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The GOP Debate: Clear Foreign Policy Contrasts

Friday, August 25th, 2023

The GOP Debate: Clear Foreign Policy Contrasts


The first GOP presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle was a truly substantive affair. While there was some bombast, it was mostly a very sober discussion of policy differences. Naturally, all eight candidates on the stage agreed that President Joe Biden should be fired. On abortion, the differences were mostly confined to tactics. The real major divergence came on key foreign policy issues. Divisions that came about with the emergence of Ron Paul in 2008 have not fully healed.


Fairly or not, former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney left office with the Neoconservative brand tarnished. The Ron Paul Paleocons lost the ideological battle but won the war with Donald Trump’s election in 2016. Trump’s foreign policy was basically Ron Paul’s, but with sanity. Trump favored muscular non-interventionism, while Paul despite the denials of his supporters had a strong isolationist strain. With Trump’s ascendancy in 2016, Neocons like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were left in the dust. The 2023 Fox News debate in Milwaukee brought the Neocons back with a vengeance. Their conflict with the Paleocons reached a boiling point.


The Paleocon wing was represented by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramswamy. DeSeantis served in the military and favors the muscular non-interventionist Trump approach to foreign policy. Ramaswamy claims to be a Trump disciple, but his comments at the debate were Ron Paul isolationist.


The Neocon side was represented most forcefully by former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. Despite being Trump’s Vice President, this debate saw Mike Pence return unapologetically to his Neocon roots.


On two particular foreign policy issues, the differences could not have been more stark.


On Israel, Ramaswamy reiterated cutting off aid to Israel in 2028. He tried to explain this as an act of tough love that will benefit America’s friend Israel in the long run. Haley was having none of this. She torched his position as wrong for America, Israel and the world. She pointed out that America needs Israel as a bulwark against hostile Middle East actors. Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are proud overt evangelical Christians and supporters of Israel. On this issue, Ramaswamy stood alone as DeSantis stayed quiet. DeSantis has expressed a desire to cut foreign aid to many nations but is also a staunch Israel supporter.


Ukraine saw the sharpest differences that separated the adults from the unserious individuals. Ramaswamy actually claimed that the United States has no national interest in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. Pence upbraided Ramaswamy during the debate as a “rookie.”


Pence was right. For decades, the Republican Party and Democrats beyond the anti-war crowd understood the rights of sovereign nations. One nation cannot simply gobble up another nation with impunity. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, former President George Herbert Walker Bush declared that “This will not stand.” Russia’s Vladimir Putin exposed the weakness of former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden by seizing Crimea without consequences.


As Pence, Haley and North Dakota Doug Burgum pointed out, Russia conquering Ukraine would have catastrophic global consequences. China would be emboldened to seize Taiwan. The dreaded World War III would be a plausible scenario.


Burgum was not asked about Israel, and North Dakota has one Chabad House in Fargo that sometimes gets a Minyan. Yet on China, Burgum showed himself to be as serious as Ramaswamy was glib. Ramaswamy’s boldness in seeking to gut the administrative state is overshadowed by a foreign policy approach that is naïve and dangerous.


The big winner of the debate was the Bush-Cheney foreign policy approach. At the very least, the Ron Paul approach is being rejected as the GOP returns to its adulthood roots. The world is globally connected. Burrowing our heads in the sand is no longer an option. For those who still need a clear reminder, the September 11th attacks are the consequences of believing that overseas problems stay overseas. Taking the fight to bad actors everywhere is the only way to keep them from spilling American blood on American soil.

8/23/23 GOP Debate

Thursday, August 24th, 2023

8/23/23 GOP Debate

Rich men North of Richmond question.

Ron DeSantis: Reverse Bidenomics

Chris Christie: I was a conservative Republican in a blue state. Truth and accountability. 

Tim Scott: I vote against spending packages in the Senate. Biden caused inflation.

Vivek Ramaswamy: I’m not a politician. I’m an entrepreneur. Politicians run from something. I’m running to something. 

Nikki Haley: Biden didn’t ’t do this to us. Our Republicans did this to us too. They passed trillions in spending. Trump added 8 trillion to the debt. I think it’s time for an accountant in the White House.

Mike Pence: I’m very proud of the Trump-Pence record. I’m the best prepared, most tested, most qualified proven conservative in this race. 

Ramaswamy: Declare war on the federal administrative state. 

Pence: I balanced budgets and cut taxes. Now is not the time for on the job training. 

DeSantis: We were wrong to lock down the country during Covid. Fauci should have been fired. 

Ramaswamy: Do you want a Super Pac puppet or a patriot who speaks the truth?

Doug Burgum: The economy, energy and national security are all tied together. 1.2 trillion dollars of green new deal spending in the IRA is subsidizing China. Solar panels are produced in China in a factory run by coal.

Asa Hutchinson: I’m a pro-life governor. We shrunk the size of government. 

MAUI and climate change:

DeSantis: I’ve handled real crises as Governor.

Ramaswamy: The climate change agenda is a hoax. More people are dying of bad climate change policies than climate change.

Christie: Ramaswamy sounds like Chat GPT. 

Haley: Invoked Margaret Thatcher. Climate change is real. China and India have to lower their emissions. 

Scott: This is childish. America can do for anyone what she has done for me. Bring jobs home from China.


Haley: A federal ban would require the House and 60 Senate votes. We need consensus.

DeSantis: We had the biggest election landslide in Florida history. Abortion didn’t hurt us. Democrats favor abortion up until birth. Different states have different approaches. 

Pence: I’ve been a champion for life. Consensus is the opposite of leadership. A ban after 15 weeks is appropriate. 

Burgum: No federal abortion ban. 10th Amendment. Get the feds out of our lives. 

Hutchinson: It’s ok to address abortion at the federal level. 

Scott: We cannot let California, New York and Illinois have abortion on demand until birth. That’s immoral. A 15 week abortion ban at the federal level is appropriate. Our creator gave us inalienable rights including life.

