2014 Grammy’s Report

2014 Grammys Report

2014 Grammys Report Part I 

I miss both my Grammys. I loved them very much. I miss my grandpas as well. They are all up in heaven. This concludes the report on my Grammys and Grandpas.

2014 Grammys Report Part II

The Grammys would be more interesting if Richard Sherman stood up and announced loudly that he was the greatest.

2014 Grammys Report Part III

A bunch of people nobody should care about will give each other awards because that is what these people do.


While the Grammys are expected to be less obnoxious than the Oscars, they will still be less interesting than NFL 2014 Pro Bowl highlights.


The worst NFL game of the year will be better than another awards show.


This concludes the 2014 Grammys report.






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