July 2014 Palesimian Hate Mail


July 2014 Palesimian Hate Mail

Palesimians are acting like themselves again, which means more incoherent hate mail for me.

Here are a couple pieces.

Sam85 (IP: , ip68-5-4-250.oc.oc.cox.net)

E-mail : eabusamak@yahoo.com

“Your article is not based on real facts but only on your biased views. Find another day job because clearly you are not a REAL journalist.”

Analysis: I am against suicide bombers. Perhaps this Jihadist is in favor of them. He should tell us his position before he blows himself up, because otherwise his family may never know his intentions.

Lucky Star (IP: , 108-235-65-19.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net)

E-mail : dallas7500@gmail.com

“they (Israel) hide their evil crimes and shed croc tears over the slightest thing, these people are absolutely disgusting.”

Analysis: Speaking of crimes, this miscreants parents should be arrested for having had him. Then again, since he is a Palesimian, perhaps he was born when a unicorn knocked up a Snuffalupagus.

Say it with me everybody. Those are Palesimians. This is how they behave.

Somebody get these chimps some bananas and be done with it, after taking away their Israeli made keyboards of course.



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