NFL 2009–Week 7 Recap

After 10 cities in 10 days, the Tygrrrr Express is home and watching football.

To make things even sweeter, the football team I play on, Kiss Da Baby, (formerly Slamathon) won yesterday 38-28. I had one reception that was nullified by a defensive penalty. Hey, I made the catch, but the penalty yardage was greater. I also contributed on an interception return by getting called for an illegal block, which is hard to do in touch football. Luckily it was post possession and we kept the ball.

Now on to the other gridiron heroes with the Week 7 NFL Recap. The disparity in the league this year continued, with 5 of the 6 early games being blowouts by halftime. In a very troubling development, 10 of the 11 games played during the day were won and lost by 10 points or more. The only game close in score began as a 21-0 blowout before the other team rallied. One game had a team down by 21 win by 12. Yet overall, this day was simply football that was not competitive. 6 games were blowouts of 28 points or more. This had better be an aberration and not a trend, because what makes football work is competitive balance. It did not exist today.

Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns–This game mattered in the 1950s and 1960s. Today an overrated Green Bay team faced a dreadful Cleveland bunch. Romeo Crennel no longer coaches the Browns, but is doing very well in recent beer commercials. Brady Quinn has mastered the art of holding the clipboard. In the first quarter, Derek Anderson led an 11 play, 65 yard drive that took 6 1/2 minutes. Like the entire Cleveland franchise, and perhaps the city itself, the drive bogged down at the 5 yard line. Billy Cundiff connected from 22 yards out to up the Browns up 3-0. Sadly for the Browns and much of America, the rest of the game was played.

In the second quarter, Aaron Rogers hit Havner for a 45 yard touchdown pass to put the Packers up 7-3. For an encore, Rodgers hit Donald Driver for a 71 yard touchdown to make it 14-3 Packers. After a Cleveland turnover, which is not a delicious pastry, the Packers moved 15 yards, with Ryan Grant moving the final yard to put the Packers up 21-3 at the break.

In the third quarter, the Packers added a field goal most likely because they could, as the Browns enjoyed the moral victory of not giving up another touchdown. The Packers led 24-3, proving that even an organization with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy can overcome a 3-0 deficit against a bad team. Rodgers hit Jones in the fourth quarter from 5 yards out, although nobody outside of Wisconsin cared. 31-3 Packers

San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans–A pair of overrated teams coming into the season faced off. Mike Singletary must have been scowling early on as Steve Slaton powered the offense of the Texans. In the first quarter Slaton ran it in from one yard out, and in the second quarter a 9 yard touchdown reception by Slaton from Matt Schaub had the Texans up 14-0. When Schaub hit Owen Daniels for a 42 yard touchdown pass to make it 21-0, Singletary tried screaming at the Texans offense to stop scoring. Like his own 49ers players, the Texans tuned him out.

Shawn Hill was benched at halftime, and former # 1 pick Alex Smith came in. Smith showed no rust, throwing a 29 yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to get the 49ers to within 21-7. Smith came back again, and hit Davis with a 14 yard score to pull the 49ers to within 21-14 in the fourth quarter. A 10 play, 5 1/2 minute drive led to a field goal and some breathing room for the Texans at 24-14. It barely lasted as Smith continued an aerial assault. His 3rd touchdown pas of the day to Davis went for 23 yards and had the 49ers within a field goal with 3 1/2 minutes left.

With 1:54 remaining in the game, the Texans had 3rd and 8 at the 49ers 37, and the 49ers had one timeout left. A well designed naked rollout was even better defended, and a long gain to ice the game was instead an incomplete pass. Gary Kubiak decided against a 55 yard field goal, and punted. The 49ers took over at their own 7 with 1:38 left. A valiant effort fell short, but the 49ers now have a quarterback controversy. 24-21 Texans

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs–The Chiefs are bad, but they got their first win last week against an even more awful team. The Chargers have talented and underachieving players led by Norvelous Norv Turner. Yet even Turner figured out that letting Philip Rivers throw against the Chiefs was easy. Rivers led a 10 play, 80 yard drive that took 5 minutes. A 3 yard toss to Malcolm Floyd made it 7-0. The Chargers repeated on their second possession, and Rivers hit Vincent Shiancoe for the 10 yard touchdown to make it 14-0. For some reason the final 3 quarters were played.