Haley: Ask Biden and Harris if they favor 38, 39 or 40 weeks.


Pence: Blame Democrats and the defund the police movement. The Trump-Pence tax cuts expire in 2025 if we don’t elect a GOP president. Shut down the Department of Education. 

Christie: I ran a US Attorney’s office. Woke prosecutors are refusing to do their jobs. I’d hire an AG who would have the 93 US Attorneys prosecute violent crime at the federal level. Joe Biden sponsored the 10 year mandatory minimum for gun felonies that Hunter committed.

Ramaswamy: More cops. We have a mental health epidemic. More mental health institutions. People are hungry for purpose and meaning. We will stand for the rule of law. 

Pence: We are not looking for a new national identity. We need government as good as its people. 

Ramaswamy: We are in a dark time. 

DeSantis: Crime is at a 50 year low in Florida. George Soros funds radical leftist DAs. I fired Soros DAs. 

Burgum: In small towns, neighbors help neighbors. I understand small town values. 

Hutchinson: Enforce the law. More addiction counseling. Trump has undermined the law by attacking judges. 


if Trump is convicted, would you still support him as the nominee? Hutchinson and Christie said no.

Christie: Trump’s conduct is beneath the dignity of the USA. 

Ramaswamy: Trump was the best president of the 21st century. Christie’s campaign is based on vengeance against Trump. 

Christie: Trump disrespected the Constitution. 

Scott: Pence did the right thing by certifying the 2020 election. Fire Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray. Only 17% of Republicans have confidence in our DoJ. 

DeSantis: This election is not about January 6, 2021. It’s about January 20, 2025. My military service taught me to focus on the mission at hand. 

Pence: I kept my oath to the Constitution that day. There is no higher importance. 

DeSantis: Mike did his duty, but let’s move on. 

Hutchinson: Trump is morally disqualified from the White House again due to January 6th. Hutchinson referenced the “insurrection” and invoked the 14th Amendment argument (which has been debunked). 

Christie: Mike Pence stood for the Constitution. He deserves our thanks for putting the USA above his personal ambition and pressure. 

Haley: Pence did the right thing. The American people should decide if Trump is fit to be in charge again. We need a new generational leader. We can’t win a general election with the most disliked politician in American.

Burgum: Pence was right. Talking about Trump takes time away from talking about China.

Ramaswamy: I’d pardon Trump. 

Pence: I put the Constitution first and I always will. Kamala Harris will have no right to overturn the election in 2024 when we win. 


DeSantis: Europe is not pulling their weight.

Ramaswamy: An invasion of another nation nowhere near us is not our problem. Stop worshiping Pope Zelensky. 

Christie: Trump called Putin brilliant. We must stand up against an autocratic killer. 

Pence: The leader of the free world must lead. The Reagan Doctrine said we fight Communism on their soil. If we give up Ukraine, Putin will advance on a NATO nation. Putin is a dictator and a murderer. 

Ramaswamy: The real threat we face is Communist China. Ukraine is not a priority for the USA. 

Haley: The world needs to know the difference between right and wrong. Only 3% of our budget has gone to Ukraine. A win for Russia is a win for China. Vivek wants to hand Taiwan to China. He wants to stop funding Israel. 

Ramaswamy: Nikki is on the board of Lockheed and Raytheon. 

Haley: Ramaswamy has no foreign policy experience and it shows. 

Ramaswamy: I love Israel’s border and tough on crime policies. 

Haley: America needs Israel. They are a middle East Bulwark.

DeSantis: No troops to Ukraine. 


Burgum: Russia is China’s gas station. China imports 10 million barrels of gas per day. Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal emboldened China. 

Scott: Our most pressing safety issue is the Southern border because of Fentanyl. Finish the border wall. 

Burgum: Losing 300 people per day due to overdoses.


Hutchinson: Border patrol can use lethal force if necessary. Bring in Mexico as a partner. Use economic pressure. After 9/11, we launched the Global war on Terror and protected the Southern border.

DeSantis: I’ll send the military and special forces into Mexico to kill the cartels. 

Pence: We secured the Southern border and reduced illegal immigration by 90%. Biden let everyone in. I negotiated the wall funding and the Remain in Mexico policy. We got the Mexicans to deploy their National Guard to their Southern border. 

Christie: We have to have law and order in this country. We can’t reward people who came illegally. Those who came illegally must be sent back. 


DeSantis: We need education and not indoctrination. Lockdowns hurt our kids. I brought back civics in Florida. 

Ramaswamy: This is the civil rights issue of our time. Stop paying single women to have children. Eliminate the Department of Education.

Burgum: Not every school is indoctrinating kids. II go to the schools and sit in and personally observe. Give states block grants for education. 

Haley: We have to get kids reading. We need reading remediation. Parents should have school choice. Put vocational lasses back in high school. Biological boys don’t belong in girls locker rooms. 


Pence: We don’t need a president who is too old or too young. We need someone who knows how the government works. School choice for all parents. 

Ramaswamy: The people can separate a thinking person from an automaton. 

Hutchinson: We need more computer science education. Every school must offer this. This is how we compete with China. 


Scott: America is founded on Judeo-Christian values. Break the backs of the teachers unions. 


DeSantis: I served, but service should be voluntary. Being president is about the mission, not the individual.


Christie: Joked that Marsha MacCallum is from New Jersey, which is why he got the UFO question. The president has to always level with the American people always. I went after the teachers unions, they are the biggest threat to kids, not UFOs. 


Burgum: Biden’s inflation is choking us. Our cities are less safe. Our economy is being crushed by Biden. I’ll secure the border and get this economy sprinting. Innovation, not regulation. We win the cold war with China by growing our economy. 

Hutchinson: Our nation is in trouble because of failed leadership. The solution is not Biden or Trump. A president’s number one responsibility is to bring out the best of our people. 

Scott: The American dream is alive, well and healthy. If you take out a loan, you pay it back. If you commit a violent crime, you go to jail. If you’re born a man, you play sports with men. 

