From England and Greece to Iowa and Wisconsin

Ronald Reagan, your next of kin is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

As Iowa Republicans prepare for the Thursday debate and the Saturday straw poll, Iowa may be the last civilized place left on Earth. This is not surprising, since large concentrations of conservative Republicans usually leads to peaceful interactions. The Tea Party epitomizes peaceful political activism. Leftist baboons could learn from this. Actually they can’t, but let’s pretend they could.

Are there any leftists anymore who just shut up, keep their heads down, and go to work without complaining?

If not, do any of them ever air their grievances in a non-violent manner?

In Greece, leftists are setting the country on fire to protest the government’s decision to enact budget cuts to save the entire nation. The left is convinced that getting everything for nothing will last forever. Is there a single conservative rioting? Possibly, but doubtful.

In London, hooligans are protesting against the police. Shockingly enough, the police might actually this one time crack down. Again, it is doubtful that law and order conservatives are in the street rioting against law enforcement.

In Chicago and Philadelphia, “flash mobs” are a new trendy way to describe criminals and thugs. Failed human beings in failed inner cities are attacking failure by destroying society around them, and shockingly enough, causing more failure.

In all of these cities people think it is simply acceptable to take things from “the man.” It is permissible to beat and rob people in the name of “equal justice.” Like History of the World Part I, where it was “beggars, begging from beggars,” we now have worldwide leftists attacking those in power by beating up their fellow leftists. The best one can hope for is that they will all eventually eliminate each other. There is no hope for them in terms of becoming civilized human beings. Maybe the mobs can burn down universities so that there will be nobody left to teach them how to be leftist protesters.

Wisconsin is in a struggle to become more like Iowa and less like Chicago, Philadelphia, London, and Greece. The leftist savages are being beaten back.

Governor Scott Walker has still been too patient for my tastes. He has not had his police force or security detail use rubber bullets or fire hoses on the Moveon and SEIU protesters in his state. Liberals will claim that they have a right to peacefully protest. This would be true except they keep forgetting the peaceful part. Vandalizing government buildings is not what democracy should look like.

Yet Governor Walker keeps winning.

First Republicans won the 2010 election. Governor Walker, in a concept foreign to liberals, governed as he campaigned.

In an attempt to enact a law to keep unions from destroying his state, the Democrats in the legislature broke the law and fled to a foreign state. Governor Walker decided not to hire bounty hunters. Instead he just had the law passed anyway.

Democrats then returned and tried to have the courts overturn the law. Liberals love using the courts since they fail at legislative governing. Again, Governor Walker won.

Liberals then tried to fire one of the Wisconsin judges in an attempt to hijack the court solely due to this law. Again, liberals lost. Republicans and Governor Walker won.

Liberals then tried to recall six Republican state legislators. Again, they lost. Republicans and Governor Walker won.

Will liberals get the message? Of course not. Now they will try and recall Governor Walker. If they succeed, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch would take over. She is just as conservative if not more. She would make the left even more crazed.

This is fantastic. Governor Scott Walker may be the next Ronald Reagan because he understands what to do with people sworn to his destruction. He crushes them. More importantly, he bankrupts them.

George Soros spent millions trying to defeat George W. Bush in 2004. He failed, but id not blink an eye over the pocket change he wasted. Yet like the Soviet Union, labor unions do not have pockets that deep. Reagan did not win the Cold War because the Soviets discovered morality. Reagan bankrupted them.

Unions have spent close to 100 million dollars in Wisconsin over the last couple of years. That money could have been used to actually help the downtrodden. Given that the leftists embodied by the unions are power hungry madmen who do not care one bit about the downtrodden, it makes perfect sense that they would spend millions of dollars that could have actually helped people.

The only way to deal with unions is to bankrupt them. The only way to deal with leftist protesters is to bankrupt them. When their choices are eating hot food and sleeping indoors or freezing to death outside while protesting, some of them may decide that starvation is not worth the cause.

Governor Walker may never be willing to break out the batons and crack skulls like SEIU would, but at least he is willing to keep enacting policies designed to let leftists spend every last dollar in their bleeding wallets.

This is why there is hope for Wisconsin while much of the rest of America and the world is on fire.

May liberals keep destroying themselves until they stop smoking the crack pipe of their own self-righteousness. Since they will never stop, may their drug habit of rage deplete their life savings until they either enter detox or become walking zombie lunatics less coherent than Al Gore and Howard Dean.

As Republicans debate in Iowa, I will support any candidate who vows to imitate Scott Walker on a national level. Leftist protesters will learn how to assemble calmly and peaceably, or a law and order crackdown that will make Kent State seem like a Tea Party walk in the park should take place.

To dream the impossible dream…where leftists learn human behavior, either voluntarily or by force.


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