Rivers led a 10 play, 82 yard drive that took 5 1/2 minutes. It bogged down at the 3 yard line, but a 20 yard Nate Kaeding field goal had the Chargers up 17-0. The Chiefs celebrated the non-touchdown. With one minute left in the half, Cassel threw a perfect pass between a pair of defenders that would have been a touchdown had it not been dropped. On 4th and 3, rather than go for it given an earlier failed 4th and 1 quarterback sneak, Todd Haley went conservative with a bad team and decided on just putting points on the board. The field goal was missed. That gave the Chargers just enough time for Kaeding to attempt a field goal. His was good, and the Chargers led 20-0 at intermission.

In the third quarter, Cassel moved the Chiefs 65 yards in 5 minutes over 10 plays, hitting Dwayne Bowe for a 7 yard score to make it 20-7. The rains then came down, making the game as unwatchable from a weather perspective as it already was from a football standpoint. Rivers added an exclamation point with a 58 yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles to have the Chargers cruising at 27-7. Matt Cassel had a pass intercepted and returned inside the Kansas City 5 yard line. On 4th and goal from the one, Ladanian Tomlinson was short, and the Chiefs had a goal line stand.

In the fourth quarter, to thank the defense, Cassel threw another interception that was again returned to the 5 yard line. Out of sympathy for the Chiefs, an illegal block on the return had the ball moved back. Hey, I can relate, it got called on me as well in my game. A field goal extended the Chargers lead to 30-7. Special teams continued the blowout as Jacob Hester blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown to make it final. I take back everything I said. Norvelous Norv Turner is a genius. The trick is for his teams to play teams even more terrible. 37-7 Chargers

Indianapolis Colts @ St. Louis Rams–In a common theme this year, very good teams are blowing out very bad teams, with less upsets. Not even Rush Limbaugh could save the Rams, who almost go their first win against a mediocre team last week. At least they went to overtime. This week Peyton Manning ended any suspense when the Colts got the ball. He began by leading a 12 play, 90 yard drive that consumed 6 minutes. A pair of touchdowns, a 6 yarder to Reggie Wayne to finish this drive and a 27 yarder to Dallas Clark, had the Colts up 14-3 early on, with the only suspense being that the Rams kicked a field goal.

To keep Manning’s arm healthy for the playoffs in 10 weeks, Jim Caldwell decided to have him hand the ball off. Joseph Addai ran it in from 6 yards out to put the Colts up 21-3. Sadly for the Rams, the 3 knockdown rule was not in effect.

In the third quarter the Rams kicked another field goal to prove that they had actually exited the locker rooms. They should have stayed there, as Marc Bulger threw a 35 yard touchdown pass to Jacob Lacey, who plays defense for the Colts. The interception had the Colts up 28-6.

In the fourth quarter Manning led a 93 yard, 11 play, 7 minute drive that ended when Manning hit Collie for 8 yards. A 31 yard touchdown run by Simpson sent the Rams to their 17th straight loss dating back to last year. Last year’s Detroit team is watching closely.

Maybe Peyton Manning is not a good football player or Jim Caldwell is a taskmaster, but benching Manning for Jim Sorgi seems cruel. Then again, if Manning keeps doing a day’s work in half the time against dreadful teams, Sorgi will have to give up his clipboard in favor of a mop more often. 42-6 Colts

New England Patriots @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers–Grumpy New England visited Jolly Old England. This game was played in Wembley Stadium in London, England. In 1776, the Colonies were heavy underdogs to the British Empire. Ironically in this game the Patriots were the British in terms of expected power. Could the Buccaneers pull the upset like our Founding Fathers and provide an entertaining game. No, not at all. The Brits now understand the meaning of “no refunds.”