Christie: I’m the only one on this stage who beat a Democrat incumbent in an election. The truth and accountability matter. 

Haley: My  husband is in Afghanistan there. We must protect America here. We will put transparency in classrooms, secure the border, and back our law enforcement. 

Pence: Biden has weakened America at home and abroad. The Afghanistan withdrawal, the war on energy, the border, etc. Proven leadership at the national level. God is not done with America. 

Ramswamy: We were taught to celebrate diversity rather than Americans bound by a common set of ideals. God is real, 2 genders, fossil fuels are a requirement for human prosperity, parents determine the education of their children, the nuclear family is great, 3 branches of government not 4, the Constitution is supreme. 

Desantis: We will send Biden back to his basement and reverse the decline. 

Missouri bathroom encounter

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

My recent encounter with a random individual in a Missouri bathroom will last in my memory bank forever. The person has most likely already forgotten me, but they will never be forgotten. In the 15 to 30 seconds we interacted, life lessons were taught and learned. Memories came flooding back. My own biases were as clear as my reflection staring back at me from that bathroom mirror.


After washing my hands and preparing to exit the restroom, the other person walked in. To my horror, a woman had just entered the men’s bathroom. My first reaction was panic. Was this the women’s bathroom? Admitting error was out of the question. My words were defiant, telling this young female that “This is the men’s room!” The conversation quickly deteriorated when the equally defiant teenage woman said “I’m a man.”


This had all the makings of a nightmarish transgender conversation. Whatever one feels about transgender issues, a public restaurant washroom is not going to be the place where every divisive social issue gets solved. However one feels about gender pronouns, a bathroom is a place to engage in unmentionable activities, wash your hands, and leave. Arguing about gender was not going to solve the problem. My one-word perplexed question to this individual was a simple “What?” This brought a response that left me dumbfounded at myself.


“I am a man. I have long hair.”


Color me gobsmacked. This had nothing to do with transgenderism, pronouns, or other terms that barely existed before 2015. This was an issue as old as time itself. I mistook a boy for a girl simply because the teenage boy had long hair.


After apologizing to the boy twice and even thrice, all I could meekly muster to say was that, “When I was 21, my hair was longer than yours.” Who was I kidding? My hair was longer several months ago.


Kids do sometimes turn into their parents, but I had just turned into my late grandfather. All I needed was a Yiddish accent and a rolled-up newspaper to chase hooligans away.


My grandfather was an old-school Eastern European immigrant who fled the Holocaust and spoke broken English. He never accepted that boys could have long hair. In the 1980s and early 1990s, he would introduce me to his friends with the sarcastic taunt of, “This is Eric. He’s my new granddaughter.”


When my hair went from shoulder length to mid-back, he told me that I looked like a “Calderone.” The man spoke five languages, but Italian was not one of them. Calderone sounded Italian. My father intervened and spoke to my grandfather in Yiddish. My father explained to his father that a Calderone was a person, not a thing. After impatiently inquiring who this Calderone guy was, my father replied, “Your grandfather says you look like the drug dealer on Miami Vice.” At least that drug dealer was male.


Eventually I explained to my grandfather that “The hair does not make you sell the drugs. I have long hair. I don’t do drugs.” While he never accepted my long hair, he did eventually accept that my Y chromosome existed. My gender was male, without ambiguity.


In the 1980s, guys with long hair were either in a rock band or they were transients. A young stoned teenager on the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade once remarked to me that my “third album sucked.” My anger quickly subsided when my friends reminded me that I was never in a band. At least this guy who hated my non-existent music understood that cool guys had long hair.


Misgendering has existed ever since society decided that men had to have short hair and women had to have long hair.


Beyond that, not every conflict is due to raging political issues of the day. Occam’s Razor is still valid. The simplest explanation is often the truthful one.


To anyone who has ever been misgendered, join my club. It happens to the best of us.


Now to flout society’s conventions and grow my hair long again, because I can. At age 51, I’m old enough to remember when that truly was an act of rebellion.


I hope the Missouri kid keeps his hair long for as long as he wants without further hassles.


Whether you believe there are two genders or two hundred of them, one thing is as clear as the Cowsills: I’m a guy, and “There ain’t no words for the beauty and the splendor, the wonder of my hair!”

Liberals created and keep fueling the MAGA movement

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Liberals created and keep fueling the MAGA movement


Donald Trump’s third straight presidential run has conservatives split between “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) die-hards and those singing Bob Seger’s “Turn the page.” Liberals uniformly oppose Trump for a litany of reasons. Many liberals see Mr. Trump as Frankenstein’s monster. These liberals fail to realize this makes them Frankenstein. They created Trump, nurtured him, and continue eight years later to feed, fuel and motivate him and his MAGA movement.


Understanding Trump’s initial rise requires returning to 2011. Governor Mitt Romney cleaned President Barack Obama’s clock in their first presidential debate. The Obama team realized a positive reelection campaign like Ronald Reagan’s 1984 “Morning in America” or Bill Clinton’s 1996 “Bridge to the 21st Century” would fail during tough economic times.


Romney was like Mr. Rogers, only nicer. Obama’s team successfully painted polite Midwesterner Romney as a racist, sexist, heartless, plutocratic vulture capitalist who enjoyed firing people. Obama verbally decked Romney and punched his way to a second term.


Romney and Senator John McCain before him pulled punches out of fear of blowback from criticizing America’s first partially black president. With Hillary Clinton in 2016, Republicans faced the same quandary.


Republicans needed a street brawler. Rudy Giuliani underperformed in 2008.  New Jersey’s Chris Christie underwhelmed in 2012. Both opted out in 2016. Only Donald Trump remained.


Republicans overlooked Trump’s behavior because he was a ferocious counter-puncher. No blow was out of bounds. Rosie O’Donnell started a feud with him for laughs. He made her cry.


