Burn Gaza Burn…Disco Inferno 2009

Burn Gaza Burn…Disco Inferno…Burn Gaza Burn…Disco Inferno…

2007 was the year that the unbreakable bond between Palestinian terrorists and disco music was announced by the Tygrrrr Express. They both became dreadful in the 1970s and got worse with time. They both truly derived from awful creations before them. When it comes to Palestinians, rock group Spinal Tap is right when they philosophically and melodically claim that “The more it stays the same…the less it changes.”

Yet 2009 is about going retro in terms of music and genocidal lunacy.

Burn Gaza Burn…Disco Inferno…Burn Gaza Burn…Disco Inferno…

I am not sure what is worse…the fact that I am delighted by the carnage in the Gaza Strip, or the fact that I just quoted disco. I profusely apologize for the latter. Thanks to this Middle East inferno, I actually remembered the lyrics to that Thelma Houston song that was sung in the movie Studio 54.

“Baby…My heart is burning like a ketushah rocket for you.”

It actually does tie in together. Mike Myers played the main villain in that movie, and also was Dr. Evil, who like the leaders of Hamas, are just misunderstood children that want to love and be loved.

Ummmm…no. Genocidal lunatics are killing each other, and frankly, the timing could not be better. With hockey and basketball still far from critical, and football only satiating the testosterone level one day a week, the only thing to do is enjoy a nice summer of love. Like Jan and Dean, those crazy Gaza kids “are out there having fun…in that scorched Earth Gaza sun.”

The main reason this trivial matter is treated as such is because unfortunately, it has taken comedians to offer hard nosed and hard edged common sense, while politicians were busy clowning around.

Dennis Miller, who I confess to only recently being a fan of (it is hard to almost singlehandedly destroy Monday Night Football), nailed it perfectly in discussing the differences between the political parties. “Democrats are worried about the Earth. Republicans are too busy worrying about the World.” Translation for the intellectually impaired…global warming is an abstract concept that may or may not happen one day in the future. Islamofacism has been happening for three decades, and must be dealt with right now.

Dennis Leary, refusing to be the second best comedic Dennis, has taken on the concept of Bush Derangement Syndrome. “President Bush is supposedly not smart enough to end the Iraq War, but he was smart enough to conspire to create 9/11.” As I have pointed out, liberals need every successful conservative to be either evil or imbecilic, and their inability to decide on President Bush has led them to declare he is both.

Before returning to the glorious age of disco (God help us all), I want to give you a pop culture reference…the current television show “Scrubs.” This show is fabulous not just because Zach Braff reminds me of my alter ego, “El Dorko,” but because a brilliantly and wickedly funny character named Dr. Perry Cox, when confronted with this young fellow (after one of his sweet but effeminate comments) said to him, “I am going to write you a prescription…for a brand new…pair of…testicles.”

Yes folks, that message was given in real life by Tony Blair, and hopefully it will be delivered to republicans everywhere. We could give it to the democrats as well, but the mommy party would probably prefer Vagina Monologues tickets. Dear republicans…grow a pair. Instead of being put on the defensive for making the wrong decision, how about pounding the table with clenched fists and reaffirming that the Iraq War was right then, and is right now. Those who hate you will be unchanged, but those who like you will be happy that you had a gonads transplant. You cannot win everybody over, but your lack of spine is demoralizing your supporters. Thank you to Mr. Tony Blair for reminding us what is at stake. So what if he is was forced out over the war? Winston Churchill was fired after World War II, and he is still one of the all time greats. Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan were ridiculed as well. History will vindicate those who never wavered about this war. Why should they? We are right.

There is a time for negotiation (the Russians in the 1980s), a time for overwhelming brute force (Afghanistan, Iraq, and hopefully Syria very soon), and there is a time to say “Screw it. Who cares? (Gaza…now and forever)”

Despite Gaza being Hotter than Hot Chocolate (I believe in Miracles…where ya from…you sexy thang), no amount of stripper poles and blacklights will be able to put a bow tie on this pig of an area. Heck, Gaza people (not citizens, just people) are trying to flee to Israel for safety. Are you kidding me? Aren’t Jews the enemy, and the cause of all these Gaza problems? I mean once the Jews get out, Gaza will be a land of peace.

“Palestinians of Hamas…and Fatah…join hands…start a love train…love train.” When The O’Jays sang that song, Palestinians were killing everyone around them, and as Hall and Oates did the remake, nothing had changed (and no, Earth Girls are not Easy).

“It’s just an old fashioned death song…whether it’s Hamas or it’s Fatah…It’s just an old fashioned death song…nothing’s changed since Oslo ‘93 (or the 7th century for that matter).”

To bring everything full circle, the song Disco Inferno was in the bowling movie Kingpin, with a brilliant cameo by Bill Murray. Camper Van Beethoven once sang a bizarre song called “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” As bizarre as it was, the point was that if people just took up hobbies, war and fighting would stop. So if we turn Iran and Syria into 50,000 hole golf courses, with miniature golf as well, Gaza can be one giant bowling alley, with Palestinian leaders Fatah and Hamas representing both gutters. How appropriate. We can even drill holes in the Palestinian leaders’ heads so that they can be used as bowling balls.

Why bowling? For anyone who has ever gone “cosmic bowling,” it is a lot of fun. That is where there are swirling disco lights and loud music, often disco music, playing in the background. It is like trying to bowl blind. Given that Palestinian leaders in Hamas and Fatah are blind (as well as deaf and dumb come to think of it) to their constituents’ concerns, I think cosmic bowling should be the official sport of Palestinian lunatics everywhere.

