In Praise of James Evans: UTGOP Chair and Facebook friend # 3000

In praise of James Evans: Facebook friend # 3000

With everything going on in the world, today is a day to step away from it all and sing the praises of James Evans. For those thinking about the lead character from “Good Times,” that was actor John Amos. This James Evans is the Chairman of the Utah Republican Party. More importantly, he is my 3000th Facebook friend.

On February 15th, Mr. Evans split the difference between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day and entered immortality. This is the era of meaningless metrics of artificial social acceptance, and people are still captivated by round numbers. Whoever becomes friend # 3001 will have to remain envious knowing they will not receive a tribute of any kind.

It may seem silly to reward Mr. Evans just for showing up, but Barack Obama won a Nobel Prize before even taking office. James Evans is already in place actually doing things.

Some people may note that Mr. Evans is a black man heading up the Republican Party in the overwhelmingly white state of Utah. This is because the Republican Party bases their elections and appointments on qualifications and merit rather than identity politics. One can forgive Democrats for being confused about this concept.

In addition to this tribute, Mr. Evans will receive a personal handshake from me when we eventually meet at some political function. In a world of “selfies” and “ussies,” this will be done in a dignified manner. Others may take pictures to capture the moment if Mr. Evans approves.

Like many good conservatives, Mr. Evans is pro-military. He served in the United States Air Force. He also owns his own business, and built it without help from the government.

Along with Congresswoman Mia Love, Mr. Evans has Utah out in from in representing the new face of the Republican Party. Democrats continue to be largely represented by decrepit old white people with failed ideas older than their ages.

There is no evidence that President Obama ever reached out to congratulate Mr. Evans on his election.

To make up for such callousness and because social media matters to somebody, somewhere, let us all praise Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans for being # 3000.

Well done, sir!


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