Last week the Patriots won 59-0 against a winless team. This week they are going for 100-0 against the team that used to and may again be referred to as the Yucks. As expected, Tom Brady fired at will. Josh Johnson actually threw the first touchdown pass, but it was to Brandon Meriweather, who plays defense for New England. The 39 yard return had the Patriots up 7-0. Brady decided to also throw a touchdown to a New England player, and a 12 yarder to Wes Welker had the Patriots up 14-0 after the opening quarter.

Brady then fired a short pass to Sam Aiken, who broke several missed things described as tackles to race 54 yards for a touchdown to put the Patriots up 21-0. Then Josh Johnson completed a 33 yard touchdown pass. Shockingly enough, the receiver plays on the same team as he does. After outscoring opponents 80-0 over 2 games, the Patriots had given up 7 points. Bill Bellcihick threatened to leave all of his players in London. Luckily for the Buccaneers, the 59 points from last week do not count, so they only trailed 21-7. The British pretended to be impressed.

The Patriots were unimpressed as well. In the third quarter Brady led a 10 play, 73 yard drive that took 6 minutes. Brady hit Watson for a 35 yard touchdown to put the Patriots up 28-7. Brady finished 23 of 32 while Johnsonw as a wretched 9 of 26 with 3 interceptions. Lawrence Maroney capped off the lack of excitement with a one yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. In England they wondered why Jon Gruden was in the Monday Night Football booth. We in America wonder the same as the Buccaneers remain winless, perhaps a tribute to when they wore orange creamsicle pants. 35-7 Patriots

Minnesota Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers–Yes, the Vikings are underdogs at 6-0, but the defending champion Steelers expected to put more pressure on Brett Favre than other opponents. Favre was hit early and often early on, and while this did not have the suspense of the Super Bowl these teams played in during the 1970s, it was just as low scoring as the Steelers led 3-0 in the first quarter. (Actually to be technical the Super Bowl had less, as Pittsburgh led 2-0. Let it go.) The Steelers moved only 18 yards in 8 plays, the closest thing to a drive.

In the second quarter, Favre led an actual drive, going 13 plays and 76 yards in 5 1/2 minutes. Adrian Peterson ran it in from 2 yards out to put the Vikings up 7-3. Big Ben Roethlisberger had a tough first half as well, but a 91 yard drive was finished with a 40 yard touchdown pass to Wallace had the Steelers up 10-7 with seconds left in the half.

The defenses hunkered down in the third quarter. Pittsburgh added a field goal, and Minnesota responded in kind as the Steelers led 13-10. One minute into the fourth quarter the Steelers missed a chance to create some breathing room when Rashard Mendenhall fumbled at the 3 yard line.

With 6 1/2 minutes remaining and the Vikings on the move, a pair of big plays lit up the game. First, a fumble was returned 77 yards by Woodley appeared to put the game on ice at 20-10. The lead lasted 20 seconds, as Percy Harvin returned the ensuing kickoff 88 yards for a score to get the Vikings right back to within a field goal at 20-17.

With just over one minute remaining, Favre found Adrian Peterson for a 29 yard gain, involving Peterson leveling and running over a defender as Jim Brown would. From the Pittsburgh 15, the Vikings were well in position to tie or win. Yet a short Favre pass bounced off the receiver’s hands, and was returned 82 yards for a touchdown by Fox in another stunning turn of events. The Vikings lost their first game to fall to 6-1, and the defending champions played like it. Two defensive touchdowns in the fourth quarter overcame the fact that the Vikings had the ball for 37 minutes. A rematch of this game would be well worth watching. Both of these teams remain very good. 27-17 Steelers

Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers–Sometimes a pair of bad teams can produce a good game. More often than not, they don’t. Jake Delhomme threw an interception that was returned to the Carolina 7 yard line. Marshawn Lynch did the rest on the gorund to put the Bills up 7-0.

