Vegas Bound

The Tygrrrr Express is heading to Sin City. How incredibly appropriate.

“I’m going to give it everything I’ve got…may lord please let the dice stay hot…let me see a 7 with every shot…Viva, Las Vegas.” Thank you very much (ZZ Top version, not Elvis).

There are several events going on at this hour, so I will give them all short shrift rather than cover one of them with quality and depth.

Before getting into any of them, a quick update regarding the 2007 Bloggers Choice Awards is in order, since that is why I am going to Vegas to begin with. BlogWorld Expo ends Friday, and Postiecon is Saturday. As you know, to put it mildly, there has been some “controversy,” surrounding the awards, with your warm fuzzy tygrrrr friend being at the eye of this storm.

I had two conversations by telephone calls Wednesday night with Ted Murphy, each one of them lengthy. He requested that the substance of those conversations not be disclosed until Sunday, and based on the positive nature of the conversations I will honor his request. I can only say that if he keeps his word, and I suspect he will, not only will I be pleased, but my readers will be even more pleased. Besides, if he is not sincere, it will be scorched Earth in Vegas. Again, based on the conversations, I believe giving him the benefit of the doubt will turn out to be the right move.

Now as for other events going on, I will quickly try not to fall asleep while discussing the Bernard Kerik non-issue. For the sake of full disclosure, I am backing Rudy Giuliani for President, and I am jealous that Bernie Kerik got to sleep with Judith Regan and I didn’t.

First of all, the timing of this indictment reeks to high heaven. It is the same timing that has the Bush drunk driving scandal break four days before the 2000 election, preventing a comfortable Bush victory. It is the same timing that has Caspar Weinberger indicted 5 days before the 1992 election, slowing President Bush 41’s momentum and leading to a Clinton landslide. It is the same timing that has the “fake but accurate” memos appear days before the 2004 election. It is the same timing that has the NSA wiretapping non-scandal break the same day Iraqis voted in their 3rd successful election.

It is that same timing that has Rudy Giuliani riding high after a bombshell endorsement by Pat Robertson. I am not saying that the media and other democratic power brokers are lying, cheating, scumbags. Oh wait a minute. I am.

Giuliani will survive this because his fellow republicans, I predict, are too decent to try and use this against him in the primaries. The top four republican contenders are all fine men, and they have been very civil. They have been sparring on issues, but they have not gone after personal matters. One of Giuliani’s trusted lieutenants may have messed up very badly. If the others on the republican side get too heavy handed with this, it could boomerang. In 2004, Gephardt and Screamin’ Dean destroyed each other, and these republicans are smarter than that.

So if Giuliani wins the primary, can’t Hillary (like somebody else will be the democratic nominee…please) use this against him? No way. Giuliani is not Rick Lazio. He is also not George W. Bush, who would rather be gracious and polite than tell people who hate him where to shove it. Giuliani will deck Hillary blow for incredibly low Clintonista blow. You want to talk about Bernie Kerik? He can talk about everybody from Sandy Berger to Kathleen Willey to Terry Lenzner to Susan MacDougal to Norman Hsu to…it would be open season. SOme would argue that Hillary’s lifetime of scandal would be “old news,” but she would have learned nothing from 2004. The only reason the Swiftboat Veterans were so successful against John Kerry was because he brought the issue up to show he was a better man than his opponent. If Hillary opens the door of scandal a crack, Giuliani will take a brickbat to her like she was a squeegee girl. I hope she tries it. Bring it on Hill-Dawg.

The main charge against Kerik is tax evasion. Let’s see what happens when everything from George Soros to Hillary’s various financial scandals are unearthed again. She can swat most of them away, but we only need one. Bernie Kerik and corruption? What say you Hillary? Bernie Kerik lying on his application? Lying? Come on Hillary, the shark tank water is perfect, which just enough blood to cover your hands.

Right now Hillary is holding a focus group to determine how to handle this. Her brawler instincts will not allow her to stay silent, even though she cowers from every issue that does not involve slandering a republican or mistress of her husband.

Rudy may have a bad few days, but nothing will change the narrative of 9/11, where Giuliani and Kerik were spectacular.

In other news, Michael Mukasey was approved as attorney general 53-40. This was no surprise. The democrats had no leverage, since President Bush could have made a recess appointment. The vote is a disgrace for two reasons.

For one, 40 democrats did not care that this man is beyond qualified. What John Roberts is to the Supreme Court, David Petraeus is to Iraq, and Ronald Reagan is to freedom, Judge Mukasey is to law and order. He is that good. Qualifications no longer matter, and when the democrats get into power one day, they will wonder why all their nominees get shot down. The democrats are not honest brokers. They are instead the party of “borkers.” Their hatred for all things conservative is as pernicious as it is corroding to society. Luckily, a few number of democrats did the right thing for their own selfish wrong reasons, as a couple of them freely admitted.

