NFL 2009 Predictions

Every 9/11 I fly. Every 9/12 I try to get back to normal, with little success. Yet in 2001, the game of football helped me heal. Football instills values in people that I deeply believe in. Everything I would want to teach my future sons could be learned from football.

One thing I will teach them is not to make predictions.

With that, here are my 2009 NFL Predictions

I am “often wrong, but never in doubt.”

With that, let the (guessing) games begin.

Below are my 2009 NFL Predictions.


New England Patriots (11-5)—They are the best of their division until they are knocked off. They went 11-5 last year without Tom Brady. The offense should roll, and make up for a defense that lost six people in the offseason.

Miami Dolphins (9-7)—Bill Parcells teams usually take a step back before moving forward. Besides, defenses caught up to the Wildcate in the second half of last season.

New York Jets (9-7)—Yes, people love Rex Ryan and Matt Sanchez, and yes, rookies did fabulous last year in Baltimore, Miami, and Atlanta. The Jets simply do not have the talent on offense to compete with Miami and New England.

Buffalo Bills (5-11)—Dick Jauron somehow still has his job. The team should give up on him soon enough.


Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)—This team goes as far as Ben Roethlisberger takes them. Allegations against him from a woman do not seem to be affecting him the way his motorcycle accident did after his last championship.

Baltimore Ravens (10-6)—They did knock off Tennessee before falling to Pittsburgh, but they do not seem ready to supplant Pittsburgh.

Cleveland Browns (6-10)—Brady Quinn plays in a tough division, and Cleveland does not have what it takes to take on either Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

Cincinnati Bengals (5-11)—How a team with talent and a good coach and continually rot is not the question. The answer is not to expect anything else until the team proves itself. Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson cannot do it without help.


Indianapolis Colts (10-6)—The team has won at least 12 games for six straight seasons, but there may be some growing pains as Jim Caldwell replaces Tony Dungy.

Tennessee Titans (10-6)—Last year was their year. They lost Albert Haynesworth, and despite Jeff Fisher being a phenomenal coach, everything broke right for the team last year. Kerry Collins may not have a season as good as last year, as underrated as he is.

Houston Texans (7-9)—Every year this team looks like it is on the verge, and then does not get there. Time may run out for Gary Kubiak.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)—Jack Del Rio has gotten all he could get out of this team. The running game will not be what it was, and even the defense is not as solid as usual. David Garrard can still play, but he might not have enough weapons.


San Diego Chargers (9-7)—This is a Super Bowl team with Norv Turner at coach. They won this wretched division at 8-8 last year, and 8-8 could win it again. Shawn Merriman has controversy around him, but this team needs Marty Schottenheimer back.

Oakland Raiders (7-9)—The preseason was not very good, but they finished strong in the regular season last year. The players like Cable, and the offense has ridiculous talent at running back. Russell looks improved, but the Raiders still have their biggest question marks at offensive line. Worse for them, their defense seems suspect against the run. The record would be lower but the division itself is awful.

Denver Broncos (6-10)—This team imploded at the end of last season, but that was nothing compared to the offseason. They lost their coach, quarterback, and may lose their wide receiver. The Broncos had stability for a long time. This year the wheels could fall off , and fast.

Kansas City Chiefs (3-13)—They are a bad team, but what could hurt them even more is that Matt Cassel may not be the answer. Unless he really can be an elite quarterback, and was not just lucky to be in New England. KC is done. Losing Tony Gonzalez hurts them from a leadership standpoint.


Dallas Cowboys (13-3)—Jerry Jones spent more money than the national debt to build a metropolis of a stadium. If the Cowboys do not make his investment worth it, this team will be blown up next year. Even without Terrell Owens, this team simply has a ton of firepower. Wade Phillips will be under the gun, but his calm nature will not add extra pressure to Tony Romo. This team needs to go deep in the playoffs or the season is a waste.

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)—Some are picking the Eagles to go to the Super Bowl, but they have a tough division, and they only went 9-7 last year. Yes, Michael Vick will be exciting in the Wildcat, but if a quarterback controversy erupts, it will rip the team apart. Andy Reid benched Donovan McNabb once last year, and he must stick with McNabb for this team to have a chance.