To torture them (yes, another reason to support torture), we should pipe Israeli music over the loudspeakers. Perhaps those old Yeshivah kids from the 1980s, the Beasty Boys, should be played. Given how ill Palestinians make me (and the rest of the civilized world), the album “Licensed to Ill,” should be the official Palestinian Cosmic Bowling Album.

Then again, one cannot go wrong with Disco. So as I watch Gaza, all I can think is…

“Upside down…boy Gaza you burn me…inside out…and into the ground…”

“Gaza you can do it, take the time, burn it right, you can kill all day, and burn all night.”

Ok, off to watch Palestinian Porn videos…Nothing like “Debbie does the Gaza Strip.”


10 Responses to “Burn Gaza Burn…Disco Inferno 2009”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Now Hezbollas getting into it.

    Take off the gloves.

  2. Toma says:

    Thanks for the support Micky 2.

    God told the Israelites LEAVE NOT ONE ALIVE. Ah but alas they did not obey. Oh no I’ve quoted the Bible. Is that allowed??

    Fly-over USA

  3. Micky 2 says:

    No problem, I’m sure you can handle your own.
    Just needed to make some points.

    Must be nice to talk outta both sides of your head and then actually believe yourself.

  4. Fly-over USA! LOL!

    God didn’t tell anyone anything.

    Republicans aren’t going to be growing cojones over the Iraq war any time soon. It was a stupid idea, stupidly conceived, stupidly carried out, and stupidly explained. The American people are sick of Iraq. All they want is OUT.

    As for Gaza, it will be over soon. Don’t expect a broader war. Nobody’s listening to the Neocons these days. You can only fool people so much…


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Yea, well, no one is listening to the liberals, thats for sure.
    Especially since you cant get them to say anything.

    It took more cajones to go to Iraq and especially more to stick it out because it was the morons on the left that wanted to bail at the first sign of trouble and the elections being a good reason to be hypocrits.
    Liberals had no balls whatsoever in Iraq.
    And they still dont.

    republicans use wheelbarrels to carry their balls in.
    Liberals use earth friendly edible organic underwear.

  6. Liberals, at least like myself, don’t have much to say about Gaza because we just don’t have any other answer either. We’d like to see Israel take the initiative and pull the settlements out of the West Bank, connect it to Gaza, end the blockade, etc, but that’s not going to stop the missiles right now.

    As for Iraq, liberals like my think the war was prosecuted by the Bush administration “on the cheap,” with no political cojones whatsoever, and that the war in and of itself was stupid. Really, really, really stupid.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    It took humongous cajones to do what no other president before Bush would do. Even his father didnt have the cajones to finish the job and Clinton, well, all I can say is that his cajones were under his desk being a little pre occupied.

    Bush didnt back out and do a vietnam on the place, its beginning to settle down and when it does we will have a viable position in the middle east along with another ally on the war on terror.
    All the while at the same time going after Al Queda and knocking the crap outta the taliban.
    Iraq will go down as one the most brilliant political and strategic defense moves this country has ever made that will have its impact well into the future quite possibly saving the lives of millions of Americans.
    Bush knew he couldnt sell the big picture to America because the vision it presented was too much for Americans to take faith in. But we could handle and have faith in being able to oust a simple dictator.
    All the while Bush has plans to do just about everything you see now.
    Which would be.
    Having the largest embassy ever in any foreign country.
    Establishing military bases that will monitor the middles east.
    Those bases will enable us to react in a much quicker fashion should we need to.
    Putting radical islam on notice that we are right there if they chose to try anything again.
    Drawing many radicals into the theatre there instead of our soil.
    Protecting oil that is in the interest of us and much of the world.
    Establishing an ally in the war on terror.
    Creating a democratic free society.
    Creating security for those nations in the middle east that are our allys, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, etc…

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Israel should clear out Gaza, kill all the terrorists and their enablers, and literally push the Palestinians back into Jordan, Egypt,and Syria where they belong/came from.
    Let them deal with them. It shouldnt be Israels problem

  9. stevereenie says:


    I really find it interesting that liberals continue to essentially equate moral equivalence between the so called Palestinians and Israel. When from the beginning a group of people refuse to accept the UN allocation of land in Israel and initiate numerous wars to take it away and they continue to attack Israel daily through even today you guys continue to characterize Israel’s defensive actions to protect their population as a blockade. Is one country required to have open borders with a neighbor or be considered evil? Why no mention of Egypt that had to close their border with Gaza because of their own problems with them.

    I see you support ethnic cleansing in the West Bank. In theory it is ok for Israel to have Arab citizens even serving in Parliament but the Palestinian territories must be purged of the Jews. What is it with you guys? Here is the good one. You think that cleansing the West Bank and connecting it with Gaza (which would require land from Israel sanctioned by the UN in 1948) would result in good will and solve problems. This would just provide a better platform for the Arabs and Islamofacists to attack Israel from. Tell me you don’t doubt that………………. Would you want to put your family on the front line of that resolution? I didn’t think so, and I bet your worry would be of rockets and suicide bombers from the Arabs not attacks from Israel…..sc WAKE UP AMERICA

  10. steveharkonnen says:

    It amazes me how that region’s history is quickly forgotten, and it reminds me of the story of the late Senator Joe McCarthy. He was not only vilified and made out to be a “destroyer of careers” his own history was altered, hence the liberally-coined term “McCarthyism.”

    And now this. If given the opportunity they will change the history of the Middle East to suit them.

    As stevereenie points out:

    I really find it interesting that liberals continue to essentially equate moral equivalence between the so called Palestinians and Israel. When from the beginning a group of people refuse to accept the UN allocation of land in Israel and initiate numerous wars to take it away and they continue to attack Israel daily through even today you guys continue to characterize Israel’s defensive actions to protect their population as a blockade.

    That’s the simple truth – the liberals conveniently forget history and try to re-write it.

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