NFL Draft 2008

Before getting to the best that life as we know it has to offer, here are some critical events I learned about while watching the news last night.

In ice cream news, one ice cream man has been driving his truck for 60 years, and has never hit or injured a child. Another female ice cream woman is his daughter, and she is continuing the family legacy. She also bring presents for the local children on Christmas.

The Suny Purchase Panthers defeated the St. Josephs Bears 18-3 in college baseball.

Poetry in the Park this week will feature Walt Whitman poems.

Bette Midler helped locals plant trees for Arbor Day. The Blue Man Group showed up, which reminded me that mixing blue with green brings turquoise.

It is expected to be 62 degrees with some showers in Bedford Stuyvesant, known as Bed Sty Do Or Die. The low is expected to be 53 degrees. Whether or not these April showers will bring May flowers remains to be seen until next week.

Port workers in Red Hook reached an agreement with the Port Authority.

President Bush has authorized a 6 month tariff on socks from Honduras. I now know one product Honduras exports.

Yes folks, the Tygrrrr Express is getting his news this weekend from News 12 Brooklyn. I love my grandmother dearly, but I wish she had invested 20 years ago in cable. Her home actually is more modern than a decade ago. She replaced the rotary phones with touchtone, easing the burden on my dialing finger. She now has a remote control, removing her as the only woman I knew with a television that still had knobs. She does not have Fox News, or even CNN, but I am glad she is around. Due to time constraints, I will not do a recap of the most recent episode of “Deal Or No Deal” today.

I am also jealous that she can wake up from a sound sleep in a recliner chair, make her way to the bathroom, use the bathroom, wash her hands, and make it into bed, in less time than it takes me on some weekend mornings. It is also humbling to know that I can watch her carefully and warn her not to bump into anything, yet I cannot remind myself to do the same thing. I worry she will be careful when I am not in the apartment, but she worries about me leaving the safe apartment into the dangerous world of Manhattan.

Grandma is guarding the home front today as I prepare to go into battle. Yes, the 2008 NFL Draft is upon us, and I am attending for the third straight year. I had planned to only go once, but last year the Raiders had the top pick, and this year they pick fourth. Plus, I plan to get plenty of autographs for my football that I bought at the most recent Superbowl in Phoenix.

The Miami Dolphins picked offensive tackle Jake Long with the first pick, and he is now under contract. Therefore, the St. Louis Rams are now on the clock, followed by the Atlanta Falcons and the Oakland Raiders.

I will not be live blogging the event because I have an anti-cursing policy on my blog, and I turn into a salty mouthed individual when I do not like the decisions made on draft day. I hope the cameras bleep me out in case my attempt at self censorship fails as expected.

I will not be analyzing every pick from top to bottom. Mel Kiper, Chris Berman, and friends will have two days to do that better than I possibly could. My plan is to cover things from the fan’s point of view. I will try and cover how they react to the picks, and how the various people involved with the draft conduct themselves.

Life is meant to be lived, and whatever is going on in the real world will have to wait until this weekend is over. I usually only go to the first day of the draft. After the first few picks, I am focused on other aspects of the draft, given my lack of knowledge about college football.

By the time the draft starts, I will have hopefully memorized my USA Today draft preparer.

Now if only the Oakland Raiders, for the first time since 2002, would spend as much time preparing their NFL season as I do mine.

The opening kickoff is about 4 1/2 months away.

Are you ready for the NFL Draft!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get it on!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “NFL Draft 2008”

  1. I know the Raiders want McFadden. It’s an interesting pick. The Jets would be happy with Dorsey or McFadden. I wish they could get Ryan. That’s who the Jets really need. They have a revamped OL and two good RBs as it is. They will have two good TEs too if they would just stop haggling with Chris Baker (why do the Jets always get cheap with their best players?!?!?!). Unfortunately, the Falcons are more desperate for QBs than the Jets, so they might take Ryan. It’s a shame both the Longs are taken before the JEts get a chance. Chris would be perfect for the Jets 3-4 and Jake would have been a huge depth-builder on the OL. We shall see…


  2. Gayle says:

    May God bless your grandmother and keep her safe, Eric.

    That’s about all I can say because I’m not a football person, but I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  3. Well you got a wonderful Grandmother and Darren McFadden. I bet you’re a happy man today. ;)

    Ciao, JMJ

  4. conhed says:

    Hi, Eric, and Grandmother,

    Just stopped by to say hello, and thanks for the hard work you put into this blog. I enjoy every visit here.

    Please give my Birthday wishes to your grandmother.



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