Is George Soros really a Jew? The Torah has an answer

May 29th, 2024

Torah law, George Soros, and who is a Jew


Being Jewish is a birthright privilege. Jews have existed for nearly 6,000 years. Those who tried to eliminate the Jews have repeatedly been relegated to history’s ash heap. They are dust. We Jews remain.


While we have so far defeated our external threats, internal threats persist. Jews have a 52% intermarriage rate. A frightening Aish Hatorah graph shows that for each 100 unaffiliated Jews, two generations down the line will produce only four affiliated Jews. A 96% elimination rate is deadly.


Yet according to our holy Torah, every Jew is, was, and will always be a Jew.


Parsha Emor confronts this issue. Emor means “to speak.”


To celebrate Sukkos, Torah commands us to take a beautiful fruit of a tree, date palm fronds, the branch of a dense-leaved tree, and a willow of the brook.


With full credit to Chabad of North Hollywood, this parsha’s Midrash delves deeper.


A beautiful fruit of a tree, date palm fronds, a dense-leaved tree, and a willow of the brook all refer to Israel.


A beautiful fruit of a tree has taste and smell, comparable to Jews who study Torah and do good deeds.


Date palm fronds have taste but no smell. They compare to Jews who study Torah but do not do good deeds.


A branch of a dense-leaved tree has smell and no taste. These Jews do good deeds but do not study Torah.


Willows of the brook have no taste or smell. These Jews do not study Torah or do good deeds.


This last group of Jews are unaffiliated. Yet unaffiliated Jews still have the spark of Judaism. They were born with Jewish potential. That potential is a flame that cannot be extinguished during their lifetime.


Yet unaffiliated Jews are not nearly the most complex case. A lack of good deeds can be neutral. Far below that rung is the Jew committing evil deeds. What is to make of the Jew who not only forsakes Judaism, but spends their life fighting against Jews and Judaism?


Take the organization “Jews against Zionism.” They dress like Chassids and travel to Iran to stand in solidarity with the mullahs. Observe Jewish college students marching for Gaza and embracing the vile “From the river, to the sea, Palestine will be free” chants.


Judaism forbids excommunication. Jews who hate Jews are still Jews.


Chabad tells a tale of Jewish medical students facing budget cuts. Told to supply their own cadavers, the students asked their rabbi if they could use bodies of Jewish criminals. The shocked rabbi said he needed to know what God thought of these people.


Torah commands us to love and cherish every Jew. Every Jew is responsible for every other Jew. This is Ahavos Yisroel. A Jew is a Jew because they were born a Jew, regardless of mitzvahs.


So what do proud Jews do about George Soros? Forget momentarily his destructive leftist politics. Briefly look past his financing anti-Jewish college campus riots. Mr. Soros bragged in a videotaped CBS interview that his happiest days were as a teenager sending Jews to the gas chambers.


My father is a Holocaust survivor. Must I accept Soros as a Jew when he tried to murder my family? How does one reconcile a man as a Jew when his crowning joy was actively working to permanently exterminate Jews?


The Torah says you can love Soros as a Jew while hating him for what he does. Those things are not in conflict.


As long as Soros lives, we can pray he sincerely renounces his evil past.


Many Jews will insist this is not good enough. While this reaction is understandable, it puts them at odds with our Jewish God Hashem.


Torah is binding codified law. Torah says a person born of a Jewish mother is legally irrevocably Jewish. God’s word ends the discussion.


We can hate this. I do. When Soros dies, I will not mourn or help form a minyan to say Kaddish. To me, he represents anti-Jewish evil.


Yet it’s not my call. It’s Hashem’s call.


Soros may have lost his sense of humanity, but he remains forever a Jew. Thus saith the lord.


The Top 24 Games of NFL 2024

May 15th, 2024

Top 24 Games of NFL 2024

1) Week 1: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

2) Week 2: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

3) Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

4) Week 3: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

5) Week 4: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers

6) Week 5: Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Rams

7) Week 6: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos

8) Week 6: Pittsburgh Steelers at Las Vegas Raiders

9) Week 7: Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

10) Week 8: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders

11) Week 9: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

12) Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

13) Week 10: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

14) Week 10: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

15) Week 11: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

16) Week 11: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

17) Week 12: San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

18) Week 12: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers

19) Week 14: Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

20) Week 17: Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans

21) Week 17: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers

22) Week 18: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders

23) Week 18: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

24) Week 18: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Why the Florida case against Trump must permanently disappear

May 14th, 2024


Israel must finish Rafah

May 8th, 2024

Israel Must Finish Rafah

Donald Trump would be a lousy dictator

April 18th, 2024


Beyond Israel and War

April 1st, 2024

Beyond Israel and War

Beyond Israel and War


Tiktok: National security and free market capitalism

March 14th, 2024

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a free market champion. I want government to leave business alone.

So let’s correct some misinformation about Tiktok.

The government is not banning Tiktok. Young people will still be able to dance badly and eat Tide Pods (although they shouldn’t) because someone on Tiktok will dare them to do it.

(Please don’t make the argument that Tiktok in America has socially redeeming value. It doesn’t.)

The government is telling a foreign country that they must sell Tiktok to an American company.

Normally that alone would be a bridge too far for me. Yet the evidence is irrefutable that the Chinese Communist Government is using Tiktok to spy on Americans. This is a national security threat.

