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Does fake news even matter?

Friday, March 24th, 2023

In recent years, a common term thrown around is “fake news.”


Fake news has been treated as an existential crisis. Hillary Clinton blamed fake news propagated by the Russians for her 2016 loss to Donald Trump. President Trump repeatedly attacked the media for spreading fake news. Tech CEOs and government officials have taken unprecedented steps to restrict and censor stories deemed to be fake news.


One problem with this approach is that determining what constitutes fake news is often subjective. Many political activists deem fake news to be anything they politically disagree with. On more than one occasion, stories that were deemed fake news turned out to be truthful. The Hunter Biden laptop story was censored and dismissed as “Russian disinformation” right before the 2020 presidential election. By attempting to prevent a possible fake news story influencing an election, the censors may have influenced the election in the opposite direction.


Another problem comes from individual arbiters lacking intellectual discernment. They cannot process the nuances between reality and satire. The Babylon Bee clearly advertises itself as a leading source of fake news. Their stories are frequently censored despite their publicly stating upfront that their entire business model is humorous fake news.


Yet for those who are capable of going beyond politics, an even deep question arises.


Does fake news even matter?

Maybe people should be free to spread as much fake news as they want. Readers should be responsible for doing their own due diligence.

Honesty matters, but knowingly saying or posting something false should be an ethical matter, not a legal one.

This is not about politics. A person may post that they are worth 20 billion dollars and leaving their money to their dog. Why should it matter to the government that the person is a working stiff who does not even own a dog?

It is illegal to lie in a court of law or in a deposition. There are legal remedies for people who are victims of libel, slander, or defamation. Beyond those clear lines, why should it matter if a person chooses to post something online that is completely false?

Try going to a local bar. Plenty of people are lying about their age, income, occupation, and pretty much everything else in an attempt to impress a potential business or romantic interest.

Take the advertising industry. Their entire industry is about convincing people that they are ugly and hopeless. Advertisers then convince people that certain products will make them beautiful and hopeful. Does anyone really believe that a certain toothpaste will make you better than you were before?
If fake news were illegal, almost every internet and mobile dating profile would need to be shut down. So would chatrooms where people discuss everything from their stock recommendations to their foolproof cold remedies and home cleaning products. People buying every product they see on an infomercial or online advertisement should not blame others for their own gullibility.

Rather than criminalize lying, it should be the responsibility of individuals to think for themselves.


Until then, the answer is more speech for everyone. Let everybody embellish their wealth and beauty. Let everyone link to articles that are absurd on their face. Let everyone sell falsehoods if they choose. Then caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.


Let the online version of the National Enquirer insist that aliens from another planet are impregnating Hollywood celebrities. Maybe those alien children are rigging our elections by implanting microchips in our arms.


Let the craziest conspiracy theories flow wild and free. Given how depressing real news can be, maybe it is best that fake news be allowed to stay with us. It is better to expose thousands of preposterous stories than live in a nation denying Americans the chance to do their own vetting.

Lying is harmful. Letting government decide what constitutes lying is far worse.


Liberals created and keep fueling the MAGA movement

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Liberals created and keep fueling the MAGA movement.


Donald Trump is amidst his third straight presidential run. Conservatives split between those wanting the former president to regain power and those singing Bob Seger’s “Turn the page.” Liberals uniformly oppose Trump for a litany of reasons. Many liberals see Mr. Trump as Frankenstein’s monster. Lacking self-awareness on this issue, these liberals fail to realize they are Frankenstein. They created Trump, nurtured him, and continue eight years later to feed, fuel and motivate him and his “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement.


Understanding Trump’s initial rise requires returning to 2011. President Barack Obama’s presidency was flailing. Fear of economic collapse that swept him into office in 2008 had not dissipated. Flowery words about hope and change drowned under a tidal wave of tough events. “Yes, we can” became “No, he couldn’t.” Governor Mitt Romney promised a brighter future. In their first presidential debate, Mr. Romney cleaned Mr. Obama’s clock. Obama’s campaign realized a positive reelection campaign like Ronald Reagan’s 1984 “Morning in America” or Bill Clinton’s 1996 “Bridge to the 21st Century” would fail. Obama ran a slash and burn campaign that stripped Romney’s humanity.


Romney in 2012 was considered one of the finest, most decent men to ever seek the White House. Obama’s team successfully painted Romney as a racist sexist heartless plutocratic vulture capitalist who enjoyed firing people. Romney’s handlers hurt matters by insisting he offer gentle rebuttals to Obama’s Chicago haymakers. Obama verbally decked Romney repeatedly and punched his way to a second term.


Republicans seethed, but it was their own fault Romney and Senator John McCain before him pulled punches out of fear of criticizing America’s first partially black president. With Hillary Clinton in 2016, Republicans faced the same quandary.


Romney was a polite Midwesterner. Republicans needed a street brawler. Only three GOP brawlers existed, all hailing near greater New York. Rudy Giuliani underperformed in 2008.  New Jersey’s Chris Christie likewise underwhelmed in 2012. They opted out in 2016. Only Donald Trump remained.


Republicans overruled concerns about Trump’s behavior and policy positions solely because he was as ferocious a counter-puncher as they came. He would not be cowed by Obama’s race or Hillary Clinton’s gender. When hit, he hit back 100 times as hard. No blow was out of bounds. Rosie O’Donnell learned the hard way. She started a needless feud with him for laughs. He made her cry.


Trump’s campaign was also a fist in the eyes of smug late night comedians. Seth Meyers roasted him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, calling Trump a “joke.” John Oliver dared Trump to run. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel openly ridiculed him. They were not laughing after he won.


Yet the biggest gift American liberals gave Trump was a clear policy lane. Trump kept speaking to forgotten American workers. He hammered his two themes of trade and immigration. His undisciplined personal style aside, Trump was remarkably disciplined on policy. Voters felt economic angst, and he stuck with the same themes he had addressed for over 30 years. He knew exactly what he believed.


Democrats meanwhile kept obsessing over abortion, gay rights and climate change. Voters understood abortion was legal and gay marriage was law of the land. Climate change continued to register at the bottom of opinion surveys. Only a few rich white liberals cared.


During the campaign’s final week, Trump spoke in the calm, measured voice Kellyanne Conway taught him. His bombast took a vacation. He was on message and on teleprompter. Hillary Clinton and Liz Warren screamed their lungs out on their self-titled “Nasty women tour.” Bill Clinton, as brilliant as they come, begged Hillary to get away from Warren. Outside of deep blue areas, Warren was politically toxic.


On election day, Trump campaigned in Wisconsin. Hillary partied with A-list celebrities in Philadelphia, her only Pennsylvania campaign visit. She never visited Wisconsin. Trump’s victory equated to “Caddyshack” Rodney Dangerfield defeating Ted Knight’s Judge Smails. The slobs beat the snobs.


