Memorial Day 2010–God bless our troops

On this Memorial Day, I think of a commercial for the military that played man times when I was young.

“It wasn’t always easy…and it wasn’t always fair…when we were needed…we were there.”

Yes they were…and still are.

My father served in the Army. I never did. Yet I learned at a young age to respect our military.

I remember telling a Vietnam veteran in 1993 “thank you, and welcome home.” He started crying, saying that nobody had ever said that to him in the 20 years he had been home.

I remember meeting John McCain, and thinking what an honor it was just to shake his hand.

I remember meeting his cell mate at the Hanoi Hilton, Orson Swindle. I asked Mr. Swindle how he coped during the toughest of times. His response said it all.

“Ronald Reagan once said that ‘many Americans wonder if they made a difference. Marines don’t have to wonder.’ I’m a marine.”

I speak all around the country, and I run into so many young men either coming back from a hot spot, being deployed to one, or just getting ready to join the military.

While many people have political passions, these men and women keep their politics private out of respect for the uniform. They answer to the president, and he answers to us. They are fighting to keep this structure in place.

Too many have died way too young. Pat Tillman is a famous soldier, but the tomb of the unknown soldier is just as important.

Our soldiers did not die in vain. They defeated Nazism and Communism. They are on the front lines against Radical Islam.

All they ask from us is that we treat them with respect and dignity. This means making sure that they have solid medical care, enough money to live on, and leaders who understand and respect their culture.

Most importantly, they want civilians to love this country, whether singing songs of praise or engaging in vigorous dissent. Both of these actions are noble.

God bless our troops.

A peaceful Memorial Day to every living soldier and their families.

To those still with us, thank you and welcome home.


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  1. I was talking with a retired Marine colonel the other day (I did him a little favor). He goes by bis regular name, but I asked him if it was okay if I called him “colonel,” because I thought it was cool. He smiled really broadly and said, “Yes. That’s fine.” Heckuva guy. Even though I’m just a civilian – and an obviously liberal and flaky one at that – this man treated me with the same respect he would a commanding officer. Now, that’s class!

    In a way we should be extra proud of these folks. Sometimes they are asked to do very unpopular things, sometimes by people with very dubious intent – but they do it anyway. They do not ask “why.” The do as they’re ordered and do the best job they can, even if hindered by the very same people who order them to do it. They never forget that the military is here to serve us, not the other way around, even though many non-military people seem to think it should be otherwise – Jingos. I give our military a lot of credit for that. It’s what separates us from the juntas.

    Just the same, it is long past time to bring an end to the empire. It’s time to cut the military down by at least 75%. Bring them home from the 140-or-so countries where they are dispatched. End the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Stop meddling all over abroad. All empires end, and most of them end because they over-extend – militarily and economically. We cna no longer afford to be the world’s police force and it is not worth the risk to keep meddling in the dangerous parts of the world. We’re just begging for another 9/11. STOP IT.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Both my Great Dane and my Pug died this year whithin a few months of each other. Its been a few months now, three weeks ago I saw a Tibeten Spaniel/Chihuahua on line that needed adoption because his Army family was moving to the mainland at the same time the father was deploying for the first timeto Afghanistan. We went to visit the dog before deciding, the whole family was there to meet us in front of a Walmart so the dog and I could check each other out. My dogs have always been either large or masculine and butchyin appearance, “Rocky” was not. He was no bigger than your average Chihuahua but with a Spaniels coat and short legs. upon first seeing him from a distance I was a little apprehensive. As I got right upto him he turned out to be the sweetest little fcker with a grin and a sneer like Edward G Robison.
    Going into this I knew there was a 200.00 re-homing fee. The owner who was all of about 18 years old, fresh out of boot camp, rosy red cheeks, nicest most polite guy in the world was explaining his situation to me which inadvertantly lead me to thank him for what he was doing and also asked him to blow the sht out of one of those bastards for me. I could see his eyes start welling up as he said “you’re the first person since my volunteering thats said that to me”.
    We agreed that I could give Rocky the home he deserved. I handed him the 200 bucks and he handed it right back to me saying it just didnt seem right taking money for Rocky, both his daughters and wife were in tears as they said good bye to Rocky.
    His wife was the last to say farewell to Rocky, as she handed him to me she unknowingly ended up with the 200 bucks in her purse along with a lttle note that said “not for rocky, instead for all of you to go out and enjoy”.

    Most rewarding day I’ve had in a long time. Theres no way that man was going to give me a dime

  3. Dav Lev says:

    Someone I knew died in Vietnam, while bombing the North.
    He is missed to this very day, by those who knew him.

