Self-loathing Jew Anthony Weiner also loathes Jewish women

We now know that apparently the Weiner dog does not like his kosher.

My column at the Washington Times reflects the new bile from Congressman Weiner attacking Jewish women.

To quote the New York Post, “Erections have consequences.”

The disgusting human being that was born into this world Anthony Weiner has actually managed to add a new layer to an already tawdry sex scandal.

My freshmen year some of us would drive to Mount Saint Mary’s for what we called a “taste of Catholicism.”

Unlike Congressman Weiner, I grew up.

I would let Congressman Weiner read my diary except I was too lazy to write one.

There is nothing better than a Friday night Sabbath service followed by taking a Hebrew hottie and bouncing her (redacted), tasting her (redacted), enjoying every ounce of her (redacted) until she (redacted) loud enough to have the fire department show up and turn on the hoses.

Congressman, how do you know that a Jewish woman won’t show up at your door on Hanukkah wearing only a strategically placed blue and white Hanukkah bow? Wouldn’t you want your own festival of lights? Have you ever thought of asking?

Jewish women, I have tried some of the rest. You really for me are the best.


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