Eight years later, a majority of Democrats still have not learned. Some prop Trump up under the belief he cannot win. A more plausible explanation is they simply cannot ignore him. The more President Joe Biden fails, the more Democrats frighten voters with “Orange Man Bad.”


Voters are not stupid. Karl Rove, who led George W. Bush to two presidential victories, repeatedly reminds politicians that “The masses are not asses.” James Carville, who led Bill Clinton to victory twice, beseeches Democrats to shut up about gender pronouns. He knows “woke” language and behavior is hated. Carville penned the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid.” Trump still understands this. No evidence exists that Biden’s cabinet does. Telling blue collar coal miners to embrace green economics is telling them to go to hell. That is arrogance, not leadership. Endless Covid lockdowns and mandates add fuel to the fire.


Democrats openly mocked Trump, his policies and his voters. They still weaponize government against his voters. Most Trump voters are not racists, sexists, conspiracy theorists or insurrectionists. They just want a better life.


The more Democrats refuse to recognize that Trump, and more importantly Trump voters, are human beings, the more Trump exploits that condescension. Democrats created Trump’s movement by dismissing his voters as society’s filthy dregs. Trump reminded these voters that their lives matter as much as any other lives.


With spiraling inflation, food and fuel prices, and crime, Democrats need better answers than blaming Trump. He offers to fix problems. Even those questioning his policy prescriptions concede that at least he has them. Democrats simply care more about climate change and gender issues. Attacking voters as anti-gay bigots seeking to murder Mother Earth gives Trump his opening.


Had Democrats paid attention to what voters care about and ignored identity politics, Romney would have served two terms. Trump would have spent a decade building bigger and better golf courses.


A 2024 Trump win would not be because he is that spectacular. It would be because enough voters believe Democrats, just as in 2016, are still that indifferent and awful.

TYGRRRR EXPRESS 2023 Pacific Northwest Speaking Schedule

Sunday, February 26th, 2023

TYGRRRR EXPRESS 2023 Pacific Northwest Speaking Schedule

Monday, February 27, 2023 — Early morning flight from Los Angeles to Portland.


Monday, February 27 — Benton County Republican Women in Corvallis in Western Oregon. Lunch.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 — Deschutes County GOP Lincoln Dinner in Redmond in Central Oregon. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 — People’s Rights Group in Powell Butte in Central Oregon. Dinner.

Thursday, March 2, 2023 — North Coast Republican Women in NW Oregon near Portland. Lunch.

Thursday, March 2, 2023 — Drive from North of Portland to Seattle, Washington.


Monday, March 6, 2023 — East Pierce Republican Women near Seattle, Washington. Lunch.

Monday, March 6-Tuesday March 7 — Purim with Chabad of Pacific NW in Seattle and Shoreline. 

Thursday, March 9, 2023 — Kitsap County Republican Woman. West of Seattle. Lunch.

Thursday, March 9, 2023 — Flying from Seattle back to Los Angeles.


State of the Useless 2023

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

State of the Useless 2023: Biden’s Build Back Blather

State of the Union 2023: Biden’s Build Back Blather

UNMENTIONED: violent crime, Iran building a bomb, radical Islam, Southern border, price of eggs, price of beef, social media censorship. the earthquake in Turkey.


Inflation was caused by Covid and Putin — No. Spending causes inflation. The Inflation Reduction Act exacerbated inflation. 

Climate crisis — There is none.

Corporations paying 0 taxes — Corporations invest billions of dollars into research and development. Corporations risk their own money. 

Billionaires paying lower tax rate than teachers — Apples and oranges. Capital gains rates are lower than ordinary income rates. Liberals could lower ordinary income rates. Instead they try to raise capital gains rates. 

Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare — This lie was debunked in 1995. It’s still false.

Burger workers and cashiers signing non-compete clauses — False. Non-compete clauses are for white collar workers in executive positions. McDonalds does not care if you quit and join Burger King. 

He wants to hire more border workers — He fired them. 

We stood up to Putin when Russia invaded Ukraine — We did nothing. The war rages on. 

He stood up to Chinese aggression — The Chinese government is  stealing our intellectual property, flooding our nation with drugs, and spying on us without consequences. 

Linked attack on Paul Pelosi to January 6th insurrectionists — There was no insurrection. Pelosi’s attacker was a mentally ill leftist and a Canadian. 

1/2 truths:

Gas prices are down — Down from the high last year, still much higher than 2 years ago.

Inflation is down — Down from the high last year, still much higher than 2 years ago.

Supply chain is recovering — Better than last year, still much worse than 2 years ago.

Passed gun safety laws — The courts are striking these laws down as unconstitutional.

Awful ideas:

Price caps on prescription drugs — Companies lose money on every failed drug. They use the profits from their winners to offset their losers. Price controls were tried in the 1970s and failed.

Quadruple the tax on stock buybacks — Companies should buy back their own stock. It shows confidence in the company. They are putting their money where their mouths are. 

Taxing unrealized gains — Unrealized gains do not exist. If a person pays this tax and then their asset crashes in value, they will then have paid taxes on a loss. 

Free pre-school — We need less leftist anti-American indoctrination, not more. This would bust the budget. 

Raises for public schoolteachers — No. Close public schools. Get government out of the public school business. 

Ban assault weapons — There is no such thing as an assault weapon. People who push gun control want to bans that look scary. This would increase crime since criminals do not obey laws. 


My birthday: 51 happy memories upon turning 51

Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

My birthday: 51 happy memories upon turning 51

I entered this world 51 years ago today on January 9, 1972. On my 49th birthday, here are 49 happy memories.

1.) Every moment I ever spent with my grandparents. They are gone now, but I had all four of them when I graduated college and three of them when I turned 30. I am blessed.

2.) January 9, 1977 — The Oakland Raiders won the Super Bowl on my fifth birthday. I saw the logo and became a Raider for life.

3.) August 15, 1980 — Smokey and the Bandit II came out. I saw the original and the sequel and became a lifelong fan of the Bandit and the Snowman.

4.) January 22, 1984 — The Raiders won their third Super Bowl. I still remember telling the kids at school the next day one simple message. “Just win baby!”

5.) January 21, 1985 — I had my Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish passage into manhood. My Orthodox Rabbi grandfather led the ceremony.

6.) July 13, 1990 — I watched Bill Murray in “Quick Change” for the first of over 100 times. This movie is true New York, and Murray remains a national hero.

7.) August 26, 1990 — I flew from New York to Los Angeles for college. I immediately fell in love with this city and never left.

8.) September 26, 1990 — I joined the campus radio station and developed my lifelong love of radio.

9.) May 10, 1992 — I wrote my first song. 70 more would follow.

10.) January 9, 1994 — The Raiders won a playoff game over arch rival Denver on my 22nd birthday. We all had a big party to celebrate afterward at 1950s Cafe Ed Debevic’s.

11.) June 14, 1994 — The New York Rangers won the NHL Stanley Cup and ended the 54 year curse.