Trump’s campaign was also a fist in the eyes of smug late-night comedians. Seth Meyers roasted Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, calling him a “joke.” John Oliver dared Trump to run. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel ridiculed him. They stopped laughing after he won.


Yet the biggest gift American liberals gave Trump was a clear policy lane. His undisciplined personal style aside, Trump was remarkably disciplined on policy. Voters felt economic angst, and Trump repeatedly hammered the same two themes of trade and immigration he had addressed for over 30 years.


Democrats focused on social issues. Voters understood at the time that abortion was legal and gay marriage was law of the land. Climate change registered at the bottom of opinion surveys.


On election day, Trump campaigned in Wisconsin. Hillary partied with A-list celebrities. Trump’s victory equated to “Caddyshack” Rodney Dangerfield defeating Ted Knight’s Judge Smails. The slobs defeated the snobs.


Eight years later, many Democrats still have not learned. Some prop Trump up under the belief he cannot win. More plausibly, they cannot ignore him. The more President Joe Biden’s approval languishes, the more Democrats frighten voters with “Orange Man Bad.”


Democrats mock Trump, his policies, and worst of all, his voters. Indicting Trump and raiding his Mar-A-Lago home under flimsy charges emboldens him. He successfully paints his critics as wacky conspiracy theorists who insist he is a Russian spy. His supporters rush to defend him when he claims, “They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” Most Trump voters are not racists, sexists, conspiracy theorists or insurrectionists. They just want a better life.


Democrats created MAGA by condescendingly dismissing Trump voters as society’s filthy dregs. Trump reminded these voters that their lives also matter.


With spiraling inflation, food and fuel prices, and crime, Democrats need better answers than blaming Trump. Even those questioning his policy prescriptions concede that at least he has them. Democrats attacking voters as Gaea-killing transphobes give Trump his opening.


Had Democrats sacrificed Obama’s identity politics, Romney may have served two very moderate terms. Flaming culture wars would have been on the back burner of a quiet, non-controversial technocratic administration.  Trump would have spent a decade building bigger, better golf courses.


A 2024 Trump win would again be by default. He can win if enough voters believe Democrats, as in 2016, remain indifferent to their survival.

Christian children murdered: The unanswered transgender question

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Christian children murdered: The unanswered transgender question


Time must not allow the Nashville massacre to fade into obscurity.


In a shocking display of brutality, a transgender individual broke into her former Nashville Christian school and shot six people to death. Three innocent children and three adult employees are no longer with us. Two Tennessee police offers subsequently shot and killed Audrey Hale, ending the threat.


The heartbreaking murders on March 28th turned the political world upside down. The LGBTQ+ community has long claimed to be victims of bullying. In the Nashville horror, the transgender person was the cold-blooded aggressor. Christians were the victims.


The typical deflection to gun control preceded the expected straw man argument about reprisals. A backlash against the LGBTQ+ community is fiction. Most Americans are good, decent people who eschew painting entire groups with a broad brush. Americans did not rampage against Muslims after 9/11 or assault Jews due to the 2008 financial crisis. No sane person would even think about blaming Caitlyn Jenner for Audrey Hale’s evil act.


Yet the shooter’s sexual orientation cannot be ignored either. It is central to the shooting, not peripheral. Rather than cower in fear of transphobia accusations, Americans must ask the unanswered transgendered question.


Is it dangerous to change genders?


Before some heads explode, this question is medical, not political. It is one thing for an adult man like Bruce Jenner to make a life-altering decision. Children could face far more risks.


Adopting a new pronoun is simple. A gender change involves complex physical alterations to the human body. These alterations can include serious surgical changes and chemical drugs.


Some drugs do cause violent behavior. Many people who consumed powder or crack cocaine committed crimes in the heat of violent rages. Crystal meth addicts often turn to violent crime to feed their habit.


It is not an attack on gay or transgendered people to ask questions about puberty blockers. Anyone who believes in science should demand that every drug be scrutinized. If Viagra, Rogaine or Theraflu were causing violence, they would hopefully be pulled from the market. The Food and Drug Administration must not hold puberty blockers to a lower standard.


The transgender movement is relatively new. It only began gaining steam in 2015. Eight years is not a lot of time to get drugs to market, much less have comprehensive studies verifying their safety and efficacy. Time horizons matter. This is why many Americans refusing to take the Covid vaccine support vaccinations for polio, measles, and other diseases.


Puberty blockers could be completely safe. Either way, the American Medical Association must release every single study done on every single one of these drugs. Experts for and against these drugs should have public debates where neither side is censored.


Rather than feel persecuted, the LGBTQ+ community should demand to know if the drugs their community is taking are safe. As with the 1980s AIDS crisis, it is far better to hurt people’s feelings than let them die.


It is totally understandable for gay and transgender people to be skeptical about motives. Studies linking being gay to pedophilia were debunked, but not until after causing many innocent gay people significant pain. Trust of others is difficult, but people on both sides of the transgender rights debate have to unite on this issue of drug testing.


Did Audrey Hale take puberty blockers? Can these drugs cause violent behavior in a percentage of people who take them? If yes, what percentage? If yes, should they be banned? Are there other drugs that can counteract potential violence?


Evangelical Christian conservatives and leftist transgender activists can agree on the most important point of all. Nothing in this world is worse than innocent murdered children.


We need to ask this hard transgender question and get honest answers before one more child of any orientation suffers an untimely violent death.   

Chabad’s Secret Sauce Revealed

Monday, July 31st, 2023

Chabad’s Secret Sauce Revealed


Many factors, exacerbated by a global pandemic, have led to declining religious participation. Catholic and Protestant churches have lost congregants. Judaism seems to constantly be one existential crisis away from total extinction. Synagogues closed during COVID, and have yet to reopen.


Straddled between Reform and Orthodox, Conservative Judaism was squeezed from both sides. Many Conservative synagogues closed. American Jewish University, once a leading producer of Conservative rabbis, all but collapsed. They are desperately seeking a buyer for their idle Bel Air campus in a troublesome commercial real estate market.


