My un-retirement from sports 2010

On March 11, 2007, I entered the blogosphere. In one of my very first columns, I announced my retirement from sports.

Love of the game of football kept me playing. In my coed touch football league, I helped my team win a couple of championships.

At age 38, I thought I was done. Yet when Brett Favre, who is two years older than me, came back for one final shot, I decided to do the same.

Today begins my final unretirement from sports.

I know, I have written this before, but this time it is final.

Sure, I could discuss the Randy Moss Trade. It makes the Vikings an instant Super Bowl contender. They have a tough game this week at the Jets, but beyond that they could easily get back to elite status. Randy Moss stretches the field. These Vikings could be every bot as good as 1998, or even 2009. Brett Favre has the receiver he craved.

Speaking of Brett Favre, I could discuss the scandal.  I want no part of it. I think the timing reeks to high heaven, right before the Vikings-Jets Monday night game. This is the sports equivalent of an October surprise often found in politics. I hope # 4 is innocent because if he suffers a fall like Tiger Woods, it would hurt a ton of people who believed in him, especially his family. I will wait and see how this plays out.

I could talk about Big Ben Roethlisberger returning, but that sentence sums it up. The Steelers did well without him, but we shall see if he helps get them back to the big dance. More importantly, let’s see if he is a better human being. Again, I really hope Favre does not end up falling into the “great player, not so great guy” category.

I could talk about how Darren McFadden is out again with an injury, but the Raiders have seen him miss so many games that it is getting ridiculous already. He is an electric player when healthy, but he keeps getting hurt. This time it is a hamstring.

I could talk about Glen Coffee getting arrested. He quit football to focus on his ministry, and got arrested on speeding and gun charges. Somebody send Tony Dungy to his house now.

I could talk about the suicide of Kenny McKinley of the Broncos, but it is too mind-numbing. When a young man takes his life, we fail as a society. We should pray to God for our friends and loved ones, and for the McKinley family.

I could talk about Former Governor George Allen’s book, where he compares politics to sports. His father was the legendary Coach George Allen Senior, and his brother Bruce Allen used to be the General Manager for the Raiders. I did an event with Governor Allen, and he autographed his book for me with a nice inscription. I did the same for him with my book. I will have more to say about his book later.

Yes, there is plenty of life in this big wide world, from the tragic to the triumphant. Yet today is the day where, inspired by the Gunslinger Favre, give it one last shot.

Today I am unretiring from football. My game is 2:10pm. After the season I will retire again, and this time it will be final. I turn 39 in January.

Until that day, I am ready for some football.

Let’s get it on!!!!


Week 5 Picks:

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

(Ravens by 7, they win but fail to cover)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills

(Bills by 1.5, they cover)

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

(Colts by 7, they cover)

St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions

(Lions by 3, they cover)

Atlanta Falcons @ Cleveland Browns

(Falcons by 3, they cover)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Cincinnati Bengals

(Bengals by 6.5, they cover)

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers

(Panthers by 2.5, they cover)

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

(Packers by 2.5, they cover)

New York Giants @ Houston Texans

(Texans by 3, Giants win outright)

New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals

(Saints by 6.5, they win but fail to cover)

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders

(Chargers by 6.5, they win but fail to cover)

Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys

(Cowboys by 7, they win but fail to cover)

Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers

(49ers by 3, they cover)

Minnesota Vikings @ New York Jets

(Jets by 4, Vikings win outright)


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