12.) September 13, 1994 — I passed the Series 7 stockbroker’s exam. At that moment I was now a professional.

13.) June 1, 1997 — I saw my friend doing something on a computer that seemed different. He was in a chat room. It was my first time using the Internet.

14.) July 4, 1999 — My friends and I crashed an Independence Day party on the beach and escaped moments before police busted up the party.

15.) September 23, 1999 — I finally got my driver’s license. I never needed one before.

16.) December 31, 1999 — Ringing in the Millennium in Las Vegas.

17.) March 1, 2000 — I flew from Los Angeles to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2000. I still have my Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt, “Life is short. Party naked. Mardi Gras 2000.”

18.) February 13, 2003 — I watched the movie “Old School.” I will forever thank Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and “The Godfather” Luke Wilson for inspiring me at age 31 to finally start going to Florida for Spring Break. Years of South Beach, Miami revelry ensued at the Clevelander and Ocean’s 10.

19.) March 14, 2003 — I flew to Singapore and Thailand and got to experience five days of beauty in each country. I met the Jewish communities of both nations.

20.) November 4, 2003 — NFL Network was born. Finally, a television channel worth watching existed.

21.) November 2, 2004 — Enjoying the 2004 election with my closest friends.

22.) February 12, 2006 — I flew from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I met the Jewish community of Honolulu and attended my first NFL Pro Bowl. I met ESPN’s Chris Berman.

23.) April 28, 2006 — I flew from Los Angeles to New York and went to Radio City Music Hall. For the first time, I got to attend the NFL Draft and meet a bunch of great football heroes.

24.) August 4, 2006 — I flew from Los Angeles to Ohio and drove to Canton. I visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame, saw the induction ceremony featuring John Madden, and attended the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

25.) March 11, 2007 — I Started a blog called the Tygrrrr Express. That column somehow turned into five books and a national speaking career.

26.) September 11, 2007 — On the sixth anniversary of the attacks, I flew from Los Angeles to New York and then drove to Great Adventure in New Jersey. I attended Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert and saw New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani light up the crowd.

27.) October 17, 2007 — I joined Facebook. Between that and Twitter, I have met many good people, increased book sales, and built my business.

28.) February 2, 2008 — I flew from Los Angeles to Phoenix and attended my first Super Bowl. The New York Giants shocked the previously unbeaten New England Patriots.

29.) March 30, 2008 — My friend adopted a child from Guatemala. On this day “the boy” turned one. Being “Unca Eric” is the best job in the world.

30.) May 13, 2008 — I flew from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. I attended the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Conference and met Dr. Charles Krauthammer.

31.) August 6, 2008 — I flew from Los Angeles to Israel and spent a week in the Holy Land.

32.) August 30, 2008 — I flew from Los Angeles to Minneapolis for my first Republican Convention. For a week, friends and I slept in a sports bar. It was like being Norm Peterson from “Cheers.”

33.) April 5, 2009 — My first book “Ideological Bigotry” was published.

34.) September 1, 2009 — I left Wall Street after 15 years and began my career as a full-time professional speaker.

35.) November 11, 2009 — I flew from Los Angeles to Galveston and spoke at the Texas Federation of Republican Women Convention. I made TFRW and other lifelong friends in the Lone Star State.

36.) March 11, 2010 — I flew from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City to speak at the National Federation of Republican Women Spring Conference. That launched me nationally since the NFRW run the world.

37.) May 1, 2011 — In Aiken, South Carolina, I saw the news that Osama bin Laden was killed. That night I told my very best political joke. “Osama bin Laden is now burning underground with 72 Helen Thomases.” It was the bookend to my very first political joke. “Never rely on a Palestinian GPS tracker. I took one wrong turn, ended up at a cemetery, and a sinister voice said, ‘You have reached your final destination!’ I got so angry I threw the thing out the window, which was good because 5 seconds later it exploded.”

38.) February 9, 2013 — I met Vice President Dick Cheney and spoke in front of him at a dinner.

39.) September 25, 2013 — I spoke to a Tea Party group in Hays, Kansas. At that moment, I had officially spoken in all 50 states.

40.) November 4, 2014 — I spoke at an election night party in New Jersey.

41.) March 20, 2015 — After writing four political comedy books, I finished my first religious comedy book “Jewish Lunacy.” This allowed me to move beyond political speaking into religious speaking.

42.) May 12, 2015 — I met President George W. Bush and shook his hand.

43.) November 8, 2016 — Enjoyed a raucous election night party in Raleigh, North Carolina.

44.) Any woman whoever let me play with her yummy bouncies or at least was nice enough to send me pictures of them.

45.) January 9, 2018 — On my 46th birthday, the return of Chucky as Jon Gruden returns to the Black Hole to rejoin the Raiders. Like me, Gruden has unfinished business.

46.) November 9, 2018 — I met Angela Lansbury in Beverly Hills and got my picture taken with her. She remains one of the most talented people in the history of entertainment.

47.) 2019 was the year I branch out beyond books and into t-shirts. I started with 2 or 3 designs in 2017 and 2018. By the end of 2019 I had 49 mostly original t-shirt designs. Now I have over 250 mostly original designs. My best seller remains “Stop judging women by their tops. #BackSidesMatter!”

48.) 2020 was a brutal year for so many people because of a global pandemic. Yet thank God I was healthy and in better financial condition than previous years. On January 9, 2021, I watched the NFL Wildcard playoffs with friends. Normally there would be 2 games as has been the case for the last 30 years. Yet for the first time, there were 3 games, with 3 more to occur on January 10th. I watched football all day and had a great day with people who matter to me. I was besieged with well-wishes from hundreds of people by text, phone call and social media. My birthday evening capped with a special someone. I am blessed as can be to have had such a great birthday.

49.) August 9, 2021 — Rabbi Yaakov Perman of Chabad Leawood, Kansas helped me put on Tefillin. At that moment, I had finally put on Tefillin in all 50 states. 

50.) On February 14, 2022, I achieved the American dream that I thought was forever beyond my reached. I finally bought a home. I own a condo in North Miami, Florida. 

51.) On August 14, 2022, I achieved another dream that I thought would never happen. After a life of bachelorhood, I got married. She is a Republican Jewish brunette. 

I would like to thank my parents for raising me right and Angela Lansbury’s JB Fletcher of “Murder, She Wrote” for catching murderers and making the world safer.

Anything I could possibly wish for has already been granted.

eric @ Tygrrrr Express

1/6 blah blah blah: When doofuses acted like college Spring Breakers

Friday, January 6th, 2023

January 6: When doofuses acted like college Spring Breakers

LOS ANGELES, January 6, 2023 — For those who read liberal textbooks or listen to liberal television personalities, only three events have ever happened in American history. In 1619, a bunch of white racists enslaved black people and started a nation built on systemic racism. Then in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Then on January 6, 2021, an insurrection by white racists caused a threat to our democracy that remains today.