Reform Judaism is suffering but surviving. Top Reform synagogues maintain an abundance of wealthy donors. Additionally, Reform Jews comprise a majority of overall Jews. Helping matters is an influx of congregants from Conservative synagogues uncomfortable with the strictness of Orthodox shuls. These congregants are a one-time solution salve, not an elixir.


While various religious denominations and sects shrink, Orthodox Judaism has bucked the trend. Chabad in particular is experiencing rapid growth expansion. As other synagogues close up shop, contract or merge to survive, Chabad houses are springing up globally. This is not a value judgment of which sect is best, just a cold numbers-based analysis.


Ironically, Chabad’s secret sauce is not secret at all. Unlike Coca-Cola’s formula, Chabad’s mixture of ingredients is readily available for copying. Chabad gets two very big things right.


First, Chabad creates a welcoming environment for every Jew. The Lubavitcher Rebbe wanted Chabad houses to welcome all Jews regardless of age, religiosity level, or personal politics. Cancel culture is non-existent.


Many Reform synagogues have become Democrat Party headquarters with bagels. Sermons that alienate Republicans are commonplace. Political liberalism is practically mandatory.


Orthodox Jews embrace traditional values and generally vote as Christian evangelicals do. My private conversations with Chabad rabbis from all 50 states had over 90% of them conceding that they vote Republican. Yet most Chabad rabbis refuse to allow politics into their shuls. They are truly inclusive. Politically liberal Jews are welcome. Campus Chabad rabbis in particular keep their political conservatism quiet to avoid antagonizing the many liberal students attending their services.


Chabad’s second key element is a brilliant balancing act. While open to all Jews, Chabad rejects liberalization of standards, rituals or traditions. There is zero compromise on doctrine. Chabad refuses to water down traditions to augment membership. Quite the opposite, the Torah is the standard. Chabad will not judge people’s conduct in their own homes. They will promote proper conduct in the Rebbe’s houses.


This combination of a loving outstretched hand with a traditional, absolutist religious

philosophy works. People know that a Chabad house provides an authentic traditional Jewish experience in a relaxed loving environment. Chabad will not perform gay marriages or interfaith marriages but will absolutely welcome gay Jews and interfaith couples to attend Chabad functions. Doctrine is absolute, but everyone is loved without judgment.


This approach proved decisive during COVID. Pajama-clad non-Orthodox congregants were able to observe services from their own bedrooms. Returning to physical temples became inconvenient. Conversely, Chabad houses reopened early in the pandemic and refused to close again. They understood that the survival of entities we call communities were at stake. With Zoom Shabbat services prohibited, Orthodoxy required in-person attendance. The mourner’s kaddish for a deceased parent requires 10 men. Friday night Shabbos dinners require at least three men to do post-meal benching rituals. A possible quick COVID death was not an excuse to allow a slow, painful death from individual isolation and community breakdown. Chabad’s outstretched hand offered Jews a place to meet, eat, pray and socialize together. Clearly delineated rules applied to attendees equally.


Raise standards and people will meet them. Treat everyone with a loving welcome and they will keep returning. Attendees may initially come for delicious food and abundant alcohol. They often stay long-term for the beautiful environment. They then may try replicating this in their own homes.


To survive and thrive, non-Orthodox denominations would benefit from copying Chabad’s successful two-pronged approach. Strengthening all Jewish sects benefits Jews of all stripes.

247 fun reasons to love America

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

247 fun reasons to love America

1980 Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team

1980s hard rock hair metal

2 Live Crew’s Banned in the USA

7-Eleven Big Gulps and Slurpees

ACDC’s You shook me, Thunderstruck, Moneytalks

Adam Sandler


Airheads band The Lone Rangers

Al D’Amato’s singing


America the Beautiful sung by Ray Charles

American soldiers and veterans


Anthony Clark

Bad Touch’s Discovery Channel

Batman: The Dark Knight

BB King and Lucille

Belker on Hill Street Blues

Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

Biff Henderson

Bill Cosby, Himself video

Bill Murray’s Quick Change

Bill of Rights

Bill the Cat


Blue Collar Comedy Tour

Blue Bloods


Bluegrass Junction

Bounce houses

Bouncing 25 cent rubber balls

Boxing promoter Don King


Bubblebaths for two

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck


Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise movies



Capture the flag

Cards Against Humanity

Chabad Houses

Charitable people


Cheers’s Sam Mayday Malone and Norm Peterson

Cherry Lime Rickeys

Chocolate covered cherries

Chris Berman

Chris Gardner’s The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Noth’s Mike Logan

Chris Tucker singing Barry White


Coed touch football


Commando and pantsless Wednesdays (until HR intervened)

Conan O’Brien’s In the Year 2000

Corn Fritters

Cosmic Bowling

County Fairs

Dale Intimidator Earnhardt’s 1998 Daytona 500

Dana Carvey

Dann Florek’s Captain Donald Cragen

David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists

Dazed and Confused — Mitch Kramer


Dennis Farina

Desperate Housewives

Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo

Die Hard

DirecTV NFL Package

Dog-riding monkey

Donald Trump–from the Apprentice to the White House to Twitter


Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda

Dr. Charles Krauthammer

Duck Dynasty


Edible underthings



Eye of the tiger


Flavored massage oil

Founding Fathers

Fox News

Fraggle Rock

Freedom, liberty, right of dissent

Gaga (dodgeball using closed fist and cherry ball)

Game nights

Garlic knots

Gatorade dumping on coaches

George W. Bush picks up bullhorn

Glow sticks as fake cigars

Golden Corral

GPS trackers

Greg the Bunny

Greg Gutfeld


Happy face emoticons



Henny Youngman

Hot Chocolate’s You sexy thing (I believe in miracles)

Hot scantily clad women

Howard Stern

I once finger-(blanked) a hermit crab (whoever said that)

