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As an American political blogger, I did not anticipate that my blog would turn into all Israel, all the time.

For those who desperately want to talk about Blago, Roland Burris, Caroline Kennedy, Bill Richardson, and the true tragedy that is the untimely death of the young son of John Travolta (my deepest condolence…it is every parent’s nightmare), one fact keeps me away from those stories.

There is a war going on.

Absent the Travolta event, which again is a true heartbreak, the other stories are complete nonsense. Even Norm Coleman being fleeced by Al Frankenstein is less important at this moment than the war.

Israel is at war against Palestinian murderers, and Israel finally seems interested in actually winning for keeps.

I have offered my thoughts, and have been inundated with links from other people. Many of these links are very worthy, and I encourage people to research as much as possible. Some deal with the war itself, while others deal with religious issues in general.

I also want to say that I cannot be the only person who laughs when I hear that Gaza is described as “densely populated.” Yeah, the Palestinians in Gaza sure are dense. It reminds me of the Mel Brooks movie “History of the World Part I.” When somebody tells King Louis XVI (played by Brooks) that “The peasants are revolting,” he replies, “You said it, they stink on ice.” Better yet is the late football Coach John McKay. When asked after a bad game about his team’s execution, he replied, “I’m in favor of it.” So I am now declaring the Palestinians to be known as the densely populated genocidal lunatics instead of just genocidal lunatics.

Back to business and the war. First of all, I am in regular contact with a top aide to Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. At some point soon I will be on a conference call with the Senator, but for now I want to make everyone aware of his comments about the current Israeli operation.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization. Imagine in this country if somebody from a neighboring country were
lobbing shells at our population.  We’d do exactly the same thing.  I think the Israelis are doing the only thing they can possibly do to defend their population.”

Like the Blue Moon of Kentucky, Senator McConnell keeps on shining.

Now on to the blogosphere.

Chicago Ray has been covering the war for the last few days.

Tom Hauser brought me this tale of a Muslim who converted to Christianity.,2933,402483,00.html

Don White talks about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on his blog.

Cristy Li is a hard hitting blogger. I warn in advance that she does not pull punches.

Jonathan Schanzer at the Jewish Policy Center covers Islamic Studies on campuses.

The Bosun Locker offers their Israel thoughts.

Hale Meserow writes about trouble in the House of Jacob.

Racquel at Culture for All provides the list of the Pro-Israel rallies around America.

The Shire Network News has some Gaza updates.

Brian at Birds Eye View has his thoughts.

Laree brought me the wisdom of Your Jewish Master. I love this guy. EVen non-Jews should appreciate his occasional alcohol reports. After all, it is always 5:00pm somewhere.

Lance at the Muslim Question is less subtle than me. Parental advisory: Explicit Lyrics is an understatement. He offers his take on the anti-Semitism of Roseanne Barr.

My friend runs a DJ service. That has nothing to do with anything except that she is a hot piece of Republican Jewish (redacted) and I want to give her the ketchup bottle treatment. Most likely she will not let me. A guy can try.

Joel G brought me a website that cuts through media lies about Israel. It is aptly named “Honest Reporting.”

Yid With Lid was published in the Israel National News ridiculing the idiocy of “proportionality.”

The blogger behind the Kick the Anthill blog offers his thoughts on Gaza.

Another website offering good stuff on the subject is Scoop This.

The Big Dog points out that Israel is slicing up Gaza.

Omri at Mere Rhetoric is solid as always.

Hiram Review has a pro-Israel petition.

Gary wants us to unite against a real threat.

A new friend of mine named Jeff runs the LA Chapter of the Jewish American Chamber of Commerce. His stock tip to me was to short sell (bet against) the symbol GZRE, which invests in Gaza Real Estate (Leave Yahoo Finance alone, we made it up).

For information about Shalom International, check out “Defend Jerusalem.”

In addition to George W. Bush, I have now bestowed a title of “Honorary Hebrew” on my friend Chad at the Grizzly Groundswell. Times are otugh, so he is not getting a certificate. If he wants a plaque, he should find a Palestinian homicide bomber and inspect their teeth the way that U.S. Marine inspected Saddam for lice.

My friend Larry Greenfield is leaving the Republican Jewish Coalition to Join Claremont as a fellow. Politics is vital, but so is policy. I wish Larry well always.

For those that think this is about laziness, it takes longer to link to stuff than to write original material.

Also, in the interest of being balanced, proportional, and even-handed, it is important to know where to get the Hamas Homicide Bomber point of view. As always, the Jayson Blair Times, Los Angeles Palestinian Times, and Arab Christine Amanpour at the Communist News Network are fabulous sources of everything wrong and vile on Israel issues.

Now back to the show.

True brilliance does exist. Adi Dvir reminds us not to pity the Palestinians at all.,7340,L-3649878,00.html

Michelle Malkin debunks the school bombing.

Christopher Hitchens has his say.

The New York Post gets it.

So does David Warren at the Ottowa Citizen.

Ralph Peters always gets it.

Lastly, the cliche that nobody knows everything is used by people who often know virtually nothing. Some people do know everything. Sir Charles of Krauthammer does. Sometimes he is Krautier than usual, and this is one of his Krautiest. The Queen or some other dignitary must knight this man already.

Now back to your (cough cough) humble host.

I truly love seeing terrorists get their just desserts. As for the collateral damage, it is totally 100% the fault of the Palestinian terrorists. They had 60 years to become civilized. Now it is time to explain it to them in a way even they can understand. The “Realities on the ground” are what Israel decides.