Those living in the real world and not overdosing on recreational pharmaceuticals properly dismiss such hysteria. The truth is far more boring and far less sinister. 

There was no insurrection. An insurrection is a coordinated effort to destabilize and overthrow a legally elected government pr governing entity. Picture Hillary Clinton and John Brennan inventing a fictional conspiracy out of thin air involving Donald Trump and the Russian government. Picture Wisconsin liberals storming their state capitol and repeatedly threatening Governor Scott Walker’s life over a collective bargaining law. Picture Antifa activists burning down cities, neighborhoods and police stations due to a non-existent epidemic of white police officers murdering black citizens in cold blood. 

Picture Congressman Steve Scalise being shot, Senator Rand Paul being beaten within an inch of his life, North Carolina GOP headquarters being firebombed, and a Duval, Florida GOP booth being rammed into by a truck. Picture a black man named Darrell Brooks taking out his rage over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict by mowing down innocent Waukesha grandmothers at a Christmas parade. Picture progressive mayors and district attorneys purposely letting violent criminals out of jail to commit more crimes. 

All of those events involve massive amounts of violence that destabilize society. Try getting through a weekend in Chicago without a child being shot to death. Good luck. 

By comparison, January 6 was nothing. It was not September 11. It was not Pearl Harbor. It was not the George Floyd riots. All of those events involved mass numbers of casualties.

Not all of the mindless comments about January 6 come from the left. There is idiocy by some people who are right of center as well.

The January 6 rioters were not heroes or patriots. What they did was wrong. While there may have been a few leftist plants there, let us not pretend this was one giant leftist conspiracy. The left is ruthlessly organized. January 6 was disorganized, uncoordinated chaos. 

The left loves January 6 because it creates the myth of conservative violence while suppressing actual leftist violence. In reality, January 6 increased the percentage of right-wing violence to an asterisk, well below one percent but not absolute zero. The percentage of violence committed by leftists dropped from completely 100% to significantly more than 99.99%. 

Five people died on January 6, less than 1% of the  casualties caused by the George Floyd riots. Three of the five died of natural causes, including one police officer. One person died of a drug overdose. One unarmed Trump supporter and veteran named Ashli Babbitt was shot to death by police officer Michael Byrd. Officer Byrd is being protected from questioning because the left is perfectly fine with an officer shooting an unarmed woman as long as the woman is a conservative. 

If the people on January 6 were insurrectionists, they were the dumbest and politest insurrectionists in the history of political terrorism. They were about as dangerous as your average group of College Spring Breakers. They were guilty of hijinks similar to the movie “Animal House.” Many of the people who entered the Capitol walked around aimlessly, took selfies, thanked the police officers, and left. 

These were doofuses. They committed misdemeanor trespassing. They should have paid a $200 fine and been sent home. No officials were in any danger, despite Alexandria Occasional Cortex’s clutching of her pearls. 

Those who committed violence deserve to be punished with jail, but that is a fraction of the protesters. Let us not pretend that this was anything other than an isolated incident by a mob of people who entered the Capitol without anything remotely resembling an objective. 

What really enrages Democrats about January 6 is that most voters no longer care. From climate change to Covid to January 6, the left keeps repeating the same boring refrain. We are all going to die, and Republicans are killing us all. That is why Jen Psaki keeps referring to Trump as practicing “the big lie.” That is a Holocaust reference, and Trump is the latest Republican president to be compared to Adolf Hitler. To compare the murder of six million Jews to a few hundred people taking selfies at the Capitol used to be offensive. Now it is just tired and boring. Most Americans do not believe that Trump or any other Republican is a genocidal monster who will eat their babies. 

If Democrats could govern, they would have positive accomplishments to brag about. Skyrocketing crime and inflation do not go over well with voters. Democrats failed to pass their Build Back Better agenda. Soon they will fail to pass their vote-rigging bill meant to nationalize local elections. They failed to enact national Covid mandates, as constitutionalist judges keep striking those mandates down. They are desperate to drag January 6 out until the November elections, but voters know better. 

The left is so desperate for right-wing villains that they have been reduced to inventing them. This is why Juicy Smelly-Derriere had to invent fake right-wingers to roam the South Side of Chicago at 2:00 a.m. in the freezing cold to beat up a gay black man. 

January 6 was not a hoax, but the narrative around it is. Bad behavior happened on January 6, but it was insignificant in terms of size, scope, and purpose. If the people who entered the Capitol are unable to explain why they did it, chances are they have no idea why. This makes them dumb individuals. 

Let us have a return to sanity. This starts with replacing wild-eyed conspiracy theories with clear-eyed reality. Leftists tossing Molotov cocktails and burning down police stations are not “mostly peaceful.” Trump supporters do not go looking for gay black people to beat up. Police officers do not wake up in the morning looking for young black men to shoot. Trump is not now or has he ever been a spy for the Russian government. 

The January 6 protesters acted like people who rush the stage at a rock concert. They are not trying to kill the lead singer. They most likely want a free guitar pic as a keepsake. 

The day after the midterms, the Democrats will regret trying to make their entire campaign message about Trump as Orange Hitler. Trump is a private citizen. The voters look forward. They do not want to hear excuses. They want the current administration to fix problems. This involves doing things, not giving endless speeches about a Spring Break party relocated from South Beach to D.C.

The January 6 trespassers were not murderers, arsonists or political terrorists. 

They were doofuses.   


Sunday, January 1st, 2023


What the heck is that beeping sound?

(Knocks the phone off the hook, keeps banging the snooze alarm)

A voice tells me it’s my pager. My pager is black, so finding it in the dark is the needle in the haystack equivalent. A lucky smack knocks it against the wall, where it may or may not have shattered. The beeping continues. Why does anyone need a pager anymore anyway?

Who the heck is texting me at this ungodly hour of…(either 7 a.m., 1 p.m., or 1 a.m. …it looks blurry)?

Oh, no. It is 5 a.m., and my first radio interview of the New Year is with the morning man of an East Coast station. Time to pretend to sound coherent and go back to sleep. Oh no, wait, that radio interview was several years ago.

Great, happy wishes for the new year. Thanks. Whoever you are, it is too early to talk to you.

One year the person on the telephone insisted it was 1 p.m. After explaining to them that they were on the East Coast, and that 1 p.m. EST is 10 a.m. in Los Angeles, they grew impatient. They knew how to tell time, and that it was 4 p.m. EST, hence 1 p.m. my time.

Sure, getting up and writing my column is an option. It’s a new year, and starting the year off with a flurry of brilliance might be helpful. Forget it. This column is recycled from years ago. It’s also hours late. That is what happens when people get no sleep because of stressful December football games followed by New Year’s Eve revelry.

Election 2024? The first person to talk politics gets blistered in my column … tomorrow.

Bowl games? There is DVR. Besides, does anybody care who wins the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl, the Lack of Bowl, the Fishbowl, the RU486 Morning After Bowl, The California Metrosexual Pride Bowl, or any other game that may or may not be made up?