The first half stats were ridiculous. The Panthers led in yards 238-39. Yes, Buffalo had 39 total yards. The Panthers had the ball for 22 1/2 minutes to only 7 1/2minutes for Buffalo. Buffalo had only 2 first downs compared to 13 for Carolina. This is Dick Jauron football. Yet Buffalo led at the break. The only Carolina score came on defense against inept Buffalo offense in the form of a safety. A missed Carolina field goal ended the half with the Bills somehow leading 7-2.

After a scoreless third quarter, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a 2 yard touchdown pass to Lee Evans. The Bills added a field goal in a second half that was as ugly as the first half for everyone outside for Western New York and nearby Canada. With 6 1/2 minutes left Delhomme finally got the Panthers in the end zone, leading a 78 yard drive Deangelo Williams capped off on the ground for a 15 yard touchdown. The Panthers were within 8 points. Yet Buffalo managed one more field goal to end this game.

The Panthers outgained the Bills 425 to 167, and Delhomme outpassed Patrick 325 to 123. Yet 4 Panthers turnovers, including 3 interceptions of Delhomme, doomed Carolina. Also, Dick Jauron is a mastermind. He somehow gets to coach again next week. The Panthers led 20-9 in 1st downs, but the score was the reverse. 20-9 Bills

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders–For more on the game of the day, go to

JaMarcus Russell wears jersey # 2 because that is how he has been playing. On the very first play from scrimmage from the Oakland 10, Russell was sacked and fumbled. 11 seconds into the game, and Russell was already awful. The Jets began with 1st and goal at the Oakland 4. On 4th and goal at the 1, Thomas Jones ran it in. A valiant, almost goal line stand meant nothing, but this was on the offense. On the next drive Russell was intercepted by Jim Leonard. It was a perfect pass right to Leonard, who raced 45 yards as the Jets began their second drive at the Oakland 5. Mark Sanchez, a rookie who actually can play football, scored on the quarterback draw to make it 14-0 only minutes into the game.

I have been defending Russell for some time. No more. I don’t know if he is lazy, or too dumb to play the game, but he simply has not made an ounce of progress. He has no pocket presence. As of this moment, I am officially declaring him a complete bust until and unless he proves otherwise.

Last year the Jets began 8-3, but one of those losses was to the Raiders. In overtime, Tom Cable made is first gutsy decision by ending things with a 57 yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski. Seabass drilled it, and the Raiders won 16-13. The Raiders are coming off a tough win against a good team, and had a chance to win back to back games against a Jets team that started 3-0 but has lost 3 straight. That dream died quickly.

Russell began handing the ball off after his two turnovers, an Justin Fargas, filling in for an injured Darren McFadden, was brilliant early on. With the Raiders at midfield, Russell for some reasonw as allowed to throw it again. He went deep to the end zone, and was intercepted by Darrel Revis for Russell’s 3rd turnover.

The Jets started at their own 20 instead of the Oakland 5. On 4th down, Rex Ryan called a fake punt. It worked, as punter Weatherford picked up 20 yards. When a team fakes a punt at their own 20, it tells the other team that they have zero respect for them. Why should anybody respect the Raiders? Exactly. The Raiders did get the ball back, and a 35 yard run by Fargas was followed by Russell passes that were lucky to fall incomplete. I can’t keep bragging about punter Shane Lechler. It makes me ill.

On 3rd and 10, a stop by the Oakland defense was negated by defensive holding on Stanford Routt. Routt is the JaMarcus Russell of the defense, meaning he is a terrible football player and the weak link. Tom Cable tried to challenge the call, which cannot be done. A 30 yard run by Shawn Green followed, again putting the Jets at the Oakland 7 yard line. Green put it in on the next play to have the Jets up 21-0 and complete the 10 play, 93 yard, 5 1/2 minute drive.