Even more disgusting was the fact that four democrats running for President were too gutless to vote. This way they can claim all things to all people. How can these cowards stand up to terrorist dictators when they cannot even tell the voters what they believe? When the Pelosiraptors open her mouth, she plummets in the polls, and then takes a vow of silence. This is fabulous when one is a leftist ideologue of zero significance. It is cowardly when one is trying to be the leader of the free world.

John McCain also did not vote. I am not happy about this. Heck, Tim Johnson, a democrat from South Dakota, voted. The man almost died a few months ago, and while I vehemently disagree with his vote, I respect his ability to even make it to the Senate floor, something the demagoguic party candidates refused to do. They are lilliputians, and deserve every bit of derision that comes their way, gutless nobodies that they are.

Rosie O’Donnell…oh who cares, she is like Ted Kennedy minus the car and the girth. No wait, just minus the car. Yeah, I went there. I normally eschew cheap shots, but this human cancer is one giant cheap shot, and I will respect her when she starts respecting me. The democrats running for President refuse to have the courage to speak about anything, and this man-bear-pig (South Park reference) refuses to shut up, babbling about everything. She should just go play nose tackle for the Chicago Bears and leave the rest of us alone.

As for O.J. Simpson and Britney Spears…I’m sorry, I refuse to lower the quality of this column any further. To quote the Jim Carrey character in “Liar Liar,” when he has had enough, I want them and the rest of their entertainment industry ilk to “Stop breaking the law, @-hole!”

Lastly, there is a writer’s strike going on in Hollywood, and shockingly enough, I have survived like Gloria Gaynor. This is almost as delightful as a baseball strike. Let these leftists destroy each other. I encourage people to write the President and demand he not intervene. I would write congress, but getting the Pelosiraptor and her fellow dinosaurs to do nothing is not necessary. It is their default option.

On the subject of defaults, the stock market has gotten rocked, oil is doing the triple digit dance, and all of this is a blip on the significance scale. If it were any less significant, it would be most of this column, except for the part of the Bloggers Choice Awards.

There, a complete newscast has come full circle. News, sports, lifestyle, and politics, without having to listen to some lily white male news anchor drone on about how we need diversity except for overrated lily white male news anchors.

As for the Bloggers Choice Awards, based on my positive developments with regards to the 2007 contest, I am entering the 2008 contest. I am not going to be a perpetual campaigner, so even though people can vote for me now for best political blog, I will not solicit them for another 6-8 months.

So for those of you who want to vote for me on an unsolicited basis, all I ask is that you do NOT have more than one person vote on any one computer. Otherwise the votes will be invalidated. The BCA system is based on IP addresses, so if you work in an office, only one vote per office. Married couples must have separate IP addresses, so get divorced and move out to help me. Throw your kids out as well so they learn self reliance, and buy them their own computer to vote for me.

Ok, off to the land of booze and call girls. Just kidding. I don’t drink.

Yep, the republican party and my parents cringe at comments like that.

Oh yeah, and a non-Jewish woman whose last name resembles a deli luncheon meat that my Rabbi would not approve of me eating will be there. I will not be an imbecile around her, although on the subject of deli meats, there is another woman I badly want to give the “ketchup bottle treatment” to when I get back.

Vegas Bay-bee! Bloggers competition and other fun! Let’s get it on!


6 Responses to “Vegas Bound”

  1. micky2 says:

    As far as Kerik goes it was a mistake before the fact.
    Giuliani has accepted responsibility for his role in Kerik’s embarrassing 2004 withdrawal as President Bush’s Homeland Security nominee after revelation of tax problems. Ethics questions and corruption allegations also swirled around Kerik at the time.
    And I’ll bet that if Kerik does get a conviction the administration wont do a Sandy Berger and hire him back.

  2. steveegg says:

    You’re a bit late. So, when are you due in?

  3. micky2 says:

    I think the announcements will be on the tenth. I’m pretty sure.

  4. Jersey McJones says:

    Wait a minute, Tygerrrr. Are you saying that Michael Garcia, a Bush appointee, is doing a hit job on Guiliani, who has a lot of former Bush supporters and contributers on his team, by going after Kerik after a long investigation? Are you saying that what Kerik is accused of is inconsequential? This sounds like selective ethics to me.


  5. Rahul says:

    its 10th Today No Annonucements Yet !!

  6. charly martel says:

    Tried to vote, but voting for 2008 isn’t open yet. I hope you’ll put the link in your column again when the voting is open.

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