Speaking of the morning after, does anybody remember the David Byrne Talking Heads song from the movie “Less than Zero? (which the temperature feels like right now in some parts of the country. No wonder I live in this insane city of LA)” The song is called “Once In A Lifetime.”

“This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. What have I done? How did I get here?”

It then occurs to me that the beeping sounds are the voices in my head telling me I am too old, even at 46, to stay out this late. Even without alcohol, exhaustion has set in. 

Get out of bed? Work calls in (whenever) hours. Better rest up before my tyrant of a boss complains. Such is the life of the self-employed.

Get up now? Somehow stagger to the shower, get dressed, make it out of my condo to go … where?

The stores are closed. Maybe they are open. Too tired to find out.

My birthday is in just over a week. Time to pace myself.

Work on my website? All that takes is staggering to my couch. Oh, no. My IT guy has not finished it yet. Oh, wait, he did years ago. I clicked on the wrong site.

Go on Jdate and search for women? Not a bad idea, except it is too tiring to check their Adams Apples. This is not the year for a boyfriend, and am not sure that my eyes can tell the difference right now. Besides, Jdate is so 2014. Now it is Tinder, JSwipe and JCrush. Oh, wait. I’m married. No more Internet dating.

Shop on Ebay? No. bad idea. Buying stuff when not at full capacity is problematic. Who needs another mountain goat? Dang creature gets his horns in my hide. Not a comfy way to wake up. Calm down boy, you’ll get some straw to graze on upon my waking up.

Work on my record album? Although again, world, just because my hair is long, that does not mean my band exists. The best instrument is the triangle, because that tells me lunch is ready. Oh wait, my hair is not even that long anymore. I could work on that, although I didn’t do much. I sat. It grew.

Ahh, yes, lunch. Get up and eat something. My microwave is slow, and a five minute microwave dinner takes almost 15 minutes. Read the paper? It is cold outside my building where the stand is, and it only takes coins. Reading the paper online is tiring, and my printer is not working. At least the lifestyle section makes a great placemat for eating. Oh, wait. That stand does not exist anymore. Reading the paper online it is. 

Staying in bed for only a couple more hours until (whatever the big and little hands say) would allow me to stay up all night and be totally exhausted for work tomorrow. Again, my boss is a tyrant.

Running errands … not gonna happen.

Every morning, a four word prayer starts my day. My elbows are used to try and leverage them against my bed to prop me up. Placing my alarm clock on the other side of the room failed, since ripping the cord out of the wall solved that problem.

As for the Jewish brunette who stole the covers, her voice was not a problem last night, although if she opens her trap today she will receive a more caustic reception than usual.

Oh wait, she already left. Here is a note. “Tried to wake you, but that was a losing battle. By the way, you have nothing but soda in your fridge. Talk to you soon.” oh, wait, I think that happened over a decade ago. My wife stocked the fridge. 

There are also potato chips in my fridge as well. Why they are there remains a mystery, but it saves having to remember which cabinet they are in. One-stop shopping  is the way to go.

Besides, combing my hair for her was enough. Not doing it this morning, proud “retrosexual” that is me.

At least having the decency to say some morning prayers would be appropriate.

“Hey God…those people I pray for every night…yeah those people, the same ones…look after them again.”

Back to sleep, despite every attempt to wake up. The home phone is turned off, the cell is off as well, and the pager is still shattered, in addition to being disconnected years ago.

There may have been a car crash outside my building followed by 911 calls and sirens, but telling everybody to “keep it down,” solved that problem. A brief nightmare of me being late for work was averted when I realized my location to me was known if necessary.

Four televisions in the living room, and none in the bedroom. Who thought that up? Oh yeah, a television in the bedroom would promote laziness. Besides, trying to figure out which remote to use would cause me to break them all as if they were my pager.

Ok, here it is. Come on, elbows, do your stuff. Rise, young lad, rise! Awaken thy exhausted tired eyes!

Why is God shouting? Oh wait, that is my over-dramatization of God.

Time to set the alarm now to avoid missing work tomorrow. Where was it thrown? Threw it? Oh, screw it.

Ok, time for my four word prayer. It has gotten me this incredibly terribly far. Time to contemplate getting out of bed.


Happy 2023 all. Except for the person who woke me up earlier. Whoever you are, I still can’t stand you, even though you are doing me a favor.

Ten hours and 16 bowl games later, there is only one thing left to do.

Time for a nap. Happy 2023.



New Years Eve 2022 with Lil Jon and Senator Schatz

Saturday, December 31st, 2022

LOS ANGELES:  New Year’s Eve is a truly magical night. On this one night, many of Earth’s seven billion inhabitants temporarily cast aside religion, politics, and even sports rivalries.

Peace on Earth briefly breaks out. We bid farewell to a tough year and in this case. We pray that the incoming new year will be better, perhaps even peaceful.

We pray for peace, love, and a better world.

After almost three years of parties being canceled, the parties in 2022 are back on like Donkey Kong!

On January 16, America will honor the late Martin Luther King Jr. We will vow to honor his legacy of peaceful non-violent civic activism. MLK is universally beloved because he believed in fighting for change peacefully.

New politicians will take office on Monday, January 3.

Yet the hours leading into January 1 are not about the Republican Party or the Democrat Party.

It is about house parties, club parties, rooftop parties, and the party for the sake of partying parties.

This is before getting to the after-party.

We eat and drink to excess, dance badly, and upload pictures to social media that should never be uploaded.

For one night, much of the entire civilized world is a happy, peaceful, global family united in sheer joy and revelry.

In Gotham City, 2023 commences, and peaceful behavior erodes.

All hell breaks loose with the dropping of the ball in Times Square. People kiss, sing, and then try to escape the freezing weather they have been standing in for the last ten hours.

Of all the global celebrations welcoming the end of 2022, nothing says New Year’s Eve like the convergence of a rap star and an unknown politico.

The rapper is a long-haired, gold-toothed entrepreneur and former Trump Celebrity Apprentice semi-finalist Lil Jon. Dave Chapelle lampooned him as the guy who only says “what” and “ok.”

Lil Jon brought the world one of the greatest party songs, “Shots.”

A celebration of alcohol and fun, plenty of shots will be consumed as 2022 ticks down.

While Lil Jon’s celebrity is established, the senior United States Senator from Hawaii is still barely known on the mainland.

The Senator’s name is spelled “Schatz,” although his last name is pronounced “shots.”

The U.S. Senate has long been about partying, alcohol, and law-breaking in between occasional bouts of governing.

Therefore, the upper chamber of Congress should treat Schatz as a celebrity.

Let Lil Jon do the swearing-in ceremony as the Republican Party and the Democrat Party continue to spend like drunken sailors

at a never-ending New Year’s Eve Party.

Happy New Year Schatzie! Party time!

