NFL 2017 Preseason: Week 2 Raiders Recap

August 20th, 2017

NFL 2017 Preseason: Week 2 Raiders Recap

The Raiders looked listless in their preseason opener, a 20-10 loss at the Arizona Cardinals. However, their entire starting offense took the night off. Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin did not play a single snap on defense. This week the starters would get some action at home against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams got the ball first and started at their own 15. On 3rd and 1 Todd Gurley initially appeared stopped, but with a second effort easily got the first down. Another Gurley carry saw a pile of players advance over 10 yards past the point of contact. Jared Goff’s first three passes each went for at least 10 yards. These were not backups. This was the starting Oakland defense getting sliced and diced. From the Oakland 23, a play action pass to Cooper Kupp went for one of the easiest touchdowns the NFL will ever see. The 85 yard drive that made it 7-0 Rams ended without any defender within a country mile of Kupp.

The ensuing kickoff went out of bounds, giving the Raiders the ball at their own 40. Derek Carr and the rest of the offensive starters began their first series of the preseason. Marshawn Lynch is controversial in his behavior, but he does his job on the field. His first carry went for 6 yards. Carr’s first pass went to Jared Cook, a dump-off in the flat that went for 16 yards. A defensive personal foul had the Raiders at the Rams 19. Operating out of the shotgun for the entire drive, Carr threw a perfect seam pass that split two defenders. Lee Smith bobbled it but hauled it in for the tying 7-7 touchdown. Another defensive personal foul was assessed on the kickoff.

On the next Rams drive after a touchback, Goff got drilled for a sack by Khalil Mack. On 3rd and 15, a dump-off pass came up short of the first down. The Raiders took over at their own 30. While Carr came back in, Lynch was done for the night. A completion to Amari Cooper set up 3rd and inches. Fullback Olawale banged ahead for the first down, but an illegal shift nullified the play. On 3rd and 6, Carr fired over the middle and was intercepted by Tremaine Johnson. Last year Carr threw 28 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

The Rams took over at the Oakland 41. A pair of Goff completions had the Rams at the Oakland 19. On 3rd and 2 from the Oakland 11, Goff fired to Kupp for 1st and goal at the 2. Gurley banged in up the middle for a 14-7 Rams lead. 2 touchdowns on 3 drives continued the questions of what was wrong with Oakland on defense. Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr. has to find some answers quickly. Bad things normally happen when an offensive lineman fields the ensuing kickoff, but an 18 yard return that had everyone amused had the Raiders starting at their own 35.

Deandre Washington ran a couple times, gained a first down, and saw the first quarter ended. After a deep ball to start the second quarter was well defended, Carr got called for delay of game. On 3rd and 10, Carr went deep to Cooper into triple coverage. The ball was again perfectly thrown and Cooper came down with it for a 31 yard gain to the Oakland 23. A completion to Smith meant 1st and 10 to the 13. Carr fired to Michael Crabtreeat the 10, and Crabtree raced to the corner and got past the pylon for the touchdown and a 14-14 game. 2 touchdowns showed that the Raiders high octane offense was in full swing. The issue was their defense. The Rams began their next drive at their own 25 as Goff stayed in the game. He was already 8 of 10. Gurley was done for the night.

On 3rd and 5, Goff fired a 12 yard completion over the middle. On 3rd and 2 from the Oakland 45, Goff fired to newly acquired Sammy Watkins over the middle for a 5 yard gain. On 3rd and 5 from the 35, Goff again went over the middle to Kuff for 7 yards and another first down. The Raiders secondary had no answers. Goff went deep to the end zone and should have had his third touchdown. Watkins had a step on Sean Smith, who was arrested earlier this week. However, the ball bounced off of Watkins’s shoulder pad incomplete. On 3rd and 10, a short pass followed by terrible tackling meant another first down at the Oakland 18 as Goff was now 15 of 18. On 3rd and 12 from the 20, the Rams burned their 2nd timeout. A lateral West Coast Offense dink and dunk pass went nowhere as Greg Zuerlein came in for the short field goal. From 33 yards out, Zuerline was good to make it 17-14 Rams with 2:49 left in the half.

