2 Days to Go

Today at 2:30pm PST I will be a radio guest of Eric Porvaznik.


The NBA and NHL playoffs have just begun.

This concludes anything not related to the National Football League.

For some there is Jerusalem. For others there is Mecca. For me, there is Canton, Ohio.

The kickoff to the 2010 National Football League Season is less than 5 very long months away.

In August, the preseason begins with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton.

In September, the regular season begins on the Thursday after Labor Day with the New Orleans Saints beginning as the defending world champions.

In late January of 2011, the Pro Bowl is played again in Honolulu, Hawaii, after one year in Miami.

In early February, Super Bowl XLV (45) is played.

None of this can happen without the events this coming week.

This Sunday is dark from a football standpoint. Yet this Tuesday the 2010 NFL schedule is released. This Thursday begins the 2010 NFL Draft from New York City.

The schedule used to just be printed in the paper. Now the NFL has an official roll out program on the NFL Network. The Draft used to be on a weekend. Now for the first time it is a 4 day affair.

Mr. Irrelevant will be picked on Sunday with the final pick in the Draft. Yet on Thursday Commissioner Roger Goodell will offer the words that are the football equivalent of “Gentlemen, start your engines.”

“The St. Louis Rams are on the clock.”

NFL rules allow the Rams to negotiate a contract with the top pick before the draft begins. Whether it is Nebraska Cornhuskers defensive wedge of beef Suh or one of the top quarterbacks, a deal could be in place by Wednesday. This might be the only week of the year where Tuesday through Thursday is NFL central.

It all starts with the schedule.

For some people it is waiting for their birthday to arrive. For others it is about opening up presents on a holiday morning.

For NFL junkies, it is about the first sliver of information that cannot come fast enough.

I attended the draft in 2006, 2007, and 2008. I took last year off, but like last year, the view from my couch is just as good this year.

Enough already. It’s time for football.

2 days to go.

Are you ready?????

Let’s get it on!!!!!


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