Angela Lansbury & Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner 1985 football highlights

Angela Lansbury & Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner 1985 football highlights

Normally I don’t liveblog 30 year old TV episodes but NFL offseason has me losing my ever loving football mind

Notice the credits. QB character listed as Caitlyn Jenner. No. Caitlyn Jenner only in existence in last day or two. Back then actor was Bruce Jenner. I know NFL players take steroids which can cause guys to grow breasts but there are no women pro football players. Therefore, QB was played by Bruce, not Caitlyn. Either way, Bruce/Caitlyn, Dick Butkus & characters who resembled Robert Kraft and Georgia Frontiere were innocent.

Spoiler alert: John Beck, who played co-owner McCord, killed co-owner Kruger so he could get sole control of the Leopards football team. Leopards won their finale by overcoming a 21-7 deficit in final 90 seconds. Angela Lansbury’s Jessica “JB” Fletcher remains a 4% Leopards owner. She willed her stock to Bruce Jenner’s daughter. Daughter not played by any Kardashian.

This concludes Murder She Wrote 1985 Leopards football highlights.

Three months until NFL 2015 season kicks off. 90 days. Dear lord. Every offseason gets tougher.


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