New York Giants (9-7)—The Giants won the Super Bowl as a 10-6 team ripping 13-3 Dallas in the playoffs, and then got blown up by a 9-7 Philadelphia team when New York was 13-3. This team is poised for a step back in a brutal division.

Washington Redskins (7-9)—This is not a bad team, but the division is monstrously good. Jim Zorn will need time to get this team back to elite status. They are not bad, but their division opponents really are that good.


Minnesota Vikings (11-5)—This team is expecting to go to the Super Bowl. They very well could. Yes, Brett Favre is turning 40, but he has an all world running back in Adrian Peterson to hand the ball off to, reducing the strain. Without Favre, this team had potential, but quarterback was the weak link. Favre does not worry about pressure.

Chicago Bears (9-7)—Yes, Jay Cutler is a vast improvement a quarterback. The Bears for so long have had zero help on offense to compliment their solid defense. Yet there will be an adjustment period, and the Bears might be a year away from really being great.

Green Bay Packers (7-9)—Yes, Aaron Rodgers played well last year. The dropoff from 13-3 to 6-10 was not his fault. However, those picking Green Bay to go deep into the playoffs are simply overlooking that the team is not that good. Again, they could be a year away, but they have holes on both sides of the ball.

Detroit Lions (4-12)—With apologies to football sadists, the Lions will not go 0-16 again. Matthew Stafford seems to have a level head. That head will get knocked around this year, but many great quarterbacks including Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning had rough rookie seasons. They will slowly improve…quite slowly.


New Orleans Saints (11-5)—Anybody can win this division, and the carousel changes every year. The offense should explode as Drew Brees again tries to surpass Dan Marino. They have enough offense to outscore teams, even if their defense does not always rise to the occasions.

Atlanta Falcons (8-8)—Many are picking Atlanta to go deep into the playoffs, and adding Tony Gonzalez helps greatly, but this team has all the makings of a sophomore jinx. These teams usually beat each other up and cancel each other out.

Carolina Panthers (8-8)—This team could have gone to the Super Bowl last year, and their home playoff thrashing was a shocker. The entire team had a meltdown, led by 6 Jake Delhomme interceptions. They went 0-4 in preseason, and just don’t seem right. They have all world receiver Steve Smith and defensive standout Julius Peppers, but they just seem off.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)—This team is in rebuilding mode. Firing Jon Gruden may have been a mistake, but losing Monte Kiffin was a major loss. Their quarterback situation is weak, and most of their defensive standouts from their Super Bowl team are gone.


San Francisco 49ers (8-8)—This division is pathetic, and 7-9 could win the division. The 49ers will run the ball, given their below average quarterback situation. We will see if the attitude Mike Singletary brings will fire up the team, or turn the players against him.

Arizona Cardinals (8-8)—Yes, they almost won the Super Bowl last year, but they only went 9-7. Their offense does have amazing players, but the defense is porous. Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald remain amazing, but can the offensive line keep Warner protected again for a whole season? Arizona was one and done.

Seattle Seahawks (6-10)—Many are picking this team to reclaim the division they owned for several years until injuries hurt them. Hasselbeck is getting older, the running game is not spectacular, and even all world left tackle Walter Jones is not what he was, although still very good. Mike “Walrus” Holmgren has retired, and Jim Mora Jr. needs a couple years to get this team back on top. Anything can happen in this dreadful division.

St. Louis Rams (4-12)—Can Mark Bulger still play? It does matter, since the offensive line will not prevent him from taking a beating this year.



1)    Steelers
2)    Patriots
3)    Colts
4)    Chargers
5)    Titans
6)    Ravens

Steelers want to avoid Titans who want to avoid Ravens who want to avoid Colts who want to avoid Patriots or Chargers.  Chargers should refuse to attend playoffs against anyone but Colts.

WILD CARDS: Colts over Ravens, Titans over Chargers

DIVISIONALS: Titans over Steelers, Patriots over Colts
TITLE GAME: Titans over Patriots


1)    Cowboys
2)    Vikings
3)    Saints
4)    49ers
5)    Eagles
6)    Giants or Bears

Cowboys want to avoid Giants who want to avoid Eagles who want to avoid Saints. Vikings want to avoid Bears. 49ers should refuse to attend playoffs.