Tom Cable had finally had enough. Bruce Gradkowski came in the game and Russell was benched. Cable showed confidence in Gradkowski by having him throw deep early. A well thrown ball was well defended incomplete. Another ball not well thrown was almost intercepted. On 3rd and 10 Gradkowski hit Zach Miller for 7 yards and Lechler punted. The Jets added a field goal as the half expired to lead 24-0.

Gradkowski started the second half, and led a promising drive. However, eventually he was hit, fumbled, and the Jets had the ball midway though the third quarter. Sanchez responded by throwing a touchdown pass to Clowny to put the Jets up 31-0. The fourth quarter saw Greene run it in from 33 yards out to make it 38-0.

Two weeks ago the Raiders lost 44-7 as the other New York team compared playing against the Raiders as practicing a scrimmage. Last week the Raiders showed heart in a 13-9 win. Yet just as quickly, the team collapsed again. More humiliation came for the Raiders when Sanchez was caught on the sidelines eating a hot dog. The Raiders managed to reach the New York 3 yard line late before failing to score. The final ignominy came when the game ended. The Jets, who had back to back 300 yard rushing games, had a couple of players, with help from Rex Ryan, give a Gatorade bath to Bill Callahan. Callahan took the Raiders to the Superbowl in 2002. He was fired when the team collapsed in 2003. Now he coaches the offensive line for the Jets.  38-0 Raiders

Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals–This is the game of felons, as Cedric Benson and Tank Johnson visit their old team, who kept their other criminals. The Bears are hurting on defense, and the Bengals are much improved despite the surprise loss at home last week. Carson Palmer put on a clinic early on, completing 14 of his first 16 passes for 4 touchdowns. He hit Chris Henry for 9 yards and Chad Johnson for 8 in the first quarter, and Foschi for a 3 yard score and Laverneous Coles for an 8 yarder in the second quarter as the Bengals led 28-0. The field goal kicker was getting lonely, so the Bengals failed to score a touchdown on their next possession.The kick had Cincinnati up 31-0. With 1:10 left in the half, the Bengals fell asleep, allowing the Bears to kick a field goal as the half expired for a 31-3 game.

Like many games today, the second half was pointless. A Jay Cutler interception led to a 13 yard touchdown from Palmer to Johnson to make it 38-3. It was not instant replay when Cutler was intercepted again. Benson scored from one yard out on the opening play of the fourth quarter to make it 45-3. Marvin Lewis saw his team respond after the loss last week to improve to 5-2, while Lovie Smith has many questions in need of answers. 45-10 Bengals

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys–Both of these teams have plenty of talent, but only Atlanta is playing like it. Matt Ryan began the game with a 16 play, 8 1/2 minute drive that ended with Ryan hitting Roddy White for a 4 yard touchdown pass to make it 7-0. Nick Folk kicked a 38 yard field goal in the second quarter to make it 7-3. The Cowboys have big play explosiveness, which is why Jerry Jones wants to fire everybody for wasting his 1/2 billion dollar investment. Yet Jerry got his money’s worth when Tony Romo threw a 59 yard touchdown pass to Miles Austin to put the Cowboys up 10-7. With seconds left in the half, Romo evaded several tacklers, somehow stayed upright, and fired a 7 yard touchdown pass to put the Cowboys up 17-7 at the break.

Matt Ryan led led the Falcons 87 yards in 12 plays over 6 1/2 minutes in the third quarter to get the Falcons to within 17-14. Yet Dallas broke it open after that. Romo brought the Cowboys right back 80 yards, with a 22 yard touchdown to Austin to make it 24-14 Cowboys.

