2007 NFL Predictions

I have said on many occasions that my passion for politics, while burning strong, pales in comparison to my passion for the National Football League. We have over a year until we select our next world leader, and there will be many days to analyze it to death. For those who prefer politics to sports, come back tomorrow.

On Thursday September 6th, the Saints are at the Colts. Everybody else must suffer in waiting until Sunday, September 9th. The 2007 NFL season starts in 2 days, so let’s get down to business.

To quote mutual fund manager Bill Fleckenstein, I am “often wrong, but never in doubt.” With that, here are my predictions for 2007.

NFC East:

Philadelphia Eagles–Andy Reid is an excellent coach, and last year might have been his best job, which says a lot. 11-5

New York Giants–Tom Coughlin is a disciplinarian in the Bill Parcells mode, but the G-men have been decimated by injuries. With Tiki retiring, Strahan needs to have more fire than ever. 8-8

Dallas Cowboys–All the talent in the world will not change the fact that Wade Phillips is a great defensive coordinator and not a good head coach. If the legendary Tuna Bill Parcells quit in disgust over him, Terrell Owens will eat Wade alive. 8-8

Washington Redskins–Joe Gibbs has always been a winner, and Daniel Snyder does spend money. Yet value seems to be elusive. 6-10

NFC North:

Chicago Bears–They are simply not that special. Unlike the 2001 and 2005 Bears teams that were complete flukes, the 2006 team had some legitimacy, but the whole conference was wretched. 9-7

Green Bay Packers–Brett Favre willed that team to 8-8 last year. He might be out of miracles. 7-9

Minnesota Vikings–Let’s see how Adrian Peterson does. Kelly Holcomb needs some relief, or he will get pounded. They are a year away. 7-9

Detroit Lions–Yes, Mike Martz is a genius evil mad scientist, and yes, he has the personnel, and no, past performance does not guarantee future results, but they are the same old Lions until proven otherwise. 5-11

NFC South:

Carolina Panthers–This team was decimated by injuries last year, but they are just as talented as the teams from 2003 and 2005. Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, and the gang, combined with a Jon Fox defense anchore dby Julius Peppers should make this team the favorite in the NFC. 12-4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers–They are back. Jon Gruden needs to settle his quarterback situation, but hard nosed running and stout defense should lead to typical “Buc-ball” wins of an ugly nature. 11-5

New Orleans Saints–Last year was a feel good story, with Gleason and Deloach contributing to the greatest blocked punt in NFL history. Yes, they were one win from a Superbowl, but they only went 10-6 in getting the # 2 seed. They play in a tough division, so let’s see if the momentum can continue. 11-5

Atlanta Falcons–They are done. No Vick, no franchise. Period. 5-11

NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks–Playing in a terrible division alone should be enough. If Matt Hasselbeck gets hurt, Seneca Wallace is a very able backup. Shaun Alexander is the key, and anyone running behind Walter Jones should be ok. 10-6

San Francisco 49ers–They are overrated. Alex Smith is unproven, and Frank Gore is not that overwhelmingly special. A weak division helps. 8-8

St. Louis Rams–I still maintain that all being equal, Kurt Warner is better than Mark Bulger. Bruce and Holt are aging, and their defense looked awful in preseason. 7-9

Arizona Cardinals–125 years of futility will not change this year. Matt Leinart may turn out to be good, but Edge has lost his edge. Maybe the Cardinals dragged him down, or maybe his former team knew what they were doing when they let him go. 5-11

AFC East–New England Patriots–It is almost unfair, but the team that was cruising towards a 4th ring before being shocked will have a chip on their shoulder, which is not normal for perennial champions. Randy Moss is the last piece of the puzzle. 14-2

New York Jets–If the Jets contribute to one of two losses for the Pats, Belichick will use it as fuel in the playoffs if they meet again. Mangini is hard nosed, and his team will reflect it. A healthy Pennington, always a question mark, means a very healthy record. 11-5

Buffalo Bills–This is a make or break year for J.P. Losman. I do not see much on the horizon. 7-9

Miami Dolphins–New everything, many question marks, we shall see. 7-9

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens–A defense that is as nasty as ever. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are healthy, and run stuffer Ngata is a giant wedge of beef. This team won a Superbowl with half a team, and Steve McNair is the last piece of the puzzle. He is a warrior. 12-4

Cincinnati Bengals–If Marvin Lewis can keep his guys out of jail, they should be ok. 2 years ago one would have said a playoff year was an aberration, but the dynamic has changed, and last year was an aberration of what should be a winner. 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers: A new coach is always a wild card, but Big Ben will have a chip on his shoulder from last year. 9-7

Cleveland Browns–Romeo Crennel is a good man, and he should get 2 years to develop Brady Quinn, but that might not happen. They are a year away, and that might be too much time to wait. 5-11

