Farewell, Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has left the building.

His last broadcast on Fox News leaves a void that may never be filled.

There are so many reasons to admire Glenn Beck, but I want to toss out a few reasons why his show was truly must watch television.

1.) He stuck to hard news. Whether one agreed or disagreed with him,  he refused to join the masses on every station dumbing down the news. He did not cover Natalee Holloway, Anna Nicole Smith, Lad Gaga, or Casey Anthony. That is not news. It is voyeurism. Only two issues should be discussed on news programs, domestic and foreign policy. Everything else is nonsense. Even those who disagreed with his analysis must admit that the issues themselves were relevant.

2.) He brought back civics and history to the television classroom. His discussions about the Founding Fathers were eye opening. He educated America about black Founders that most people had never heard of in public school. This was a source of pride for people who had no idea of the identity of these black Americans who made America what it is today.

3.) His obsession with George Soros was necessary. Nobody else was covering the fact that an entire major American political party was bought and paid for by one foreign man. George Soros has said many times that he wants to end American hegemony and live under one world global government. Soros operates in the shadows, and Mr. Beck was determined to provide transparency with regards to this dangerous man.

4.) Without Mr. Beck, Americans would never know about Van Jones, Cass Sundstein, Samantha Power, Jon Holdren, Anita Dunn, Valerie Jarrett, and the many other people that make up a shadow government out of the reach of Congress and the Supreme Court. Barack Obama hired czars and allowed regulatory agencies to circumvent the checks and balances in our Constitution.

5.) The Restoring Honor rally brought 500,000 people to DC for a peaceful rally that left the city cleaner than before he and his supporters arrived. People changed their lives due to his inspiring event. Critics mocked him, as if honesty and integrity were relics of an era gone by.

6.) Mr. Beck constantly preached love and non-violence. The violence of the left can be frustrating, but Mr. Beck constantly warned the right not to get in the gutter with them. He advocated peace and tolerance of others, lest we become leftists ourselves.

7.) He connected the dots between Radical Islamists and leftists, and how completely disparate groups could work together in the short term despite major long term divergence. The short term unifying concept is the destabilization of the world. Collapse the system and replace with a new system. It sounded conspiratorial and farfetched, with one problem. Mr. Beck…was…and is…right. Hatred of Israel and America were enough to unify the Islamists and the leftists.

8.) His love of Israel was based on his religious faith, but his intellectual explanation of why Israel matters was less theology and much more historical and geographical understanding.

9.) His chalkboard was old-fashioned, but at his core Mr. Beck is a teacher. He did not need fancy graphics. He broke down complex concepts in a simple manner.

10.) The red phone was more than a prop. Beck’s critics demonized him and called him a crackpot. Yet the ad hominem gutter sniping never explained away Beck’s basic challenge. If he was wrong, call him on it. Cite evidence. His critics never could, and never did.

11.) He followed his hero George Washington. Washington voluntarily gave up power after two terms, despite still being liked and respected. Beck voluntarily left his power base of Fox News and New York City because wealth and power are not what he wants. People can claim he is acting, but there are people out there that are altruistic. Leftists may not believe what Beck says, but at least they must believe that he believes his own words. He is not a phony. He wants to do more with his life, and is willing to give up his platform to pursue his dreams. He even intoned in his final episode that nobody should want something so much that they will do anything to get it. I looked inward thinking about that. He is right.

There is so much more, but for now I will just thank Mr. Beck for being a lone voice surrounded by a cacophany of White House sycophants. Had the mainstream media done their jobs, Beck would not have needed to do his with such doggedness. Their outright refusal to investigate areas of concern became a threat to our republic. Beck gave stories traction to the point where other news broadcasts had to cover them reluctantly or fall deeper into irrelevance.

Farewell, Mr. Beck. You are a good human being and a great teacher.

Your program will be missed.

God bless you and your lovely family always sir.


Editor’s note: Mr. Beck will be starting his own network GBTV. GBTV stands for Glenn Beck Television. It is not the Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian Transgendered network. This is not an attack on them. I am just pointing out that if they think this network is about their issues, they are mistaken. Latinos were disappointed in 1979 when ESPN turned out to be a station about sports and not the Espanol network.

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  1. Dav Lev says:

    Glenn Beck, like the late night show hosts, had plenty of fuel for his

    But unlike David Letterman, he chose to be a patriot, caring for
    America, not abusing his podium.

    There are two Americas..the reds vs the blues.

    I am a red. The blues just dont get it.
    To a man (or woman) they believe in big government, bit inefficient
    govt., as long s they ( mistakenly) benefit. Their credo are entitlements
    at everyone elses expense.

    Most Californians dont pay any state income tax, or if they do,
    a minimal amount. The “rich” are responsible for carrying the state.
    Their employment depends on these people’s investments and risk

    Glenn Beck saw something that Obama didn’t originally, when he
    first became President. Islamists hate US, and everything we stand for.

    Dont’ believe me, the proof is in the visuals, coming from Syria.
    Islam is a religion of love. Well, maybe, but dont tell that to
    the millions who simply want a democratic government and instead
    got tanks.

    And back in Washington D.C., our President reaches out to he
    Muslim Brothhood in Egypt. He figures, if they win in the elections
    and eventually control Egypt, he wants a say. Sure!

    Mubarak opposed the Brotherhood, and for good reason.
    Their links go back to the Mufti. (Read the Net for more info).

    Yet he is reaching out to them, while saying nothing about Syria
    President. He did impose sanctions (meaningless). There are sanctions
    on Iran guys.

    And so Beck leaves….who will replace him. David Letterman?
    Perhaps Thomas Friedman?

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