“When I arrive on the Hill, all eyes on me.
Congressional bender, all drinks are free.
We’re drunken spenders, we’re so far gone.
It’s free money time, so come on down!
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, everybody!
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, everybody!
The ladies love us, when we give free stuff,
We spend your money, on needless fluff,
We’re drunk on power, how ‘bout you?
Bottoms up, let’s go round two!
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, everybody!
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz Schatz,
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, everybody!
If you ain’t drunk on power, get out of Congress now!
If you ain’t drunk on power, get out of the White House now!
If you ain’t drunk on power, get out of government now!
Now where are my spendaholics? Printing presses go!
Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, Schatz,
Schatz, everybody!”

Party hearty, Senator Schatz! Greece, California, and Detroit are only a few trillion wasted dollars away!

To everyone else, may 2022 be a year of peace, love, and most importantly for revelers, fun!

Also, in honor of the junior Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, do not hit on strangers after getting drunk. Friends don’t let friends beer-goggle. This is the Hirono rule, when a guy wakes up the next day, realizes what he has done, and yells, “Her? Oh, no!”

Let’s party! What??????

Happy 2023! Ok!!!!!!!!


The Top 10 Powerful Bald White Guys (PBWGs) of 2022

Friday, December 30th, 2022

The Top 10 Powerful Bald White Guys (PBWGs) of 2022

This list is dedicated to the late radio host Austin Hill. He was a great guy who left us far too soon. He loved this list and gave it more attention than it ever deserved. May he never be forgotten.

This list was inspired by Dann Florek, who played Police Captain Donald Cragen on the “Law & Order” franchises for a couple decades.

A lot of people did not make the list. Joe Biden is ineligible until he admits his baldness and stops hiding behind hair plugs. Vladimir Putin is ineligible because he is a ruthless killer and I do not wish to die. If he asks, I think he has lovely hair. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, but he is no longer the CEO of Amazon. Being rich is not the same as being powerful. Bring powerful requires doing things. He seems either bored or retired. 

Many PBWGs are just retiring, from outgoing Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to outgoing Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. Even the chairman of the federal reserve is now a guy with good hair. 

With that, here are the Top 10 Powerful Bald White Guys (PBWGs) of 2022.

10.) Sam Brinton — He is either transgender, gender fluid, or some other description of himself. He wears lipstick and attempts to look female. Because he lacked useful job skills and filled a token liberal quota, the Biden administration hired him to oversee America’s nuclear program. Brinton supporters are part of an unhealthy group of people who believe a person’s sexuality is an accomplishment rather than a state of being. The rainbow-colored halo around Brinton’s head faded when he was caught stealing airport luggage from other passengers. This is not a gay or straight thing. It’s a criminal thing. He may go to jail. He may ask to be placed in a women’s prison. One look at his mugshot shows an angry bald white male. Brinton would rank higher but he has left the Biden administration. 

10.) Noah Oppenheim — The push for diversity and equity has allowed talentless PBWGs to be replaced with equally talentless minorities. Wokeness is in direct conflict with competence and qualifications. ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC all replaced their PBWGs. Even at the competent Fox News, there is no PBWG in charge. Only one major news network keeps preaching diversity for others but not themselves. NBC News President Noah Oppenheim is a relic of a bygone era. He may deeply believe in social justice as long as he can still reign supreme over others. He has no intention of stepping down and giving an oppressed minority a chance. He is the last PBWG news honcho holdout.

9.) Rupert Murdoch — He is the chairman of News Corp.,, which owns Fox News, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. Yet he installed a woman as President of Fox News. The reason he Unlike Oppenheim, Murdoch has actually tried to step down. The problem is the younger generation of Murdochs lack their father’s talents. Son James in particular is a black sheep of the family, which does not count as diversity. At age 92, Murdoch knows his career in its twilight. Yet he is still the longest lasting PWBG in the history of media. 

8.) Joe Rogan — He was once a part of an ensemble sitcom called “Newsradio.” Now he is the king of the news on the radio. He has the top podcast. Although many people still do not know or care what a podcast is, many people do. Rogan is not political, but he asks serious questions of political figures that the mainstream media refuses to ask. He is a professional comedian, yet his program can be very serious. Most importantly, he frequently turns out to be right by proving the experts wrong. He has become a champion for free speech and giving a voice to the voiceless. The cancel culture failed to cancel him. Society at large is better for this. 

7.) David M. Solomon — Normally the Head Sled at Golden Sachs is the top PBWG because Goldman Sachs runs the world. Goldman Sachs has a history of flitting in between corporate power and government power. Jon Corzine, Hank Paulson, and Lloyd Blankfein are all former Goldman Sachs  PBWG top dogs. Solomon may own the top spot in future years, but it’s tough to win out in tough economic times and war raging across the world. Goldman Sachs is laying off thousands of workers. The company will be fine, but the anti-Wall Street climate makes it tough for Goldman Sachs to have its usual level of undue influence over the government. 

6.) Bernie Sanders — Democrats have gone out of their way to deny the Vermont Senator the Democrat presidential nomination. Yet as the Biden administration flails, fails and flounders, the Bernie supporters are as emboldened as ever. There is simply nobody else to replace him as the leader of his movement. Liz Warren is angry, repulsive and frumpy. The Bernie bots talk about AOC, but they know that is unrealistic. While critics dismiss the idea of a third Bernie presidential run, he has repeatedly confounded expectations. The one advantage Bernie has over Biden is the ability to speak English in full sentences. 

4.) Mark Kelly — The Arizona Senator got elected due to a wellspring of sympathy in the wake of his wife being shot. His record is one of uselessness, yet he keeps winning by hiding his beliefs. He is for everything that is popular until the political winds change. He is actually a hardcore leftist, but he has to pretend to be against open borders. He has mastered the art of asking for help securing the border and then not following up. He hopes that in good time Americans will forget about the pesky border problem and all the fentanyl deaths. He has perfected the art of middle management. Say nothing, have nobody realize you’re in charge, and collect a paycheck. This is much easier than being an astronaut.  

John Fetterman — This rich white leftist spent his entire life doing hard drugs and leeching off of his parents. Like most failures, he became a hardcore leftist virtue-signaler. After a failed stint as a small-town mayor, he decided to fail upward by having his family buy him a Senate seat. Despite suffering a stroke that rendered him incoherent, he insisted on staying in the race. His wife seemed to care more about power than his health. While the Pennsylvania Democrat running for Governor coasted to a 17 point win, Fetterman eked out a one point win over a Republican celebrity with few known core beliefs. Fetterman won by refusing to campaign. He adopted the Joe Biden strategy of hiding in his basement. Now he has six years to get paid without doing any real work. He shows up everywhere in t-shirts and shorts, because rich white leftists believe looking like a bum is the same thing as identifying with people who are struggling. This lazy man of zero accomplishments moralizes to everyone else. Yet despite having no skills, he will have plenty of power in the coming years. 

