Marathon Endurance Thursday

For those who would prefer that the Tygrrrr Express blog be a source of news and not an online diary, so would I. Tomorrow is back to the real world.

Today at 4am I head to the Palm Beach airport, catch on quick flight to Atlanta, a second quick flight to Birmingham, and drive to Huntsville Alabama to speak to their GOP ladies group at lunch. Then I drive a few hours to Maryville, Tennessee, a half hour from Knoxville. I am speaking at their Lincoln Day Dinner. Then sleep at a hotel in Knoxville before driving the next day a few hours to Atlanta.

As I always say, hide your daughters and break out your best plastic silverware. I am coming to town.

Flying down the highway headed west…in a streak of black lightning, called the Tygrrrr Express.

Westbound and down.



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  1. Jersey McJones Says:

    If those states decide to secede, wil you stay there or head back home? (So much for th “Party of Lincoln,” huh?) ;)


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