November 2013 Hate Mail

November 2013 Hate Mail

November 2013 Hate Mail


Normally Hanukkah and Christmas are at the same time. Due to bizarre circumstances, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are the same time this year. So since the moon is mixed up with Jupiter or something like that, my critics seem to have their heads somewhere up Uranus.


With that, here are a couple of piece of hate mail. In case these people are Christian, I shall given their lumps of coal early since they seem to have a (bah hum)bug up their rumpuses.



Are you really this retarded?


(link deleted)”


Analysis: Howey Davenport included a link to a website called Politikal Culture. You see political spelled with a K is so incredibly edgy.


The guy attacks me and then wants me to link to his column, which is most likely another attack on me.


Howie, are you really this retarded?


Let me save everyone the trouble in case there is any doubt. Yes, he is.




F yourself (


Yup, you’re a fucking douchebag for writing this article. Do the world a favor and step in front of a bus. You obviously wrote this article to get a reaction, so there it is, go fucking kill yourself douchebag.”


Analysis: Martin Bashir, is that you or Alec Baldwin?


This commenter lives in Walpole, Massachusetts. Like most people hiding behind fake screen names living in Blue States, civility is lost on him.


He seems to have an obsession with feminine hygiene products. I am not interested in anybody and how they wash themselves below the waist, but this fellow sure should get some soap or other cleanser of any kind and wash his mouth out. Potty mouth is quite unhygienic.


Say it with me everybody. These are liberals. This is how they behave.




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