Rachel Levine — The United States Assistant Secretary of Health keeps insisting that she is female. She has never been singer Adam Levine, but she was born Richard Levine. Richard Levine married a woman and had children, but became a female in 2011. Nevertheless, Levine has won award in multiple genders. USA named her a woman of the year, but the Babylon Bee satire site named her man of the year. Levine’s power goes beyond people not knowing what he or she is. It comes from people not knowing from what Levine does. Her job involves health, but there is nothing about Levine that screams health from a physical or emotional standpoint. She is a token diversity hire in keeping with the Biden tradition of hiring the 1st diverse unqualified incompetent person they can find. PBWGs are boring. Making her a woman is supposed to make her fascinating, but her speeches are quite dull. He and she have both come under fire for publicly recommending that children be encouraged to transition without parental consent. She is against the term “groomer” despite the shoe fitting perfectly for any person of any gender harming children in this manner. This is what happens when political ideology is put above basic human sanity and decency. Unlike Sam Brinton, Levine has managed to avoid committing fireable offenses. 

Yet if there is confusion for the PBWG award because of Levine’s gender, our top spot offers confusion based on race. 

Alejandro Mayorkas _ The Secretary of Homeland Security is deeply committed to an open border. If you like fentanyl killing Americans, thank Mayorkas. He knows what gender he is, but some claim he is ineligible to be a PBWG. He is Hispanic, not Caucasian. He was born in Havana, Cuba, and seems to lie the Fidel Castro authoritarian system. Yet thanks to the Goerge Zimmerman trial, a new category of people was invented by the liberal media called “white Hispanic.” Nobody knows what this means. It is as useless outside woke leftists circles as LatinX (no relation to Malcolm X). Mayorkas is one of the most powerful officials in all of government. He receives huge sums of money to defy congressional orders implementing his boss’s illegal open border agenda. In the spirit of diversity and multiculturalism, it seems unfair to deny this gleaming cueball his due. He has earned the top spot through a hard lack of real work. By being good at nothing, bad at everything, and highly compensated, the over-powerful anti-border Mayorkas is living the American dream. Only in America can someone who hates America conquer it from within without facing consequences. 

For being above the law and flouting that power every single day, Alejandro Mayorkas is the Top Powerful Bald White Guy of 2022


Top 10 Bimbos of 2022

Thursday, December 29th, 2022

The Top 10 Bimbos of 2022

As 2022 prepares to enter the history books, it is time to take a look at the most shallow, vapid people of the year. This list of the Top 10 Bimbos of 2022 has always been controversial because angry leftist feminists (redundant) are incapable of reading the disclaimer. The term “bimbo” is gender neutral. Gender neutral is not the same thing as gender fluid, which is what one puts in their automobile if they self-identify as a car. Gender neutral means bimbos can be male or female. The only qualification is that the person must coast on their style while having zero substance. For years these awards were dedicated to the ultimate bimbos: Former President Barack Obama and singer Katy Perry. Ms. Perry has been less obnoxious in recent years, so she has been replaced in the ultimate bimbo category by her rival Taylor Swift.

Many of you will be surprised that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg all failed to make the list. They have not stopped being bimbos, but selecting the same people every year makes things boring. Also, there are so many bimbos of their il that I felt it necessary to replace them in the interest of their cherished diversity. Neither Prince Harry or Meghan Markle made the list. They have not stopped being insufferable pompous @sses, but there is plenty of time in the future for them to return to this list. I tried to select people that would probably not make the list again. This is their only chance.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West just barely missed the list. These two became joined at the hip years ago when west crashed swift’s acceptance speech. These people are both narcissists. Swift has a carefully crafted reputation for being a sweetheart. Her facade belies a cold, indifferent woman who spends her life complaining that her relationships keeps failing. Her music is about settling scores, failing to realize that maybe she is the problem. While she was not responsible for the Ticketmaster fiasco, she stayed silent as her fans burned. As for West, he suffers from mental illness. Normally that would get him sympathy points, but his constant rants against Jews is over the line. So is his hanging out with actual Neo-Nazis. Swift and West deserve each other. They could be a self-absorbed super-couple. West would finally have a man and Kanye would have a new marriage to wreck. Yet there were actually 10 people even worse than them.

With that, here are the Top 10 Bimbos of 2022.


10.) Jada Pinkett Smith — Some of you may wonder why her husband Will Smith is not on this list for slapping Chris Rock. What Will did was wrong, but Jada set the whole thing in motion. Rock made a joke, because that is what comedians do. He made fun of her for being bald. Will initially laughed at the joke until he saw that his wife was angry and humorless. Will harmed his career and his reputation to pacify his wife. This is after she spent their entire marriage humiliating him by declaring herself in an open marriage. For using and abusing a good guy and letting him take the fall, she is awful even by low Hollywood standards. She would rank higher on this list except that people in Hollywood are the least important people on earth.

9.) Josh McDaniels — The former Patriots offensive coordinator is considered a genius because he won Super Bowls with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. He took over a decent Denver Broncos team and drove them into the ground in less than two years. He flaked on taking the Indianapolis Colts job after accepting it. He might be the most hated man in football not named Lane Kiffin. He parlayed his last failure as a head coach into the head coaching job with the Raiders. He took a playoff team and turned it into a losing team. He took a Pro Bowl quarterback in Derek Carr, wrecked his game, and then benched Carr. McDaniels is very good at blaming everyone else, but the main reason his teams fail is because of him. Now he has all but blown up the franchise, knowing that he cannot be fired with three years remaining on his contract. He is that rare combination of arrogance without the achievements to back it up.

8.) Paul Pelosi — In late 2022, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was bludgeoned in his home by a mentally ill leftist political activist ranting and raving about his wife. Mr. Pelosi became a sympathetic figure, but the truth of what happened has been suppressed by the media. Rumors abound that he was attacked by someone he knew and invited over to his home. Whether this was a gay romance gone bad or a legitimate robbery turned violent, the media needs to stop hiding the video footage. The real issue is that Paul Pelosi has been protected his entire life. Earlier in 2022, he caused a drunk driving accident that left him injured and two cars smashed. Again, getting a video of the crime scene has proved impossible. The leftist prosecutors did everything they could to tank the case. This is odd given that Paul Pelosi as a teenager was responsible for a driving crash that killed someone. His rich white liberal privilege prevents him from facing charges for any of these situations or for his years of insider trading. His stock trades would be illegal if done by someone not married to one of the most powerful Democrats in America.

7.) John Fetterman — This rich white leftist spent his entire life doing hard drugs and leeching off of his parents. Like most failures, he became a hardcore leftist virtue-signaler. After a failed stint as a small-town mayor, he decided to fail upward by having his family buy him a Senate seat. Despite suffering a stroke that rendered him incoherent, he insisted on staying in the race. His wife seemed to care more about power than his health. While the Pennsylvania Democrat running for Governor coasted to a 17 point win, Fetterman eked out a one point win over a Republican celebrity with few known core beliefs. Fetterman won by refusing to campaign. He adopted the Joe Biden strategy of hiding in his basement. Now he has six years to get paid without doing any real work. He shows up everywhere in t-shirts and shorts, because rich white leftists believe looking like a bum is the same thing as identifying with people who are struggling. This lazy man of zero accomplishments moralizes to everyone else.