    Some people decry his ever wanting to become an officer, they instinctly
    knew he might someday be called to defend his country.

    As it turned out, however, his death was in vain.

    I sometimes think about whether he made the right decision?

    But then again, had he waited until being drafted who knows
    his fate, no one does.

    Pondering our involvement in Iraq and Afghanisan, and
    to an extent in Pakistan, I wonder whether all those killed
    and wounded will have also been affected in vain?

    We have to ask ourselves what for?

    Why did we remain in Iraq after Saddams regime was brought down?
    We accomplished our purpose, to rid that area of a tyrant who
    killed millions of is own people, violated 16 UNSC resolutions,
    used gas on his enemies, and relocated tens of thousands of
    “marsh Arabs”, forcing Muslims into Iran, and replacing them
    with Saudis.

    He had WMD, there is no doubt about it. But, given a year warning
    he probably moved them into Syria, Libya or Lebanon. Or, he might
    have destroyed them..but not the ability to reconstitute the weapons
    at any time ( it’s easy for a nation to make bc weapons, it’s the
    delivery systems that are difficult ). He had the missiles.

    Now, we are fighting 25,000 Taliban youth in Afghanistan, which
    can be replentished from Pakistan at will. Will we win? I don’t know?

    Over a 1,000 miles east is Iran, which is now admitted (by the IAEA)
    to have thwarted all efforts to open up their complete nuke sites to
    inspectors. Some experts believe they have over 2 tons of enriched
    uranium. They are reported to have purchased yellow cake ore
    from an African country in exchange for oil.

    They certainly have missiles..the No Dong, and Shahab 1,2, 3 and 4.
    They can reach Europe. Someday they will have long range ballisic
    missiles. Coupled with No. Korea, both our coasts will be easy targets
    for their missiles.

    Off of Israel, 8 boats attempted to violate international law by
    circumventing a legal blockade placed by Israel, which is at
    war with the entity. As such, they had the right to both boycott
    and stop any boat, plane, attempting to evade the blockade.

    In spite of warnings to the 8 vessels, they continue on..and were boarded,
    getting into violent confrontations with the Israeli navy personnel.
    We know that over 15 were killed and dozens wounded. The
    wounded and all the other illegal terrorists were sent to Israeli hospitals
    and will either go home or be incarcerated in an Israeli prison.

    The entire Arab-Muslim worlds are (typically) up in arms, calling
    for the destruction of the state.

    The UNSC is meeting to discuss the tragedy, brought by the terrorists upon
    themselves. ( Funny how they won’t meet to discuss other violent areas?).

    I do not want to see any more Americans dying for unjust causes.
    I sympathize with their loved ones, I really do, remembering back
    to this one individual.

    The real difficulty is when or when not to send in our forces?

    Once we do, we must go in to win, with overwhelming force,
    as stated by C. Powell. He was and is right.

  4. That’s a great story, Micky. I’d say your karma is well up-to-date! The wife and I just rescued a little lab mix about a month ago. OMG! She’s crazy! her owner died a few months ago. He lived a few blocks down. No one would take the dog because she’s a nototrious escape artist – apparently hasn’t gotten over the death of her owner. The pound was going to put her down when they called us. We the people of last resort. (That’s better than it sounds…) She got away from us three times in the firs two weeks! Luckily, we are good with all our neighbors, so whenever she ran, one of the neighbors just scooped her up and brought her back. My wife calls her “Dum Dum,” because she’s not the brightest bulb ib the canine light box. But she’s adorable and sweet and seems to have finally decided she’s at home now.

    Did you guys hear about what happened in Israel today? Oh brother. I’m not passing any judgement, but it sure seems like more bad press for Israel is on the way. I was talking with a friend today. Nice guy. Travels the world working on radios. We talked about Israel. We both thought the same thing – the trouble over there will simply never, ever end – at least not in our lifetimes. Sad.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Rocky keeps the 5 am roosters away. That alone makes him worth his weight in plutonium. My wife wanted to change his name. I said; “absolutely not. Theres only 3 things a dog gets to own, his food, his name, and his jewels. Hes keeping all of them.

  6. Eagle 6 says:

    I want to thank Eric and all for the terrific support…internet has been spotty at best after the fiber optics were destroyed when I first got here, but it appears we are back up! My only cautionary comment is this: Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and “Coast Guardians” don’t die in vain. There is a time, or in the Biblical sense, a season for everything and everyone. Whether a person’s death contributes to freedom, big oil, or the recruitment of 50 Talibanis, one must look past today’s dead flesh and look to the future – whether it’s your God or simply life at its basest…no Soldier has died in vain. They answered the call to a higher authority – some to an earthly power, others to a Godly one…

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