In the fourth quarter the Cowboys got the ball back and drove 12 plays in 5 1/2 yards with a field goal making it 27-14. The Falcons punted again, and Patrick Crayton added the dagger by returning it 73 yards for a touchdown to break the game open at 34-14. Matt Ryan did throw a 30 yard touchdown pass to Weems, but it was too little, too late. Dallas added one more field goal to close out the scoring and keep everybody in Dallas employed for one more week. 37-21 Cowboys

New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins–Although Bill Parcells is in the President’s box, this game was a Tuna Bowl as his proteges Sean Payton and Tony Sparano went at it. Payton and his undefeated Saints defeated the previously unbeaten Giants last week, angering another Parcells protege Tom Coughlin. Bill Bellichick was unavailable for comment.

The Saints were uncharacteristically bumbling in the first half. Brees was intercepted, allowing the Dolphins to start at the Saints 4. A Wildcat snap had Ricky Williams running it in to make it 7-0. It was the first time all year the Saints had trailed. The Saints returned the kickoff nearly all the way when a diving lunge barely clipped an ankle. Starting from the Miami 15, the Saints lost 7 yards and kicked a field goal to trail 7-3. Ricky Williams then ran for a 68 yard touchdown as the stunned Saints fell behind 14-3.

The Dolphins then mounted a 12 play drive that ate up 7 1/2 minutes. A field goal made it 17-3. Another Saints turnover had the Dolphins at the Saints 19. Ronnie Brown took it the final 8 yards to have the Dolphins in a rout 24-3. The Saints missed a field goal in a game where everything was going wrong during a season where everything had previously gone right. Yet with only seconds left in the half, Drew Brees found Marques Colston at the goal line, allowing Brees to sneak over on the last play of the half to get the Saints to within 24-10.

The third quarter had the Saints mounting a furious rally. It started on defense, with Darren Sharper returning a Chad Penne pass 42 yards for a touchdown to get the Saints to within 24-17. Later in the period Drew Brees was intercepted for the third time, as Miami took over at the Saints 16. They went nowhere, and kicked a field goal to lead 27-17. Yet brees came right back, leading the Saints 82 yards in almost 5 minutes. Brees hit Colston for a 10 yard touchdown as the Saints, down 24-3, were now only down 27-24. Yet a 67 yard pass play involving Brian Hartlyle set up Rick Williams. On the last play of the quarter, Williams ran it in from 4 yards out as the Dolphins led 34-24 entering the final quarter.

The Saints needed only 3 plays to respond. A 66 yard catch and run from Brees to Jeremy Shockey set up Reggie Bush from 10 yards out on a double reverse for a diving touchdown past the pileon to get the Saints to within 34-31. The Saints got the ballback, and Jeremy Shockey became a one man wrecking crew at receiver, running over people. Drew Brees ran a sneak in from 2 yards out to put the Saints up with 8 1/2 minutes left. Yet a bad hold caused John Carney to miss the extra point, so the Saints led 37-34 rather than by 4 points.

The Saints got the ball back, and a key play in the game occurred with 3 1/2 minutes left. The Saints faced 3rd and goal at the Miami 3 with a chance to put the game away. Brees went to Colston, but perfect defense led to an incomplete pass. Carney hit the field goal to put the Saints up by 6 points as the earlier missed extra point loomed very large.

One week earlier Henne led a late game comeback, and he was asked to do it twice in successive weeks. Asked is not the right term. It’s his job. On 4th and 13 from the Miami 41, with 2:06 left, Henne was intercepted by Tracy Porter, who raced 53 yards for the clinching touchdown. The 2 point conversion failed, but it was academic. After falling behind 24-3, the Saints outscored the Dolphins 43-10, including 22-0 in the fourth quarter. Yes, they are 6-0, and they are that good. 46-34 Saints

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants was the Sunday Night game. Some New Yorkers were conflicted as the Giants hosted a home game at the same time that the Yankees hosted the Angels in the baseball playoffs. For people like me, baseball is boring, and that is why multiple tv sets can have multiple sports on for when friends drop by. The baseball game had no sound. I live in a football household, and that meant the Greatest Show in the Desert traveling to face Big Blue. Yet on a day of mismatches, this looked like a home team coronation. The Giants, angry coming off a loss, with their tough defense, would manhandle the Cardinals offense. After all, the Cardinals are a finesse team. Not today.

