the habibtat.

  20. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, all I was saying is that hunters do not always act in the best interest of conservation, nor are most of them really qualified to do so. History bears that out.


  21. micky2 says:

    No Jersey, thats not what you said, or all that you were saying.
    As far as the history of hunters goes, we’ve come a long way. Sinced the days of the Vikings. Our history in the treatment of animals is 10,000 times better today than it has been in history. So spare me the weak history lesson. And with all the EPA, SPCA, GAME AND WILD PROVISIONS AND RULES today we have way more conciencious hunters than ever in our history.
    I got popped for taking a small handfull of mussels of the rocks in Newport

    So quit while you’re ahead and just admit you said the wrong thing.

    ? “”while hunters have no incentive do any of those things.”” ?

  22. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, what’s up with the constant oneupsmanship with you? Hunters have no incentive to perform proper conservate culling. If they want to, or believe they are, then fine. Butt the natural incentive is no greater for them to do that than it is for corporations to do anything but make money. They may do other things if they want, but the incentives are purely profit driven, just as the hunter’s is purely caatch driven.

    Jeez man.


  23. micky2 says:

    Hey ! you said something that was about as far from the truth as anything could be.
    Proper culling is only in the hunters best interest for so many reasons its not even funny. I cant even believe you expect anyone to swallow this line of crap
    (They may do other things if they want, but the incentives are purely profit driven, just as the hunter’s is purely caatch driven) This statement is ignorance to the extreme and shows that you nothing about the pupose, reasons, and principles behind hunting

    Read the proper context of the word and pay attention to the part that says” wildlife management ”

    Culling for population control is common in wildlife management, particularly on African game farms and in Australia in national parks. In the case of very large animals such as elephants, adults are often targeted. Their orphaned young, easily captured and transported, are then relocated. Without proper elephant socialization, young male elephants are believed[citation needed] to become unruly and dangerous to other elephants, wildlife and humans. Culling is controversial in many African countries, but reintroduction of the practice has been recommended in recent years for use at the Kruger National Park in South Africa, which has experienced a swell in its elephant population since culling was banned in 1995.[1]

    In fishing tournaments, culling refers to releasing smaller fish that won’t be used to count towards an angler’s total weight. For instance, if an angler is allowed to weigh in only 4 fish, he might keep his first four 2 pound fish in the livewell until he starts to catch bigger fish. As he catches bigger fish, he can release (or cull) the smaller fish.

    Even American indians and all other indigenous hunters got it right and had culling centuries ago before we had PETA or any of these other bleeding heart groups.
    These cultures were smart enough to know that they had to hunt in cooperation with the available populations so as not to wipe one or the other out.
    And so our hunters today are responsable for propogating and preserving all species with respect to their domain.
    The Buffalo Bill idiots didnt understand this and almost wiped out the Bison in this continent around the late 1800s.

    You gave me a good example of your mentallity on this subject when I brought up Ted Nugent.
    YOU said;
    And shooting little fuzzy animals with bows and arrows is just pathetic.

    Hes a professional hunter, and he eats everything he catches.
    Oh and by the way , THEY’RE ALL FUZZY ! unless its a fish.

  24. Jersey McJones says:

    The point I was amking about Nugent is that bow hunting can be very cruel and painful. He may be very good at it, but most bow hunters are just regular Joes with bows. Thousands of animals are running around (well, hobbling around) with arrows stuck in them. It’s very cruel. His advocacy of bow hunting is appalling. I lived in a little house way up on the NJ, NY, PA border for a couple of years when I was much younger. It was right next to a big state forest. There was a hunting shop up the road. Nugent used to show up there once in a while to hold rallies against NJ’s gun regs and to promote his brand of hunting. He gave up after a while – Jerseyans booed him away. He just didn’t understand NJ.