Carr was done for the night after playing nearly the entire first half. EJ Manuel came in at quarterback, followed by Marquette King coming in for his first punt. With only one minute left in the half and the Rams pinned very deep, Goff did not finish the half. His night ended with him 16 of 20 for 160 yards. Backup Sean Mannion handed off a couple times. With backups now playing the entire second half, it became a true preseason game. The level of play as expected dropped off severely on both sides. Despite a scoreless third quarter, the Rams had 30 minutes of possession after three quarters to only 15 minutes for the Raiders. Consecutive false starts to start the fourth quarter had the Raiders facing 3rd and 24. They did not convert.

With 12 1/2 minutes left in regulation, third string quarterback Connor Cook came in for the Raiders. On 3rd and 10 from the Oakland 35, Cook completed a pass to midfield. On 3rd and 3 from the Rams 43, Cook threw another pass for a first down to the biblically named Pharaoh Brown. The 11 play, 65 yard, 6 minute drive saw Cook throw a perfect 17 yard fade to the end zone for a touchdown to Johnnie Holton. With 6 1/2 minutes to play, the Raiders led 21-17. Now it was up to the backup defense.

With 4 1/2 minutes left and the Rams facing 3rd and 7 at their own 44, Mannion rifled a completion for an 8 yard gain. with 2:45 to play and the Rams facing 2nd and 15, defensive holding gave the Rams new life at midfield. At the 2 minute warning the Rams were at the Oakland 39. On 4rd and 9 with 90 seconds to play, the Rams took their first timeout. One stop by the Raiders defense would preserve the win. Instead, Mannion fired a completion followed by missed tackles for a 20 yard gain. The receiver fumbled the ball but retained possession. Mannion then fired to the end zone to Josh Reynolds. The defender never even turned around to look for the ball as the Rams took the lead with 1:11 to play.

The Raiders took over at their own 22. With 27 seconds left on 4th and 10 from the Oakland 35, Cook got sacked. The Raiders fell to 0-2 in the preseason. Forget the score. What matters is how the players looked. The starting offense looked fine. Carr is ready. Mack is still a monster on defense. However, the secondary it still the weak link of this team. Whether the issue is players or scheme, it needs to be fixed if the Raiders want to have a snowball’s chance of being competitive. Jack Del Rio knows defense, but plenty of work needs to be done on that side of the ball. Next week, the Raiders are at the Dallas Cowboys in the key third preseason game. 24-21 Rams


What really happened in Virginia

August 13th, 2017

I’ve had it. Let’s tell the truth about what happened in Virginia.

1) White Nationalists, the KKK, & other evil alt-right people held a rally. They are racist, anti-Semitic b@stards, but even racist, anti-Semitic b@stards have a legal right to free speech under the First Amendment. “Hate speech” is the very speech deserving the most protection. Had they been left alone, they would have held their rally and been ignored.

2) Paid, violent leftist hate groups decided to “take a stand against hate.” This is code for deliberately provoking a violent conflict. They came from out of state and purposely started fights. This is because the leftist agitators cannot and will not accept the right of anyone who disagrees with them to speak. These leftist thugs are the same people who shout down mainstream conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro, who is a Jewish person and not alt-right at all.

3) When a right-winger does something bad, every Republican in America is asked to disavow that behavior. Saying that all violence must stop is not good enough, just as saying “All lives matter” is considered bigoted. The reason for this is the left wants the right to take 100% of the blame.

4) Unlike right-wing protesters, left-wing protesters are well-coordinated and organized. George Soros provides the money. Barack Obama for 8 years provided the infrastructure, known as OFA. Eric Holder gave the leftist mobs legal protection from prosecution. Holder has a lifetime of fomenting and supporting violent leftist mobs, and he is still doing so.