In n Out Burger

Independence Day BBQs

Instant messaging

Internet dating


Italian ices

J. Geils Band’s Centerfold

Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Nathan R. Jessup

Jacuzzi romps


Jell-O wrestling

Jerry Orbach’s Lenny Briscoe

Jerry Reed’s Eastbound and Down

Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

John Cougar Mellencamp’s Pink Houses and Hurts so good

John Facenda’s The Autumn Wind

John McEnroe’s tennis tantrums

Judaism celebrated in peace

Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Scalia’s scathing dissents

Karl Rove’s whiteboard


KFC Popcorn Chicken


Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom

King of the Hill


Kosher imitation bacon and crab

Krispy Kreme Donut Hamburgers


Larry Hagman’s J.R. Ewing on Dallas

Las Vegas

Lee Greenwood’s God bless the USA and Bandit Express

Lilo and Stitch — Ohana means family––––––––––––––

Louie Armstrong’s It’s a Wonderful World—————————————-

Louisiana Cajun Cooking (Especially with Justin Wilson)

Lucky Charms

Madden Football

Magnum, P.I.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Mark Levin’s rants

Married with Children’s Al Bundy

Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing and Let’s get it on



Meat and potatoes

Michael J. Fox’s Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties

Mills Lane yelling Let’s get it on

Miniature golf


Morris Day and the Time’s Jerk Out

Mountain Dew Code Red

MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch

Murder, She Wrote

Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

National Federation of Republican Women

National Football League


New Years Eve noisemakers

New York Post front and back page

New York Stock Exchange opening and closing bells

NFL Films

NFL Network

Oakland Raiders

Old School with Will Ferrell & Vince Vaughn & Godfather Luke Wilson

Overtime playoff hockey

Pajama parties

Peaceful transition of political power

Phil Hartman


Political Conventions

Pool volleyball


Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio


Queen’s I want it all

Raider Nation

Rainbow Sherbert

Redeye with Greg Gutfeld

Republican Jewish Brunettes

Republican Party Animals


Robin Williams

Ronald Reagan’s self-deprecating jokes 

Rudy Giuliani’s New York toughness


Rush Limbaugh

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Satellite TV

Save a horse, ride a cowboy


Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concerts



Sherman Hemsley’s George Jefferson


Sky high skyscrapers


Slim Jims

Snoopy’s Joe Cool

Snow football

Social networks for building businesses

South Beach, Miami Spring Break

South Park



Stock trading


Strip chess

Stuart Scott


Summer camp

Super Soakers

Supply-side tax cuts

T-shirt originals

Taco Bell

Talk radio

Thanksgiving with John Madden

The Color of Money

The Counter Build Your Own Burger

The Expendables

The Frat Pack

The Honeymooners

The Muppets

The Onion

Tim McGraw’s Indian Outlaw ——————————————————


Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red White and Blue

Train rides

Trampoline Dodgeball

Tygrrrr Express

USA Cartoon Express

Video Arcade Games

We’re not France

Weekend at Bernie’s

Western medicine

Whitesnake’s Here I go again video

Wifi on planes

XM Sirius Satellite Radio


Young Jewish Conservatives

Yummy bouncies and badonkadonks

ZZ Top’s Sleeping Bag and Sharp Dressed Man

On 2023 Independence Day, the American Dream is alive and well

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

On 2023 Independence Day, the American Dream is alive and well

Why I Love America

Juneteenth is the Black Festivus

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

Juneteenth and Festivus: The Airing of Grievances

For those wondering why the banks, stock market and post office took an extra day off, the answer is Juneteenth. The new federal holiday commemorates the day in 1865 when Texas gave black people emancipation. Juneteenth was supported by former President Donald Trump and signed into existence by President Joe Biden in 2021. As with virtually everything else in today’s era, Juneteenth opinions are sharply divided.

The stated purpose of Juneteenth was historical and educational. By educating white Americans about the black struggle for freedom, understanding could bring racial healing. In reality, Juneteenth risks being turned into a day of negativity.

For one thing, Americans already honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday in January.

Yet Juneteenth is more than just repetitive. Leftists are already attempting to hijack this new holiday and turn it into the new Festivus. For those unfamiliar with the 1990s television show “Seinfeld,” Festivus was the fictional holiday celebrated by George Costanza’s father and inflicted upon George. The main Festivus ritual was the “airing of grievances.” Festivus achieved cultlike status in America. Every December 23rd, Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz take to television and social media to air their grievances. Millions of everyday people join in the fun.

In reality, grievance politics is destructive. America fought a brutal Civil War and conquered the evils of slavery and segregation. The 1954 unanimous decision in Brown vs. Board of Education declared that “Separate is inherently unequal.” The very people who fought for integration have seen their children fight for resegregation. “Lift every voice and sing” has become for many the new Black National Anthem. Far too many black leftists have declared June 19th the new Black Independence Day.

Conservatives are already frustrated with leftists in America who fly rainbow gay pride flags throughout June but will not fly red, white and blue flags for one day on July 4th. Now there are black leftists who will fly the Juneteenth flag but not the American flag.

As with Veterans Day and Memorial Day, far too many people in America have already rendered the holiday as just another day off from school or work. Some people attended Juneteenth barbecues. Others took advantage of Juneteenth mattress day sales. Sadly, far too many young black people used the day off to kill each other. Initial reports recorded 12 deaths and over 100 injuries from Juneteenth violence, mostly black-on-black. As usual, Chicago led the carnage.

The good news is there is good news. Plenty of black conservatives led by pastors are determined to make Juneteenth a positive meaningful holiday. These black conservatives stated unequivocally that all Americans should commemorate Juneteenth and Independence Day on July 4th. Juneteenth can reflect the painful past but also celebrate how far we have come.