I am declaring rock group Bachman Turner Overdrive to be the official music of this war.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Burn Gaza Burn.


8 Responses to “Israel Links and News”

  1. This event should end pretty soon. Israel’s goal here is not to destroy Gaza and murder all it’s people, but to cut off arms smuggling routes and disarm as many Gazans as possible. This is an understandable goal. The US, as usual per the last 8 years, isn’t doing anything, but other foreign leaders are intervening and have stated that an end to this should be coming shortly. What Gaza needs is an international force to secure the supply lines from arms. The ports and in particular the Egyptian border are the problem. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are apparenlty behind most of the arms smuggling. With that corridor closed, Gazans will have a much harder time arming themselves. Hopefully, with these thiongs accomplished, this latest mess could end shortly.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “The US, as usual per the last 8 years, isn’t doing anything,”

    As usual ?
    Gee, what should we do ?
    Broker another joke peace deal ?
    Bush is no fool. he knows that no matter what agreement him or some envoy could strike up it would never be respected and would end up being broken by the Palestinians and Hamas eventually anyway.
    Just like all the others in the past.
    I think we are doing exactly what we should be doing.
    Just sit on the sidelines and not do anything unless Israel asks us to.
    We should just let Israel proceed to kick the living crap outta Hamas until they are nothing.
    Actually, Bush has done something. He stood up in front of the country and put the blame squarely on those responsible and said that Israel was within all its rights to do what it must but just try to keep down the civilian casualties, as much as he knows that with Hamas its almost unavoidable.
    And I have no doubt that we will sell Israel any amount of equipment they need. As I’m sure we have in the last 8 years.

  3. Well, as for Bush being a fool or not, I’ll leave that one alone. There’s not much a lame duck administration can do right now, so it really doesn’t matter. It would have been nice, though, if they had accomplished something of note over the past eight years, but it’s too late now.

    Israel can kick the cr@p out of whoever they want for now, but in the end, all they’ll do is make more Hamases. Eventually, some kind of peace deal must be achieved. Maybe this new administration will have more luck, or at least show more initiative.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “Israel can kick the cr@p out of whoever they want for now, but in the end, all they’ll do is make more Hamases.”

    Thats just stooooooooopid.
    The last time I checked subtraction was still a viable part of math.

    yea yea, I know the bullcrap saying “it just empowers them, and fortifies their base, makes for more volunteers”
    So I guess Israel should not shoot back ?

    And then theres the other bullcrap saying. ‘If they had some sort of fullfillment, an economy, commerce, etc.,, despair breeds terrorism”

    Yea right ! So what they’re saying is ” If you pay us we’ll stop”

    Its all bullcrap jersey, and you call yourself a realist ? Pragmatic ?

    No peace deal will be achieved unless they are all killed, or enough to change their minds.
    More initiative has proven only to prolong the inevitible.

  5. Micky,

    People have been fighting other people forever, therefore we can deduce that fighting in and of itself does not dissuade more fighting. The war on terror has only produced more terror. Israel has been fighting in basically the same way for 60 years and there’s only more hatred, more violence, more Hamases. Why you don’t see this is beyond me.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Yes, of course its beyond you.

    Because moonbats are under the impression that you can mix oil with water.

    It worked on the Japanese and the nazis. It did not produce more of them and you cant change the laws of math with wishful ideological fantasy comic book rationale.

    What dont you understand about fighting off people who want to kill you ?

    Your argument has gotten so pathetically weak that you’re resorting to absolute nonsense.

    “Killing them makes more of them “is the last act of defiance in the face of a losing argument and shows a total breakdown in logic.
    Thats like when you’re getting your rump kicked and you’re laying on the ground bleeding and whimpering and you look up at your opponent and say ” go ahead, hit me again, it’ll just make me stronger”.
    Yea, sounds great to you, but to everyone else you sound like a raving idiot.

    The reason its been going on for 60 years is because its always been hamperd by half a$$ peace treaties and delusional thoughts that these two can even live whithin a stones throw of each other.

    I dont see it it because its not there.
    Its all crap you made up.

  7. “It worked on the Japanese and the nazis.”

    Here we go again…

    Look, you can’t compare Imperial Japan and the Nazis with the Muslim world. I’ll leave it at that, because it’s just too historically illiterate to address further.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    Yes I can, I can compare it all day long.

    Historically illiterate ?

    How bout this.
    Its just plain stupid to not see the connection in relevance of force that could be used against an enemy that will not surrender.
    Thereby causing more injury to greater masses in the long run due to a conflict that was dragged out longer than need be and not ended as quick as it should of been.
    it s really stupid to think that anyone would want to compare the two or three in context of the reasons for the war.
    The other comparison that is valid and is historically ignorant of you not to reckognize is that the same methods are viable when you are in an urban setting as opposed to mountains or jungles.

    if you’re such a great student of history you would know the difference.

    Whats also historically ignorant of you is that Nazis and Radical Muslims are much the same in their MO.
    Nazis wished to rid the world oof anything not Aryon and muslim radical wish to rid the world of anything not Muslim.
    Today we only have a few Nazis around, and I dont know if you could really call white racist punks Nazis.
    Also. Radical Islam and Nazis have ties that go back to WW2 where radical islam and the muslim brotherhood got their origin.

    The point was the type of military force and method used.
    Not the similarities between the three enemies.

    Nice try.

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