5) I will condemn the KKK and white nationalists and David Duke. I will also condemn BLM, Occupy, Code Pink, ELF, ALF, Antifa, the New Black Panthers, Resistance, and the myriad other violent leftist groups that have been running wild for a decade or more. I condemn Eric Holder for being behind much of the leftist violence.

6) When any one of these leftist groups commits a bad act, Democrats are never asked to disavow their behavior. The liberal media goes out of their way to disconnect the act from politics.

7) The victims of yesterday’s violence may OR may not be innocent victims. If they were peaceful protesters, their injuries are tragic. If they were violent protesters, then hell yes they deserved what they got. As cold as that sounds, if you join a violent mob, you deserve what happens to you. The media is refusing to tell us whether the victims were peaceful or violent protesters. Absent of facts, let’s not demonize or canonize them.

8) When Steve Scalise was shot, Democrats demanded that we just accept at face value that the shooter was a mentally deranged guy. He was a leftist who set out to kill Republicans. Leftist violence is out of control in this country, but they never get condemned.

9) Had paid violent leftist agitators not tried to disrupt the KKK rally yesterday, there would have been zero violence. The violence yesterday was bought, paid for, and deliberately planned by leftists.

10) Every Republican presidential candidate is labeled a bigot. Romney was called a bigot. Even the now sainted John McCain was called a bigot. Trump was never a bigot until he became a GOP presidential nominee. Mainstream conservatives like myself are seething because the left will not stop playing the bigotry card. Liberals and their phony “stronger together” garbage do not want us to come together. They want total conservative submission.

11) Asking liberals to stand up and defend the right of conservatives to exist is like asking Palestinians to stand up and recognize the right of Jews to exist. It may never happen. Liberals and Palestinians are arsonists who then get angry when the other side tries to stop the arson.

12) There is no moral equivalence between alt-right people saying evil words and leftist thugs using physical violence.

So let’s call out bigotry by its name. Let’s demand an end to leftist violence in America. Let’s call out financier George Soros. Let’s call out Eric Holder. Let’s call out Maxine Waters. Let’s call out Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Let’s call out every liberal who deliberately encourages violence against conservatives just for speaking.

Let’s demand that liberals stop trying to tie mainstream conservatives to the alt-right.

The alt-right is reprehensible, but the mainstream left is just as bad if not worse.

To those who want to blame the violence in America on mainstream conservatives, you are the poison you claim to be against.


eric @ Tygrrrr Express

NFL 2017 Preseason: Week 1 Raiders Recap

August 13th, 2017

NFL 2017 Preseason: Week 1 Raiders Recap

The offseason is one step closer to being over. While the preseason is not real football, it is still better than any other sport.

The Silver and Black are back. The Oakland Raiders played their first preseason game at the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona lost the Hall of Fame Game 20-18 to the Dallas cowboys, but the Cardinals jumped to a 15-0 lead in that game and looked super.

Sebastian Janikowski kicked the ball 6 yards deep in the end zone and it was returned to the Arizona 30. Carson Palmer did start for the Cardinals, as did David Johnson. Johnson only gained 2 yards on his first carry, but on the next play defensive pass interference in the secondary had the Cardinals at their own 40. Johnson then ran another 10 yards to midfield. On 2nd and 7, a play-action fake had Palmer throwing a bomb to a wide open receiver. The ball was incomplete at the 5 yard line, but there were no defenders in sight. Palmer hit the third down conversion as the Cardinals continued to steamroll over the Raiders defense.

On 3rd and 4 from the Oakland 15, Palmer threw incomplete. Phil Dawson made the 33 yard field goal, but the Raiders were called on defense for an illegal formation. These are the types of penalties that have plagued the Raiders for decades. Bruce Arians took the points off the board for 1st and goal at the 10. On 3rd and goal from the 12, Palmer threw a strike to Brit golden for the touchdown. The Cardinals held the ball for over 6 1/2 minutes on their 14 play, 70 yard drive. Their offense has looked very impressive in successive weeks. The Raiders defense looked awful, and defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. will take the fall if the defense plays like this during the regular season.