WILD CARDS: Saints over Giants/Bears, Eagles over 49ers

DIVISIONALS: Cowboys over Eagles, Vikings over Saints

TITLE GAME: Cowboys over Vikings

SUPER BOWL: Titans over Cowboys

Jeff Fisher finally gets his ring. Kerry Collins finally gets his ring. Vince Young plays well in the Wildcat. Tony Romo plays well, but the 46 Defense wins again, as Buddy Ryan proudly looks on.

PRO BOWL: Shane Lechler represents the Raiders.

NFL DRAFT: The Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock, followed by the Rams, since the Lions will lose a coin flip.


LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!!!


Update: Week 1 Predictions:

Titans at Steelers–Line: Steelers by 6 (Steelers win, fail to cover)

Bears at Packers–Line: Packers by 3½  (Upset special, Bears win outright)

Dolphins at Falcons–Line: Falcons by 4 (Upset special, Dolphins win outright)

Jets at Texans–Line: Texans by 4½  (Upset special, Jets win outright)

Lions at Saints–Line: Saints by 13 (Saints cover)

Broncos at Bengals–Line: Bengals by 4½  (Bengals win, fail to cover)

Chiefs at Ravens–Line: Ravens by 12½ (Ravens win, fail to cover)

Cowboys at Buccaneers–Line: Cowboys by 5½ (Cowboys cover)

Vikings at Browns–Line: Vikings by 3½ (Vikings cover)

Eagles at Panthers–Line: Eagles by 2½ (Eagles cover)

Jaguars at Colts–Line: Colts by 7 (Colts win, fail to cover)

Rams at Seahawks–Line: Seahawks by 7½ (Seahawks win, fail to cover)

Redskins at Giants–Line: Giants by 6½ (Giants win, fail to cover)

49ers at Cardinals–Line: Cardinals by 6½ (Cardinals win, fail to cover)

Bills at Patriots–Line: Patriots by 11 (Patriots cover)

Chargers at Raiders–Line: Chargers by 9 1/2 (Chargers win, fail to cover)


2 Responses to “NFL 2009 Predictions”

  1. Well, after a lot of soul searching and counsel, those closest to me have me convinced that I can continue to enjoy the NFL even though that lousy piece of $#@! whose name I shall not ever so much as confer again is playing the game. I will boycott ALL Eagles games and I will protest when they play near me.

    Anyways… Oosh… It’s good to enjoy the NFL again!

    Okay, my take on Eric’s picks:

    As for the AFC East

    “Pats… (11-5)”

    Sounds about right. Maybe more like 12-4 or 13-3. On the other hand, I think they’ll do even better than that. On the other other hand, their defense lacks a clear leader at the moment, but the Hoody IS the leader on that team, so I think it doesn’t matter. A new on-field leader will emerge. On offense, if Brady is back to his usual self, they’ll be fine. His offense hasn’t changed all that much, so it’s really up to him.

    As for Miami and NYJ. I come from the school of thought that says Miami is in trouble this year and the Jets can take advantage of it. I wouldn’t dream of picking my Jets for better than 9-7 but then I think Miami will be lucky to get 8-8 and the Bills should be about the same. So I disagree about all three of your picks there.

    The rest of the league I’m going to sum up quick. Suffice to say, I hear SD looks good (and have an easy division); the Colts may be great or mediocre (we shall see); the Steelers have a few big problems (offensive line, Palamalu injury – maybe this guy just can’t keep up his ridiculous pace anymore); the Giants have all the pieces in place as long as everyone stays healthy (bla bla bla); any one or two of the Cards/Titans/Vikes could make the playoffs (but only maybe one of the geezers they have at their helms could survive past the first round – at best); Houston is said to be the sleeper (maybe); Dallas looks poised to be a late season disappointment (as is usual lately); I won’t even get into the Raida’s (out of respect for our good host); The lions are screwed as usual; The Packers look good – I like them to win that division, but look out for Chicago in case Cutler is as good as he thinks he is…; Seattle??? ( I’m thinking they’ll be like Dallas (AGAIN!?!?!)); ….

    I’d buy the Pats, Giants, Colts, Ravens, Saints, Chargers, Chicago (my sleeper). It’s up to the AFC this year. As for the team that shall not be mentioned, I think (I hope) someone will hit someone hard enough to make me appreciate that team again.


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