Rudy Giuliani hurts narcissist Obama’s feelings

Rudy Giuliani hurts narcissistic Obama’s feelings

Question: Does the President hate the USA?

Answer: Who the hell cares? He’s more boring than the Oscars. Stop giving him attention. Get him out of our lives.

I don’t care if he has a tattoo of the American flag on his @ss. The media is so desperate to make him (and by extension themselves) relevant that they focus on poor baby Barry having his little selfie-taking metrosexual Pajamaboy feelings offended. I’m offended by ISIS hacking off heads while the POTUS & his supporters have their heads up their @sses. Anything not related to saving the world from Radical Islam is an irrelevant story.

The POTUS doesn’t care whether individuals live or die. He is cold, unfeeling, unemotional android. Humans are an impediment to his ideas.

Rudy Giuliani said that the POTUS does not love America. POTUS does not love anything except for his wife & kids. Those who disagree with me are free to offer concrete examples of who this man actually cares about. He despises people who disagree with him. His supporters are just useful idiots that he throws under the bus the moment they cease becoming useful. He has no loyalty or feelings toward anyone.

It is sad that the greatest nation on Earth is run by a man willing to let America and the rest of the world burn. He is not evil. Evil requires emotion. He cares about nobody. He is a golfer, the ultimate loner game. It allows him to be by himself with his thoughts, away from the obstacles to his happiness, other people.

He has had 6 years to show he cares whether people live or die. The evidence is in. He has no empathy. He just does not care.

Rudy Giuliani is a hero, The POTUS’s entertainment industry supporters are a zero, and the POTUS is absolute zero.

This concludes all discussion of the Academy Awards, the narcissistic cocaine addicts giving each other awards, and the equally insufferable thin-skinned POTUS they worship.


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