After a touchback, the Raiders took over without their key starters playing a single snap. Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree and the starting offensive line all had the night off. Left tackle Donald Penn is still in a contract holdout. So gauging the Raiders offense would be impossible without seeing the first string. None of them played.

EJ Manuel got the start for the Raiders, and the backup quarterback did complete several passes to get the Raiders to a 3rd and 4 at the Arizona 34. A miserable play call known as the West Coast offense had Emanuel completing a 2 yard pass.  On 4th and 2, Jack Del Rio opted for a 51 yard field goal. Seabass hit a knuckleball that was way wide and way short as the Raiders remained scoreless.

The Cardinals took over at their own 41 and Palmer was done for the night. Drew Stanton came in at quarterback. From the Oakland 45, a bomb by Stanton to the end zone was incomplete, but the receiver did beat the double coverage. Andre Ellington took a draw play 15 yards on the next play. The Raiders caught a break when a helmet on a football forced a fumble that the Raiders recovered. Oakland took over at their own 22.

On 3rd and 4 from their 28, Manuel found Cordarelle Patterson for 17 yards. Jalen Richard gained 5 and 4, but on 3rd and 1 from the Arizona 46, Richard got stuffed. Del Rio decided to go for it. On 4th and 1, Richard got stopped again. Arizona took over and soon faced 3rd and 5 at the Oakland 44. Stanton hit Ross for 10 and Golden for 26. A shot to the end zone should have been intercepted but the defender just dropped it. On 3rd and goal at the 7, the pocket collapsed on Stanton. He rolled to his right and found Niklas for the touchdown. Stanton had all the time in the world in staking the Cardinals to a 14-0 lead.

The Raiders took over at their own 13 when Mickens hesitated and tried to run the kickoff back from 7 yards deep in the end zone. Mickens even fumbled but got it back. After picking up one first down, Manuel threw incomplete twice and then was sacked. The Cardinals got it back at their own 36 and continued moving the Cardinals with ease. On 3rd and 3 from Arizona 43, Stanton hit Jeremy Ross for 11 yards. On 3rd and 7 from the Oakland 28, Stanton hit Ellington for 13 yards. On 3rd and 5 from the Oakland 10, Stanton threw incomplete. The defense finally held as Dawson hit the 28 yard field goal to make it 17-0 Cardinals.

The Raiders got it back at their own 19 with only 1:05 left in the half. Manuel hit Mickens for 14, Clive Walford for 30 more, and Mickens for another 6 yards to the Arizona 25. Only 2 seconds remained in the half. Tavecchio came in for a 43 yard field goal try rather than Seabass. Tavecchio was good as the Raiders trailed 17-3 at halftime.

The second half was pure garbage time as both teams brought in their third string quarterbacks. The Raiders had Connor Cook and the Cardinals went with Blaine Gabbert. After an exchange of punts, the Raiders faced 3rd and 12 at their own 35. Cook did hit Crockett for a 29 yard gain. Mickens took an end around 24 yards. Defensive pass interference set up Crockett for a one yard touchdown run as the Raiders were within 17-10.

The Cardinals looked awful under Gabbert, punting on 4th and 19 from their own 5 and giving the Raiders the ball at their own 39. On 3rd and 5 from the Arizona 41, Cook hit Johnny Holton for 7 yards. On 3rd and 10 from the Arizona 34, Cook hit Mickens for 11 yards. Yes Cook was playing against a third string defense, but he looked good. On 2nd and 8 from the Arizona 21 and looking for the tying score, a short pass to Holmes was fumbled away.

Gabbert from the Arizona 31 turned into game manager mode, as runs and short passes led to a 13 play drive that ate 6:45 off the clock. A pass Gabbert threw under pressure was perfectly thrown and the receiver just dropped it in the end zone. With 13 minutes left in regulation, Dawson hit a 43 yard field goal to put Arizona by 10.

The Raiders moved from their own 26 to the Arizona 43 before the drive broke down. The Cardinals moved from their 22 to the Oakland 28. A backup kicker missed a 46 yard field goal. From the Oakland 36, a pair of completions meant 1st and 10 at the Oakland 46. Cook then threw 4 straight incompletions. Arizona ran out the clock.