6.) Disney executives — There have been many legitimate reasons to hate Disney over the years. Nevertheless, it is hard to believe the company is worse than when Michael Eisner was around. He only wasted money and created a fraudulent image of Mickey Mouse. A Disney vacation has long been unaffordable, but in 2022 the company began committing corporate suicide by embracing woke leftist politics. Every character had to appeal to transgender people and Black Lives Matter activists or be shut down. When leftists demanded that Disney speak out against a Florida “Don’t say gay” bill that had nothing to do with gay people, Disney buckled to pressure. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had finally had enough of Disney’s virtue-signaling. He threatened to remove Disney’s special tax exemption. The mice behind the mouse got the message. The CEO was ousted and Bob Iger returned. He is a liberal virtue-signaler himself, but a raging capitalist first. He will replace wokeism with Disney’s true goal, jacking up the stock price.

5.) Sam Brinton — The Biden is famous for hiring tokens. Someone can be completely unqualified to do any real work as long as they belong to a real or invented minority group. Sam Brinton is unsure about his own gender. In Biden’s eyes, this made him qualified to handle nuclear waste material for the government. Brinton spent more time talking about his sexuality than in doing his job. Like most leftists, he labeled anyone questioning his job performance as homophobic. Yet even Brinton found out that a person’s sexuality is not an excuse for being a common criminal thief. After being repeatedly caught on airport cameras stealing other people’s luggage, Brinton was arrested. As flamboyant as he looked while on the job, this person claiming to be a female looked like a standard bald white male in his mugshot. Brinton was hired because he was of an indeterminate gender. He was fired for being a criminal.

4.) Nina Jankowicz — This unbelievably annoying virtue-signaling leftist was selected by Joe Biden to head up his “Disinformation Governance Board.” The real shock is that such a position could even exist in America. Like most leftists, Jankowicz was eager to censor conservatives under the cover of disinformation. Even by normal liberal smugness standards, her chirping altered lyrics to “SuperCalifragiliciousexpialadocious” was insufferable. Outrage against her led to a backlash against this new board. She denied the board and met, got caught lying about this, and resigned under pressure. The board was disbanded. Now this zealot is taking her “talents” to the private sector, where she gets paid to scream “disinformation” at people she hates. Despite her horrible existence in government, her very brief tenure prevented her from being destructive enough to rank higher.

3.) Former Twitter executives — When Elon Musk purchased Twitter, he discovered a cesspool of corruption and censorship. Twitter’s executive team of hardcore leftists took glee in censoring and banning conservatives. Many of the bans were arbitrary under the phony guise of “misinformation.” From Covid to climate change to transgenderism, misinformation was simply anything powerful liberals disagreed with. The main censorship culprits Vijaya Gadde, Yoel Roth, Parag Agrawal. Agrawal was the CEO and Censor-in-Chief who proudly declared that censoring opposing views was acceptable. Roth was the Head of Trust and Safety, a laughable title. Gadde had the even more fraudulent title of Head of Legal, Policy and Trust. The people in charge of “trust” repeatedly got lying about their intentions, methods and practices. As the worst of the bunch, Gadde was naturally hired by the Biden administration to help censorship efforts there. People who can defend their ideas and beliefs do so.People with indefensible ideas and beliefs try to prevent opposing views from being uttered. Normally these wretched would top the list of bimbos, but their influence has been reduced thanks to Musk cleaning house.

2.) Sam Bankman-Fried — Based on his style of dress, this young virtue-signaler might be the love child of John Fetterman and Don King. Sam Bankman-Fried was a 30 year old billionaire who ran a cryptocurrency firm. He showed up to meetings in short and a t-shirt and became a member of the protected class due to his progressive politics. He donated millions of dollars to Democrats. He was the second biggest Democrat donor behind George Soros. Yet behind all of his billions of dollars was not business acumen but outright criminal fraud. Crypto may be complex, but what SBF did was very simple. He commingled customer funds with company funds, illegally withdrew customer funds, and used those customer funds to fund his lavish lifestyle. SBF got away with it for so long for the same reason most of his ilk do. He spouted progressive politics and gave heavily to Democrats. He is a vegan. He supports climate change action and gay rights. He virtue-signals. Democrats in return protected him. He bought their silence with illegally donated stolen campaign cash. Yet the bigger story is that every link in his business chain is fraud. The input is crypto, which is in itself a fraudulent “currency” built on nothing and used to finance drug and sex trafficking. The output is climate change action, which is based on fraudulent pseudo-science and lies meant to manipulate people. SBF was the fraudulent middle man connecting a fraudulent product with fraudulent purposes. The case against him is strong, but powerful people do not want him to testify. Chances are, the prosecutors against him will tank the case.

The only reason SBF is not number one is because he is a private citizen. He is connected on high to powerful people in government, but the guy ahead of him is in charge of a major part of our government.

1.) Merrick Garland — He pretended to be a moderate Democrat so that he could lie his way onto the United States Supreme Court. Republicans smartly figured out that Barack Obama nominated leftists, not moderates. Obama likes people who use their government position to seek revenge on political opponents. Upon becoming Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Garland went into vengeance mode. Under pressure from his fellow angry leftists, Garland became obsessed with imprisoning Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election. If Donald Trump were truly irrelevant, the Biden administration would ignore him. If Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election over Trump honestly, Biden would delight in a rematch. At the very least his supporters would not live in fear of this rematch. Democrats are determined to ban Trump from running again, which is what dictators in third world banana republics do to their political opposition.

Under orders from the boss and heavy pressure from the left, Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered a raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago mansion. The same FBI agents who perpetrated the 2016 Russia collusion hoax were involved in this raid. Trump was accused of stealing classified documents. This lacks common sense. Any United States President can declare any document unclassified. The double standard was astounding given the kid glove treatment Hillary Clinton received for actually illegally possessing classified documents. Her home was never raided. The raid backfired. Even those who had become weary of Trump’s behavior were outraged at the abuse of government power. In an even more bizarre turn of events, FBI agents felt compelled in the name of “national security” to rifle through Melania Trump’s underwear. Perhaps Garland has weird sexual proclivities akin to Biden or J. Edgar Hoover. He turned a document raid into a panty raid. Garland’s worst quality is his stubborn insistence that he is apolitical and runs the Department of Justice in an apolitical manner. This is nonsense. He kicks in doors with guns drawn and arrests 70 and 80 year old Republicans. He places them in solitary confinement. Democrats get the kid glove treatment. For being more obsessed with Americans who disagree with him politically than with actual global terrorists, Merrick Garland is the top bimbo of 2022.