    As for professional culling, look at Africa. Not too many years ago, many of the great beasts of Africa were seriously in danger of extinction. Now most of them are on the rebound. But with that rebound, combined with agro expansion, came conflict with man and the beasts. Cullers came to the rescue. They keep the animals healthy, keep the gene pools clean, and keep them away from man. Hunting was useless and counter-productive. Culling worked great.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I have little against hunters and hunting. I say let ’em be free to hunt. But when it’s better to cull, then cull. If hunting works better, then hunt. Every circumstance is different. But to say that hunting is all good and hunters all have the best interest of the ecosystem at heart is naive. But bow hunting and those sleazy shoots like the one Cheney was on when he shot that guy in the face, is cowardly and mean. Pathetic. I hope there’s a hell for Cheney to rot in forever.


  25. micky2 says:

    J sad;
    As for professional culling, look at Africa. Not too many years ago, many of the great beasts of Africa were seriously in danger of extinction. Now most of them are on the rebound. But with that rebound, combined with agro expansion, came conflict with man and the beasts. Cullers came to the rescue. They keep the animals healthy, keep the gene pools clean, and keep them away from man. Hunting was useless and counter-productive. Culling worked great.

    This is proof that you dont read, I said the same thing right above you.

    Also, lets get one thing straight once and for all, becasuse it really looks as if you like to fight and not pursue answers or truth.
    And I also remember all the yuppies, yippies and hippies that gave us our prodigal enviromentalistic idiots today said that hunting with a bow gave an animal a fair chance, and that it was too easy to hunt with guns and cry me a river of tears.
    I am a christian , and I know you dont give a crap , but too bad. It is my god given right to hunt down an animal and eat it, if I have to trap it, spear it, shoot it or yank it out of the water with a hook in its mouth its what we do to eat ! Nobody is saying that its O.K. to prolong an animals pain.
    Once we can figure out exactly how to excecute a human painlessly, I think only then we should start to worry about the furry little creatures you care so much about !
    And by the way , I’m for the death penalty as well.
    My father ran the # 1 tourist attraction in Hawaii for 15 years and everyday I would take care of and feed 3000 birds from all over the world and 24 monkeys. I did this from when I was 12 up untill I was 25, and I’m more aware of culling and embargos and enviromental impacts on indigenous regions than you or anyone can shake at.
    We brought birds in from Africa, Mexico, Australia, and South America. And we we’re not allowed to bring in one bird untill it was cleared by thr respective countries hunting and species protection laws.
    Now, lets pick another bone with you that you consistently fail to clean.
    I never said this !
    “” But to say that hunting is all good and hunters all have the best interest of the ecosystem at heart is naive. “”

    Where the *&^% is your head at??
    And why do you always persistantly change phrases and reconstrue things ?
    Dont you realize that none of that infantile crap gets past me ?
    And once you do realize this we could have an honest and productive debate.
    So untill then things will remain the same, and you will always cry about me attacking you.

    And then you contradict yourself to the MAX when you say this:
    “Cheney was on when he shot that guy in the face, is cowardly and mean. Pathetic. I hope there’s a hell for Cheney to rot in forever.”

    First you say bow hunting is appalling, then your blind hatred for Cheny leads you to say that using a gun is cowardly mean and pathetic.
    You’re a piece of work man , I swear.
    What are we supposed to do ? Talk dirty to the animals untill they come closer and the wrestle them to the ground and strangle them ?

    I do not wish for you to have a hell to rot in forever Jersey.
    Taking a look in the mirror should suffice.

  26. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, like I said, there is a time and a place for hunting and a time and a place for culling. I you do a little digging, I remember a story out of, I believe, Somorset County NJ, in which the county felt that it was better to use cullers rather than hunters. It was an interesting story. Hunters have their own interests at heart. Cullers have a specific job to do.

    As for Cheney, the man is detestable, and his brand of “hunting,” cowardly and cruel.

    Bowhunting in unecessarily cruel. Guns are better.

    I look in the mirror all the time. I’m handsome, still got all my hair, in pretty good shape, and married well, thank you. I work from home, rescue animals, and blog for fun. I have a good life.


  27. micky2 says:

    Oh man there you go again, you only make your point on Cheny with opinion and emotion by using an emotionally opinionated statement that Chenys brand of hunting is cowardly and cruel.
    So I guess thatwould apply to all the pheasant, quail and duck hunters in the world that simply shoot the bird out of the sky , retrieve it ,kill it quickly if its still alive and eat it.
    I guess we should all grow wings and nab them in mid air so we dont have to be like your spitfully childish vision of Dick Cheny.