Although Arizona “only” won by 10, the Oakland defense looked dreadful. All 3 Arizona quarterbacks led scoring drives, and the top 2 Arizona quarterbacks moved the ball easily. Grading the Oakland offense is tougher because the starters did not play. If Oakland is to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender, the defense has to get much better in a hurry. They were awful, but one big mitigating factor can be said in defense of the defense. Although most of the starters played, Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin did not. 20-10 Cardinals

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday

August 8th, 2017

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday

Pro Football Hall of Fame 2017 Induction Ceremony Recap

Why nobody should care about Russian election hacking

August 8th, 2017

Why nobody should care about Russian election hacking

Who really cares if Russia tried to hack our election

Why Putin absolutely wanted Hillary to win the 2016 election

August 8th, 2017

Why Putin absolutely wanted you to win the 2016 election

The reason Putin wanted Clinton to defeat Trump

Why liberal media still obsesses over mythical Trump Russia connection

August 8th, 2017

Why liberal media still obsesses over mythical Trump Russia connection

Why the liberal MSM keeps pushing the Trump-Russia narrative

241 fun reasons to love America

July 4th, 2017

241 fun reasons to love America

1980 Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team

1980s hard rock hair metal

2 Live Crew’s Banned in the USA

7-Eleven Big Gulps and Slurpees

ACDC’s You shook me, Thunderstruck, Moneytalks

Adam Sandler


Airheads band The Lone Rangers

Al D’Amato’s singing


America the Beautiful sung by Ray Charles

American soldiers and veterans


Anthony Clark

Bad Touch’s Discovery Channel

Batman: The Dark Knight

BB King and Lucille

Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

Biff Henderson

Bill Cosby, Himself video

Bill Murray’s Quick Change

Bill of Rights

Bill the Cat


Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Blue Bloods


Bluegrass Junction

Bounce houses

Bouncing 25 cent rubber balls

Boxing promoter Don King


Bubblebaths for two

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck


Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise movies



Capture the flag

Cards Against Humanity

Chabad Houses

Charitable people


Cheers’s Sam Mayday Malone and Norm Peterson

Cherry Lime Rickeys

Chocolate covered cherries

Chris Berman

Chris Gardner’s The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Noth’s Mike Logan

Chris Tucker singing Barry White


Coed touch football


Commando and pantsless Wednesdays (until HR intervened)

Conan O’Brien’s In the Year 2000

Corn Fritters

Cosmic Bowling

County Fairs

Dale Intimidator Earnhardt’s 1998 Daytona 500

Dana Carvey

Dann Florek’s Captain Donald Cragen

David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists

Dennis Farina

Desperate Housewives

Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo

Die Hard

DirecTV NFL Package

Dog-riding monkey

Donald Trump–from the Apprentice to the White House to Twitter


Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda

Dr. Charles Krauthammer

Duck Dynasty


Edible underthings



Eye of the tiger


Flavored massage oil

Founding Fathers

Fox News

Fraggle Rock

Freedom, liberty, right of dissent

Gaga (dodgeball using closed fist and cherry ball)

Game nights

Garlic knots

Gatorade dumping on coaches

George W. Bush picks up bullhorn

Glow sticks as fake cigars

Golden Corral

GPS trackers

Greg the Bunny

Greg Gutfeld


Happy face emoticons



Henny Youngman

Hot Chocolate’s You sexy thing (I believe in miracles)

Hot scantily clad women

Howard Stern

I once finger-(blanked) a hermit crab (whoever said that)