People did overcome. White Americans grieved over the recent deaths of Jim Brown and Tina Turner. Ray Charles and Whitney Houston performed the greatest renditions respectively of “American the Beautiful” and “The Star Spangled Banner.” Democrats went from the party of slavery to electing a biracial President Barack Obama and a multiracial Vice President Kamala Harris. Republicans from Abraham Lincoln on down abolished slavery and passed numerous civil rights laws. The GOP had a black conservative in Herman Cain leading the presidential race. Now Republicans have a serious black conservative presidential candidate in South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Mr. Scott is running a positive campaign, declaring himself and his family the embodiment of the American dream. On Monday, his Juneteenth remarks offered the pitch perfect tone. “We honor Juneteenth not to dwell on our original sin as a nation, but to showcase just how far we’ve come.”

Heeding Scott’s approach would render Juneteenth a valuable holiday. Endless grievances will divide Americans further and make Juneteenth the Black Festivus.

Not since Booker T. Washington and W.E. Dubois has such a vital debate taken place. For this alone, Juneteenth has positive potential.

The Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2023

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

The Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2023

Welcome to Summer. Every June 21st, I release my list of the Top 30 women in politics. This list was originally known as the Top 120 political yummy bouncies. Anyway, this is a bare bones list. You can Google the photos yourself. The top 10 liberals, centrists and conservatives are listed for your viewing pleasure. I threw in one major curveball due to the changing times. 

Here are the Top 30 hottest women in politics


10.) Kim Foxx — The Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney is basically the Chicago District Attorney. With encouragement from Michelle Obama, Foxx helped rig the Jussie Smollett situation in favor of him. Her scheme to undercut her own office unraveled, but it takes much more than corruption to imprison a Chicago Democrat. She recently beat up her husband, but do not expect her to face consequences. She announced that she is not running again in 2024, but her refusal to resign allows her to help destroy her city for another 18 months.

9.) Brianna Keilar — This leftist radical who calls Republicans “a-holes” was thought to be on the chopping block at CNN. Chris Licht was brought in to turn CNN into a network of normal human beings. Instead, Licht was fired and the radicals won. With CNN returning to its most recent roots as a hard left network, Keilar is safe as can be. She would rank higher but only 12 people watch CNN. 

8.) Marianne Williamson — The love guru and former presidential candidate is engaging in another quixotic quest. Normally, people with zero chance of winning do so to make money. Williamson already has millions of dollars from ales of her self-help love products and services. Perhaps she is just bored. She would rank higher if the Democrat nomination was not rigged against her. 

7.) Ketanji Brown Jackson — This Supreme Court Justice does not even know what a woman is. Yet legally, she is one. She might even self-identify as one. She has a lifetime appointment to help shape policy. She would rank higher, but she is one of three leftists often outvoted by six conservatives. While she occasionally sees a couple of the conservatives get bullied into moderation, she usually loses those battles. Her impact on policy will be minimal until she moves the court in her direction. 

6.) Gretchen Whitmer — She locked down her state of Michigan with draconian Covid restrictions that she and her husband openly disobeyed. She bashed Florida during Covid while secretly visiting the state. Somehow, she managed to get reelected. She is future presidential candidate only because Michigan is a swing state and Democrats have abandoned all pretenses of moderation.

5.) Kathy Hochul — The failed New York Governor was initially appointed when Democrats forced out the more moderate Andrew Cuomo over a few cases of grab-@ss. Hochul is a radical leftist who was elected to a full term by the skin of her teeth. Her arrogance cost Democrats five congressional seats and control of Congress. Her total failure at everything makes her a perfect future Democrat presidential candidate. 

4.) Eva Longoria — The Eva Longoria rule is simple. When this Desperate Housewives intentionally says or does anything political, she automatically tops the list. This year she is on the list but not at the top because her actions were unintentional. President Joe Biden tried to grope her in full public view. She pushed his hands off of her body. Don’t expect her to show any self-respect beyond that. She will likely make excuses for his behavior and campaign for his reelection. Inadvertantly exposing more hypocrisy in the #MeToo movement puts her on the list, but not at the top. 

3.) Dylan Mulvaney — Nobody knows who or what this he/she/it actually is. Yet Mulvaney deserves credit for taking one of the most respected businesses in American history and destroying it. Anheiser-Busch, maker of Budweiser and Bud Light, did everything right for over 100 years. Then they went woke and set billions of dollars in revenue on fire. While Mulvaney’s impact on American culture is corrosive and destructive, no publicity is bad publicity in Hollywood or social media. Those doing business with Mulvaney get wrecked, while Mulvaney does just fine. Mulvaney has earned so much in endorsements that he/she/it can hire a therapist to tell him/her/it what he/she/it is. 

Susan Rice — She was the first black woman President, although technically her business cards said she was the National Security Advisor. She was the main person telling puppet President Joe Biden what to think. She outlasted Ron K;ain to exert absolute power over the man in cognitive decline who signed her paychecks. She battled with Kamala Harris to be Vice President despite being much smarter than her airhead rival. Rice would have made the top spot, but she recently decided to step down. She will be back at some point. 

Kamala Harris — This giggling, cackling hyena became an affirmative action hire when Barack and Michelle Obama ordered Joe Biden to put her on the ticket. Despite being terrible at everything, Harris has outlasted her rivals Ron Klain and Susan Harris. She does virtually nothing, and what little she does, she does badly. Yet because of her race and gender, Biden cannot fire her from the ticket. He is stuck with her. She has the ultimate no-show job. She will have absolute power if anything happens to Biden. 


10.) Erin Burnett — It’s hard to call anyone a centrist at CNN, but Burnett seems far less crazy than most of her colleagues. She has managed to avoid disgracing herself at her network, not an easy feat. She would rank higher but virtually nobody watches CNN.

9.) Melania Trump — She is married to the former Republican president, but she has never been overtly political. She is a former model, not a political activist. Her stint as First Lady would have been completely non-controversial had the media not despised her husband so much. She is drop dead gorgeous but ranks low on the list for staying out of the spotlight this year. If Donald Trump wins the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, Melania will rocket back up the charts as she appears on the stump. 

