January 2013 PhD Hate Mail

January 2013 PhD Hate Mail

Perhaps due to people briefly obeying the holiday spirit, January was a light month in terms of my hate mail. This is most likely a statistical aberration.

In an odd turn of events, it seems that the least intelligent people on Earth are now sending me hate mail. That’s right, this is the liberal PhD edition of my hate mail. Liberal PhDs are people who stayed in school rather than entering the real world and getting a job. They are experts in subjects only they care about while being unable to relate to the rest of the masses who care about what actually does matter.

Liberal PhDs call themselves “erudite,” and “sophisticated” and “worldly,” but the rest of us fund them pretentious pompous @sses.

Welcome to some hate mail that is, in the great tradition of liberal PhDs, much more boring than most of my hate mail.

“Sara Drake
Your article is neither intelligent, nor satirical, nor substantive, nor accurate. It simply betrays overwhelming ignorance and arrogance – a common fault in today's writers. There is only one cure – silence.”

Analysis: This woman should lead by example. If she wants silence, she can just shut the Sandra Fluke up. Since she does not say exactly why she dislikes my writing, a safe assumption is the default option. She disagrees with me. Silence is a form of censorship, which would make her perfectly qualified to be a liberal arts college professor at either Harvard or North Korea where dissent is an unnecessary inconvenience.

“Robert H. McLaughlin
Eric a worthless article. Go back to Brooklyn & open an CANDY STORE or BAGEL JOINT. You cannot write.”

Analysis: Anti-Semitism from New York’s Finest. Yes, us Jews all love bagels. This man saw I was a Jew from Brooklyn and decided to make a remark about bagels, rather than offering anything of substance. Observe his screen name. His last name seems Irish, but I will not blame every Irish American for this lout.

“Ted Vollers, Ph. D.
How did such an ignorant doofus as you get into a position to so publicly denigrate others who have done significant things in their lives?  Learn the difference between polemic and mendacious diatribe.”

Analysis: This pillar of the community has one website where his goal in life is to indict the entire U.S. Congress. His name also came up on a site involving a “wildchild exotic dancer.” That could just be a search anomaly, but it is fun either way.



Contact Mr. Vollers here, since like most liberal PhDs, he has nothing better to do.

Vollers, Ted tedvollers@comcast.net
1542 Arcadia Drive #609
Jacksonville, Florida 32207-7871

These are liberal PhDs, even worse than ordinary run of the mill liberals. This is how they behave.


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