NFL 2016 Preseason Week 3 Raiders Recap

NFL 2016 Preseason Week 3 Raiders Recap

After one well played road game followed by a badly played road game, the Raiders held their first home preseason game of the 2016 NFL season. The third preseason game is the closest one to resembling real football. Starters often play into the third quarter, as was the case in this game.

The offense looked good in the first game and not so good in the second game. Hosting the Tennessee Titans, the Raiders looked very good on the offensive side of the ball. Derek Carr is clearly ready for the regular season. He threw a pair of deep balls that were as perfect as can be. The first, a 41 yard bomb to Michael Crabtree, set up a touchdown. The second one, a 29 yard lob to Amari Cooper went for another touchdown.

At the end of the half, on 3rd and 2 from inside the 10, Carr did miss a wide open Clive Walford. Jack Del Rio decided to go for it on 4th and 2 even though in the regular season the field goal try would be the only option. Carr again misfired and kicked himself at the missed opportunity.

In the third quarter Carr quickly bounced back, leading the Raiders from their own 18 to the Tennessee 35. Trailing 20-14, Carr had the Raiders ready to go back in front. After completing a 17 strike, Del Rio then benched Carr for the night and brought in Matt McGloin. Carr laughed, and McGloin himself was surprised. It is one thing to bring in a backup quarterback in a preseason game in the middle of a quarter, but in the middle of a drive is far more strange. Carr finished an impressive 12 of 18 for 169 yards and 2 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. As for McGloin, he was clearly not ready and neither was the team.

On his first play from scrimmage, offensive holding pushed the Raiders out of long field goal range. On the third play, a short dump off to Washington saw Washington get absolutely blasted. The resulting fumble was returned by Bass 47 yards for a touchdown. Although most of the second half remained, scoring was nil after that. McGloin and Connor Cook each threw an interception.

Another bright spot on offense continues to be running back George Atkinson III, who rushed for 35 yards on 4 carries, including a 23 yarder.

As for defense, the Raiders had none. On the first series, Sean Smith gambled and lost as a near interception on a crossing route turned into a 60 yard gain down to the Oakland 5 yard line. DeMarco Murray pounded the Raiders, gaining 40 yards on 8 carries including a 17 yard run early on. Marcus Mariota carve up the Raiders, going 9 of 16 for 170 yards without an interception or touchdown.

The Titans scored the first four times they had the ball, and Mariota’s last scoring drive took 14 plays and bled 8 1/2 minutes off the clock. The Raiders defense gave up zero points in the second half, but Mariota was on the bench.

The offense is ready for the regular season and the defense is not. The fourth and final preseason game usually has most of the starters sitting, but the Raiders have to be concerned about the defense. 27-14 Titans


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