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts–Losing their left tackle could be a problem, but from Bill polian to Tony Dungy to Peyton Manning, this team is first class all the way. They got the New England monkey off their back, but this will be a tougher year for them. 12-4

Jacksonville Jaguars–Jack Del Rio has a defense, but will Garrard get it done? They should be in the hunt. 10-6

Tennessee Titans–Jeff Fisher is the best coach in the league right now. Vince Young is no fluke. They should contend, despite the Pacman distraction. 10-6

Houston Texans–They are still an expansion team until they prove otherwise. Matt Schaub can play, but what is he working with? 4-12

AFC West:

San Diego Chargers–Even Norv Turner cannot destroy a 14-2 team in one year, but within 2 years they will be 8-8. San Diego is done. They have the players, but so did previous Turner teams. They are a quick playoff exit. 11-5

Denver Broncos–It all rests on the cannon arm of Jay Cutler. Mike Shanahan teams will provide the offensive line and good running game. 10-6

Kansas City Chiefs–This team is seen as horrible after losing Trent Green, but Herm Edwards is a motivator. 8-8

Oakland Raiders–If Jamarcus Russell gets to camp, it helps from a learning perspective. Dante Culpepper is still very good, and the team has talent. If they lose to the Lions in week 1 and the Browns in week 3, both at home, 0-16 is a possibility. The defense is solid, but the offense is not there yet. 3-13

NFC Title Game–Carolina Panthers defeat Philadelphia Eagles

AFC Title Game–New England Patriots defeat Baltimore Ravens (Yes, I know, I left out the Colts, they could make it back here, but either the Patriots or Ravens could beat them up physically).

Super Bowl–I will go to my grave knowing Tom Brady fumbled that ball against the Raiders in 2001. He also did not deserve the MVP in either of his first two Super Bowl wins, although he might have earned it the third time, when he did not win it. Nevertheless, Randy Moss will fit in just as Corey Dillon, Rodney Harrison, and every other misfit somehow fit in. Bill Belichick is the chess master, having escaped the legend of Bill Parcells. New England Patriots 34, Carolina Panthers 27.

Then after the pro Bowl, where hopefully 3 Raider defenders and punter Shane Lechler will play, the countdown to the 2008 Draft will begin with Roger Goodell saying, “The Oakland Raiders are on the clock.”

Are you ready for some football? Let’s get it on!


6 Responses to “2007 NFL Predictions”

  1. jackman says:

    Come on Eric. The Vikes will dominate the NFC North. Brad Johnson is playing for the hapless Cowboys!

  2. Jersey McJones says:

    The Vikes???

    Oh, the Pats. The evil, evil Pats. Can anyone stop them this year? I don’t know. This year it’s time for Mangini to prove his nickname “Mangenius.” The 3-4 defense concerns me. The O-Line without Kendall concerns me. We shall see. I’m about to start playing my Madden ’08 season this weekend. Madden seems to be a great predictor of things to come.


  3. Stormwarning says:

    Well, Eric, I first have to think that you’ve underrated my NY Giants (this has to be the year that Eli shows his pedigree). Pegging both the Giants and Cowboys as 500 teams I think may be a hopeful miscalculation. At the same time, I suspect that you’ve overestimated the “Igles.” I’ll go “on the record” FWIW, and say that the NFC Championship will be NYG vs the Saints (Reggie Bush goes big this year)

    As for the AFC, I just can’t get too excited, but I think you’ve got a good shot at being right on the Divisions, except you might have underestimated the Jets, despite Pennington. But I also think that the Colts have a chanc eto come back, especially since the Pats are another year older.

  4. Craig says:

    Did you even look at the schedules?? Do these records even add up?? Or did you just say the 49ers are a .500 team, so they’re gonna go 8-8. With all that the Colts loss they’re going to be 14-2?? They couldn’t do that with Tarik Glenn, but with a rookie, and a harder division, no problem.?.Whaaat?? You say all this good stuff about the Raiders and put them at 3-13, but you have nothing about the Falcons but “they’re done,” yet you have them at 5-11. Cowboys 8-8.? Again you said good stuff, but no excuse outside of Wade Phillips for labeling probably the only team with the least amount of question-marks .500. Patriots and Panthers, bet that took a lot of hard thinking..
    To steal a portion of a great quote, Every reader is more stupid for have’n read your predictions. “I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.” Just a little joke, just like this list.

  5. Smokin Joe says:

    You predict the Patriots winning it all?

    You are awesome.

    Maybe all Conservative Republicans aren’t all bad hehe.

    Joe – I love your rundown, very well said and a lot more informative than the usual crap I see spewed by biased fanboys about each team.

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