8.) Gal Gadot — This former Israeli Army soldier and Wonderwoman star is a fantasy, but in real life she plays her politics very carefully. She has waded in favor of gay rights to please the left while calling out anti-Semitism to please the right. She has been political without being overly partisan. 

7.) Melissa Theuriau — This French journalist works for M6, the most profitable TV news entity in France. As beautiful as she is, her stories often get overlooked due to a global apathy toward the irrelevant nation of France. President Emanuel Macron suffering severe legislative election losses may cause a ripple if she reports on it. If she covered any other nation, she would be an even bigger superstar. 

6.) Courtney Friel — This former Fox News personality avoided partisan commentary. She decided that all politics is local, lea wing Fox News for Fox KTLA in Los Angeles. She remains gorgeous, bright, and non-partisan. 

5.) Megyn Kelly — This former attorney turned Fox News personality left the network and sued her former boss Roger Ailes. Her stint at NBC was unsuccessful, but she has now rebounded as a top internet reporter and analyst, She is a tough as nails questioner who plays it straight down the line. She would rank higher if she were on a major television network. As great as she is, the internet just does not allow for the same exposure. 

4.) Susan Li — She was born in China and raised in Toronto, Canada. Now she is a Fox Business correspondent. She has interviewed top political and business leaders in Canada and the United States. 

3.) Robin Meade — This lead morning news anchor for Headline News was once Miss Ohio. In 2021 she even released a country music album. She is an example of drop-dead gorgeous and multi-talented women who deserve to be taken seriously. 

2.) Princess Kate — The Royal family does not have any political power, but they do have influence far beyond Britain. The death of the beloved and respected Queen Elizabeth led to the ridiculed Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles taking over. If they somehow do not permanently destroy the monarchy, Kate and her husband Prince William could restore it. Kate and her husband both conduct themselves with dignity and class, a sparkling contrast to the publicity seeking grifters Harry and Meghan. Kate’s role is more vital than ever given the wreckage around other family members.

1.) Michele Tafoya — For years, she was a sports reporter who dealt with the NFL. She gave that job up because she wanted to be more publicly political. While many of her comments seem conservative, she has not overtly declared herself a member of any party or ideology. She wants common sense solutions, and is now allowed to be vocal about more than sports. For entering the political arena gracefully and powerfully, she is the most beautiful centrist this year.


10.) Lauren Boebert — While nobody should celebrate divorce, many single men perked up at the new that Lauren Boebert is about to be single. This stunning brunette is a sexy pistol packing hot mama. This Colorado congresswoman  barely survived her reelection, but is now fighting back hard against the anti-American Squad. She is holding Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s feet to the fire. She will need to get reelected again to move up the list.

Anna Paulina Luna — She is the first Mexican-American to be elected to Congress in Florida. She is a warrior, leading the charge to have Merrick Garland and other corruptocrats impeached and Adam Schiff expelled from Congress. To move higher on this list, she needs to show staying power by getting reelected. 

8.) Mollie Hemingway/Miranda Devine — These are two of the hottest and smartest reporters in America. Hemingway writes for the Federalist, while the appropriately named Divine writes for the New York Post. Hemingway has done extensive work on exposing corruption involving the 2020 presidential election. Divine has brilliantly revealed the various controversies surrounding Hunter Biden and his laptop from hell. 

7.) Kristi Noem — This great South Dakota Governor achieved plaudits for keeping her state completely open during the Covid pandemic. She has kept the state normal but lost the battle to have July 4th fireworks at Mount Rushmore an annual event. She was considered a presidential candidate but ranks lower on this list for not entering the race. 

6.) Winsome Sears — The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is a rock star. She is a proud black woman who served her country in the United States Marines. In her citizen life, she ran a homeless shelter. She has broken plenty of barriers in Virginia politics, which would make her a media darling if she were a Democrat. She has to settle for being loved by Republican voters nationwide. The Governor of Virginia is limited to one term, making her the logical successor to Governor Glenn Youngkin in 2025.

5.) Judge Aileen Cannon — This young smart judge was randomly chosen to oversee one of the indictment cases against Donald Trump. Because Trump appointed her, the left is already launching baseless attacks against her for bias. She has not backed down. She would rank higher but the cases against Trump are overrated in terms of significance. Very few if any people who love or hate Trump will be persuaded, regardless of the results. Once this is over, she will fade into the background. If she rules against Trump, she will briefly become a liberal hero until her next conservative ruling. 

4.) Casey DeSantis — The First Lady of Florida and husband of Governor Ron DeSantis is Superwoman. If she were a Democrat, she would be on the cover of every magazine. She is smart, gorgeous, tough, and a recent cancer survivor raising three children while trying to stay alive. Her cancer is in remission. She is an unapologetic conservative. She will most likely top this list if her husband wins the GOP presidential nomination. Otherwise, she will fade from the list next year. 

3.) Amy Coney Barrett — This United States Supreme Court justice is everything her supporters could have hoped for. She is Superwoman. A mother to seven children including a racially diverse mixture of adopted children, she went through her entire SCOTUS hearing without needing to take notes. She has sided with the conservative bloc on almost every issue, including the biggest decisions regarding abortion and guns.  

2.) Sarah Huckabee Sanders — She was Donald Trump’s White House press secretary. Now she is the first female Arkansas Governor. Her father previously held that job when Bill Clinton’s successor Jim Guy Tucker resigned due to the Whitewater scandal. Succeeding the more moderate Asa Hutchinson, Sanders has battled critics while raising several children and moving her state sharply to the right. She has beaten back the Woke mob and largely won the culture wars in her state. She could be President some day. She misses out on the top spot only because someone has a leg up on her.

1.) Nikki Haley — This successful former South Carolina Governor and spectacular Ambassador to the United Nations is more than qualified to be President. Yet she ranks near the bottom of the pack. Some are seeing her as a candidate for Vice President. While her odds of winning the GOP nomination are long, she has beaten long odds before. She has been more than competent at every government job she has ever held. For being the first potential woman President while maintaining likability, Haley is the most beautiful conservative of 2023.