6 months until NFL 2012

It is now six months until the NFL 2012 season kicks off.

Each offseason gets tougher. One minute a thrilling Super Bowl is being decided on the final play.

One week later flipping the remote control to various television stations yields not an ounce of pigskin play.

There is the NFL Network, but that is a salve and not an elixir.

There will not be NFL football tomorrow.

Sure, I could go out and  “do things.”

I don’t do things. I work. When I am not working, my hobby is watching football.

I hate the beach. Sitting outside and lounging is pointless. Lounging does not require going outside.

In a couple weeks minicamp starts, and late April is the Draft. Yet those are not actual games.

I suppose there is a big world out there, but I see much of it for work.

There is always politics. CPAC is going on, but I am not there. The Maine Caucus is happening, which I am sure thrills perhaps a few thousand people in Maine.

I guess I will hang out with friends because that is what people do.

Maybe I will just work today.

This would be easier if baseball was not so incredibly d@mn boring.

(Let it go Kevin. Save it for March.)

This concludes Week 1 of the NFL offseason.

Six months until kickoff.


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