What if all Palesimians were gay zionist collaborators?

The following words were too hot for one hypocritical social network to handle. Perhaps if I was a suicide bomber yelling “Allahu Akbar” before murdering a bunch of Jews, liberal Jew Mark Zuckerberg would have been ok with that. After all, Facebook seems fine with outright bigotry toward pro-Israel Jews and conservative Republicans, but censors anyone who dares to criticize liberals and Palestinians with anything but kid gloves.

Here were the words that so offended the delicate sensitivities of the Palesmian enablers.

“There is not a single Palestinian bringing anything positive to this world. If there was, we would know. Let them all die.

Spare me the sob stories about the decent, innocent, poor suffering Palesimians. They are 100% responsible for their miserable lot in life. They are defective Arabs, failed human beings who never should have been born.

The “Palestinian people” handed out candy in celebration of murdered Jews. It was not Hezbollah handing out candy. It was ordinary, everyday Palesimian sub-human primates.

There is zero difference between Hezbollah, Hamas and the everyday Palestinian people. They are one and the same.

Let them all die. The world does not need them. They benefit nobody.

If anyone is offended by my words, spare me your moral self-righteousness. I am offended by murdered Jews.

If anyone accuses me of fomenting violence, shove it. I said I wish they would die. I did not incite anyone to go kill them. I would be fine if they contracted Ebola or were violated by goats in a romance gone bad.

If they want to be martyrs, seal them all in Gaza, give them dynamite, and tell each one that their neighbor is a gay Zionist collaborator. Then let the animals kill each other.

How they die matters little to me. They need to go. They are worthless.”


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