This page does not do politics, but Tiktok is not a partisan issue. An overwhelmingly bipartisan coalition of Congressmen understand the severity on this issue.

Nobody is banning young people from dancing badly. Heck, I even engaged in breakdancing in the 1980s. I wasn’t half bad, actually. Thank heavens there is no video or photo evidence.

If the Chinese Communist government refuses to sell Tiktok, the American government will have no choice but to shut it down. Then some private citizen in America will create another app very similar to Tiktok. The dancing will continue.

There is no conflict in this case between protecting national security and protecting free market capitalism. As for the concerns of the young people, that is the least important concern. It is the job of adults to protect kids from themselves.


State of the Useless 2024

March 12th, 2024

State of the Useless 2024: More Biden Build Back Blather


The man who began his 1988 presidential run plagiarizing Neil Kinnock began his 2024 State of the Union plagiarizing Karl Marx. President Joe Biden’s 2024 annual address was a State of the Useless. For 68 minutes, he screamed at Americans. He rallied his base while demonizing political opponents. His dark, angry, divisive speech starkly contrasted his carefully crafted nice guy image.


Even many Americans who like Mr. Biden personally lament his inability to improve their lives. Rather than calmly address real voter concerns, Biden rehashed the worst elements of his 2023 SOTU speech. The four categories of Biden’s remarks were divided between unmentioned issues, factually false statements, partially true statements lacking context, and highly questionable policy proposals.


The unmentioned is self-explanatory. Biden failed to show empathy regarding Laken Riley, a young woman murdered by an illegal immigrant. He confused her with football coach Lincoln Riley. Biden then pivoted to the loss of his own children. On the foreign policy front, Biden again ignored the global existential threat of Iran building a nuclear bomb and calling for Israel’s destruction. He did not mention Houthis murdering American soldiers. Biden’s stubborn refusal to mention radical Islam reflects his 9/10 mentality. Domestically, Biden did not mention the price of eggs, beef or gasoline. He did not mention social media companies engaging in mass censorship.


His factually false statements were easy to spot. He claimed that former President Donald Trump added more to the national debt than any other American president. Former President Barack Obama holds that record. Biden spoke about corporations paying zero taxes. This is false. Inflation is a devastating tax that affects corporations and consumers alike. Also, corporations risk their own money investing billions of dollars in research and development.


Biden’s claim that billionaires pay a lower tax rate than teachers is also false. He conflates lower capital gains rates with higher ordinary income rates. His proposed solution to raise capital gains rates would disincentivize investment. Lowering ordinary income rates would help the struggling middle and working classes. Biden’s talking point that Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare was debunked in 1995. That would be political suicide, and no political party wants to self-immolate. Biden’s implication that Republicans want to deny black suffrage has been untrue since the GOP passed the 15th Amendment in 1869.


Biden’s talk of hiring more border workers is contradicted by his own presidential actions. He fired border workers and other professionals for being unvaccinated, accelerating the supply chain breakdown. He claimed that America stood up to Putin when Russia invaded Ukraine. In reality, we dragged our feet and offered too little,e too late as the war rages on with no end in sight. Biden claimed to have stood up to Chinese aggression. In actuality, China’s government steals our intellectual property, floods our nation with drugs including Fentanyl, and spies on us with few if any noticeable consequences.


Biden’s most insulting falsehood was when he claimed that America has never fully lived up to her ideals. Americans shed the blood of thousands of our citizens to free slaves and defeat Nazism, Communism and fascism. We feed, clothe, protect and defend the world. We get the biggest things right, Biden’s slander of America’s character notwithstanding.


Biden’s most egregious falsehood was his vow to restore our freedoms. His entire government has been dedicated to restricting individual freedoms he disagrees with. He has used executive and regulatory power to restrict guns, oil, sugary beverages, red meat, and older but more efficient household appliances. 


Biden’s partially true statements lacked proper context. He bragged that inflation dropped from 9% to 3%. While this metric is better than last year, inflation is still worse than three years ago when Biden took office.


Biden’s highly questionable policy ideas were numerous.


Price caps on prescription drugs reflect a lack of understanding of how companies work and what they do. Companies lose money on every failed product. They use the profits from their winners to offset their losers. Price controls were tried in the 1970s and failed.


Free pre-school is a budget-busting counter-productive boondoggle. Unilaterally canceling student loans is a financial time bomb for taxpayers that has been ruled unconstitutional and might be illegal. His two-state solution would gut Israel and reward those who murdered Jews including Americans on October 7th, 2023.


Banning assault weapons is demagogic. There is no such thing as an assault weapon. The 1994 ban was useless since criminals disobey laws. The book “More guns, less crime” is one of many detailed studies that show concealed carry laws reduce crime while strict gun control laws increase crime.


His speech was a useful reminder that for America to get back on track, the 2025 State of the Union address must be delivered by Trump and not Biden.


Eric Golub is a comedian, author and retired stockbrokerage and oil professional living in Los Angeles. His interests include football, politics, Judaism, the stock market, and Angela Lansbury’s “Murder, She Wrote.”


March 11th, 2024
On this day in 2007, I began the TYGRRRR EXPRESS. Everything I have done in life since then emanates from that decision.
Thank you all for supporting me in my endeavors. It’s been a wild 17 years.

Time, Time, Time, is on Israel’s side…yes it is

February 21st, 2024

Time Is On Israel’s Side