    I look in the mirror only twice a day, I know I’m there, twice is enough. My wife thinks I’m handsome and thats all that matters. And in 1995 I was ranked 7th in the south pacific Chinese Kempo finals and can bench press 300 lbs. I work from home, I feed homeless people every day, I rescue real live human beings (people) from addiction and violent houshold s, homelesness, disease and hunger. I have three rescued animals at my feet right now, Ruby, Flea and Kiani.
    I tell the truth no matter what, I do not embellish it or omitt anything from it and I do not wish people I disagree with to hell. I speak from experience and facts. Not wishful thinking or ideals, nor do I claim to know anything about anything unless I can prove it.

    I blog to make difference in my kids futures, I blog to anialate the lie, the absurd, propoganda and that which will hurt our country, and to educate the misinformed moonbat and reach out to the confused who want to be enlightend

  28. micky2 says:

    By the way, the largest method of culling in this country is achieved by a thing called “HUNTING SEASONS” Have you ever heard of that one ?
    Without hunting seasons and regulations the brand of culling you think is the greatest thing since sliced bread would have a hundred times more work on its plate.
    Hunters in this country do a majority of the work when it comes to achieving the balace

    Read this !

    J.J. is from South Texas and has been hunting for around 14 years. He has a Bachelors degree in wildlife management, and is going to be continuing his education in the near future as he attempts to obtain his Masters in Wildlife Biology. He enjoys hunting whitetail and hogs in the mesquite choked brush of Texas.

    This is a professional, that is where I get my info from, I dont know about your sources, but they all sound like bleeding heart sites that only know sympathy, blind pity and no facts.

  29. micky2 says:

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Some Twins Cities suburbs are turning to bow hunters to reduce the number of deer that are coming onto their property.

    its archers have removed 2,000 deer at no cost to local governments.

    Whiting said that hunters with Metro Bowhunters use deer stands and almost always get the deer with their first arrow.

    While sharpshooters using guns may be more effective at controlling deer, they’re also noisy, intimidating and often expensive (many are paid $250 to $300 per deer). And while modern arrows are as deadly as bullets, hunting with bows is generally considered safer than guns because it must be done within 150 feet of the target.

    Ramsey County, which typically has 1,200 to 1,500 deer within its borders, coordinates bowhunts during deerhunting season in open spaces in New Brighton, Shoreview, White Bear Township, Vadnais Heights, Maplewood and St. Paul.

    See where it says ” CULL HUNTING?” below ?

  30. So, I see that there is yet another “cat fight” here on Eric’s blog! The self anointed anti – hunting fraternity is alive, and well I see.

    Here are a few facts, and if you deny them, then post citation to back them up please, and yes, commentary on my blog is accepted. Just be advised that it is sometimes considered to be a target rich environment there! 🙂

    Modern hunting combined with scientific wildlife management has saved several species from extinction. Notably American Bison, and African Forrest Elephants.

    Modern Bow-hunting is anything but a bunch of slobs heading out to the woods and leaving wounded animals all over the place. Just check the price of a good set up. Be it traditional, or modern tackle. Slobs simply don’t have that kind of money.

    Actual “culling” as I understand it, is being done here in America. They, as in government agencies, are having trouble finding people to do the work. From what I am told, it is because the hunters are not just blood thirsty killers, and respect the game so much that they just cannot stand to do the needed killing. In a way, that is sad, because currently, culling, is the only thing that has been shown to slow down the spread of CWD. (For more on CWD please check the Colorado Division of Wildlife website.)

    As for the biological factors involved; Humans are predators: They have eyes that are positioned for binocular vision, like cats, dogs and other predators do. The teeth of the human species are positioned and designed for eating meat as well as vegetables, unlike ungulates such as cattle and deer. Lastly, the digestive enzymes of the human digestive tract consist of three. Two break down animal proteins, and one breaks down vegetable matter. The two that work on animal sources are very efficient, while the one that works on vegetation is very inefficient in comparison to those of ungulates.

  31. micky2 says:

    Thank you patrick for you’re expertise.

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