After a scoreless first quarter, a Kurt Warner interception set up the Giants at the Arizona 29. Brandon Jacobs ran 25 yards down to the 4, and then ran the final 4 yards for the touchdown to put the Giants up 7-0. A field position game benefited the Cardinals when they took over after a punt at the New York 46. Wells ran it in from 13 yards out to tie the game 7-7. The Giants bounced right back, with plenty of luck. Eli Manning went deep. The ball was batted by Rogers-Cromartie, and the tip drill had it going into the arms of Nicks, who raced for the 62 yard touchdown and a 14-7 Giants lead. Warner came right back, hitting Anquon Boldin for 44 yards to set up a field goal just before the half as the Giants led 14-10.

In the second half, after a Giants punt, the Cardinals took over at their own 45. With a short field, Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald for passes of 26 and 27 yards. Tim Hightower ran it in from one yard out to put the Cardinals up 17-14. An Eli Manning interception had the Cardinals at the Giants 20. Warner hit Wright for 6 yards as the Cardinals built a 24-14 lead after three quarters.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Giants faced a 4th and 1 at the Arizona 2. Tom Coughlin decided not to gamble. The Giants needed two scores, and the field goal got the Giants to within a one score game. The Giants got the ball back, and with 4 minutes left, a promising drive was fumbled away at the Arizona 44. The Giants got the ball back again, and with 1:15 left, the Giants were on the Arizona 39. Yet Manning was then intercepted by Antrel Rolle, Manning’s 3rd pick of the day. Powered by defense, the Cardinals out-muscled and out-physicaled the Giants. 24-17 Cardinals

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins was the Monday Night game. Once again, a good team traveled to face a bad team, with no surprises. Yes, the Redskins had a new play caller in Sherm Lewis, but they still had the same players. Less than 2 minutes into the game, Deshean Jackson had a 67 yard touchdown run and the Eagles led 7-0. Jason Campbell threw a 9 yard touchdown pass to William Witherspoon, who plays defense for the Eagles. So while technically the Redskins showed up on the field, the Eagles quickly led 14-0. The rest of the game was played because league rules require it.

In the second quarter David Akers added a 47 yard field goal to make it 17-0. Jason Campbell did lead a drive that ended in a 2 yard run by Thomas to cut the gap to 17-7, but that was as close as this mismatch was. Akers added a 44 yard field goal to make it 20-7. Then Donovan McNabb, who could have treated this game like preseason, threw a 57 yard touchdown pass to Deshean Jackson to make it 27-7. On the last play of the half, the Redskins kicked a field goal, but for some reason the crowd did not light up with cheers as the Eagles led 27-10 at halftime.

The second half was as uneventful as it was badly played. The Eagles coasted because they could. The Redskins reached 4th and goal at the 4 but decided to go for it rather than kick a field goal. They turned it over on downs. While the entire second half was garbage time, the real garbage time in the final two minutes saw the Redskins score a meaningless touchdown. Had they kicked the earlier field goal it would have provided suspense. They didn’t, so it didn’t. The Eagles are a good team, and the Redskins are horrendous. 27-17 Eagles

After 7 weeks, 3 teams remain unbeaten while 3 more remain winless. Disparity indeed.


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  1. I told my wife, during halftime, “Don’t count out the Saints – they could come back easily!” Sure enough…


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    I counted out the Raiders in the 1st quarter. Good God.


  3. It’s well past time Davis brought in a serious GM.


  4. Sorry, have to throw out my pitch: The Lions get win #2 vs the Rams this Sunday. That or it will be a long night of crying in my beer….
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