January-February 2014 Hate Mail

Early 2014 hate mail


On this quiet Sunday it is time for a quick batch of my hate mail.


This batch of hate mail consists of people who were offended because they deserve to be offended. Apparently Islamists, stoners and leftists are still themselves. Feed the stoners and the leftists to the Islamists and let the Islamists blow themselves up provided no Jewish Republicans are in the area.


“Farhad Abdolian: Ha Ha Ha Ha! Your country has attacked almost every nation on earth, has been involved in mass murder of people in every corner of this globe and killed millions of people from Vietnam to Iraq and you call the mullahs of Iran Genocidal Lunatics?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!


A pot calls a pot!”


Analysis: At least this guy is a happy Islamist. Most of them are so dour. As for his pot references, maybe he is a stoner Islamist, which means that the the suicide bombing will be followed by a craving for the munchies if the Islamist fails to properly detonate. Stoners should not be trusted to handle explosives.





Are you saying I have no right to be involved with anyone at least 18? All you are doing is making me hate my native society. Think I should leave the country? Maybe Hemingway was the smart one.”



Analysis: What a surprise, a stoner Millennial hates America. Shut down all public schools, and send kids like this to Singapore for a good caning. Better yet, institute caning in America.



On Twitter, I complimented @AM_National for helping conservatives become better activists. Naturally, a leftist felt compelled to stick their French-looking nose in the air badly.


Bob ‏@faobobindc  

@TYGRRRREXPRESS @AM_National teach them how to be human brings first…”



Analysis: Human brings? Here is some advice to liberals. If you must be smug, which you will be because you’re liberals, at least spell properly. Liberals are not my enemy. I don’t hate them. They could learn from me #civility


Say it with me everybody.


These are liberals, stoners and Islamists. This is how they behave.





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