Jewish Impotence Friday


Today is Jewish Impotence Friday.

Los Angeles Jews gathered on Thursday to demand that three kidnapped Israelis be returned. Palesimians laughed around the globe and vowed more dead Jews. Meanwhile 80 percent of Jews think that wearing yellow ribbons and lamenting the situation accomplishes anything. This utterly useless navel gazing symbolism will do nothing. When enough liberal Jews stop singing Kumbaya and grow a pair, the kidnappings will stop. When enough Palesimians face rocket launchers up their @sses, then and only then will the kidnappings stop. When liberal Jews stop voting for people who care not if they live or die, more of them will live.

Until then, useless vigils and talk about peace will be a therapeutic hot toddy for those refusing to gain the clout to make action happen.

This is Jewish impotence Friday.

Good flipping Shabbos.



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