In n Out Burger

Independence Day BBQs

Instant messaging

Internet dating


Italian ices

J. Geils Band’s Centerfold

Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Nathan R. Jessup

Jacuzzi romps


Jell-O wrestling

Jerry Orbach’s Lenny Briscoe

Jerry Reed’s Eastbound and Down

Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

John Cougar Mellencamp’s Pink Houses and Hurts so good

John Facenda’s The Autumn Wind

John McEnroe’s tennis tantrums

Judaism celebrated in peace

Justice Scalia’s scathing dissents

Karl Rove’s whiteboard


KFC Popcorn Chicken


Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom

King of the Hill


Kosher imitation bacon and crab

Krispy Kreme Donut Hamburgers


Larry Hagman’s J.R. Ewing on Dallas

Las Vegas

Lee Greenwood’s God bless the USA and Bandit Express

Louisiana Cajun Cooking (Especially with Justin Wilson)

Lucky Charms

Madden Football

Magnum, P.I.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Mark Levin’s rants

Married with Children’s Al Bundy

Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing and Let’s get it on



Meat and potatoes

Michael J. Fox’s Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties

Mills Lane yelling Let’s get it on

Miniature golf


Morris Day and the Time’s Jerk Out

Mountain Dew Code Red

MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch

Murder, She Wrote

Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

National Federation of Republican Women

National Football League


New Years Eve noisemakers

New York Post front and back page

New York Stock Exchange opening and closing bells

NFL Films

NFL Network

Oakland Raiders

Old School with Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn

Overtime playoff hockey

Pajama parties

Peaceful transition of political power

Phil Hartman


Political Conventions

Pool volleyball


Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio


Queen’s I want it all

Raider Nation

Rainbow Sherbert

Redeye with Greg Gutfeld

Republican Jewish Brunettes

Republican Party Animals


Robin Williams

Ronald Reagan’s self-deprecating jokes 

Rudy Giuliani’s New York toughness


Rush Limbaugh

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Satellite TV

Save a horse, ride a cowboy


Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts



Sherman Hemsley’s George Jefferson


Sky high skyscrapers


Slim Jims

Snoopy’s Joe Cool

Snow football

Social networks for building businesses

South Beach, Miami Spring Break

South Park



Stock trading


Strip chess

Stuart Scott


Summer camp

Super Soakers

Supply-side tax cuts

T-shirt originals

Taco Bell

Talk radio

Thanksgiving with John Madden

The Color of Money

The Counter Build Your Own Burger

The Expendables

The Frat Pack

The Honeymooners

The Muppets

The Onion


Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

Train rides

Trampoline Dodgeball

Tygrrrr Express

USA Cartoon Express

Video Arcade Games

We’re not France

Weekend at Bernie’s

Western medicine

Whitesnake’s Here I go again video

Wifi on planes

XM Sirius Satellite Radio


Young Jewish Conservatives

Yummy bouncies and badonkadonks

ZZ Top’s Sleeping Bag and Sharp Dressed Man


Independence Day 2017: My American Tale

July 4th, 2017

Independence day 2017: My American Tale

My grandparents & dad escaped the Nazis. Everything they had was taken in the Holocaust. My grandfather came to America and washed dishes. He lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and had holes in his socks. My father graduated college, became a schoolteacher, reached the American middle class, and is now retired with my mom living in a home they own outright. I managed to get an advanced degree MBA, become a Vice President in the stockbrokerage industry before going on the speaking circuit that has taken me to all 50 states. I live in a beautiful area and have a good life. I am still only 1/2 the man my grandpa was, but he had so much more to overcome.

Only in America is this dream a reality. I love this country because it has given me everything. My grandfather and father were hunted like dogs. I am free. I get misty eyed when I hear Lee Greenwood sing “God Bless the USA” because it rings truth.

As I watch fireworks tonight and munch on hamburgers and hot dogs, I thank our Founding Fathers, our fallen soldiers, our veterans, and our current soldiers.

I thank almighty God for creating this nation and the late Ray Charles for singing “America, God done shed his grace on thee.”

In any other nation, my story would be uncommon and heroic. My story is ordinary because America is extraordinary and exceptional.

God bless America, now and forever. Thank you America, for allowing a child of Holocaust survivor to experience what we call this American dream.


How Democrats can relate to human beings again

July 4th, 2017

How Democrats can relate to human beings again

A 12-Step Program for Democrats to win back ‘Normal America’