DJLFs: The 2015 anti-Bibi Dumb Jewish Liberal (redacted) report

DJLFs: The 2015 anti-Bibi Dumb Jewish Liberal (redacted) report

Tolerant liberals do exist. Unfortunately, far too many of them have become unhinged. The justified reelection of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister brought out the worst of the anti-Semites and the self-loathing Jews.

DLFs are Dumb Liberal (redacted). DJLFs are Dumb Jewish Liberal (redacted).

They make excuses for Islamists. They coddle Palestinians. They claim to be Jewish but blame Israel for everything. They may dislike ISIS and al Qaeda but they despise Netanyahu. These are DJLFs. These are their stories.


Only a leftist academic like Miriyam Glazer could say something so mind-numbingly stupid. For those wondering about DLFs & DJLFs, here is an example:

“The votes for the stridently racist campaign of Benjamin Netanyahu break my heart. He has become a desperate demagogue that makes me ashamed. Oh Israel, how the mighty have fallen.”

This Jewish college professor at a Jewish university expresses greater hostility for another Jew and the thousands of Jews who voted for him than she does for radical Islamists who would slit her throat if she opened her yap.

This is what happens to a person when they spend their life in an academic ivory tower rather than going into the real world and getting a job. This woman teaches college students, which explains why so many of our young people are spouting such imbecilic nonsense. When people wonder why I want to shut down schools and have parents home school their kids, this type of lunacy is one reason why.

This type of person is what liberals call a “thinker,” a “scholar” and an “academic.” In the real world these people are considered self-loathing, idiots, bigots and race-baiters, as they should be.

She is Miriyam Glazer. She was somewhat off the wall in 1990 but in her old age has become unhinged. In other words, she is a typical academic. I believe she is an expert in lesbian vegan Chicano grievance studies or 18th century Russian footwear or some other topic that only she and her future unemployable students care about.

1 more example of this DJLF running wild. “40 years experience” a nice way of saying she stayed around long enough to yell at park pigeons.

I respect animals and enjoyed learning about dinosaurs, but that does not mean I want to be educated by an old bat or a fossil.

“As a college educator in Israel and the States for over 40 years, as a dual Israeli/American citizen, and as a Conservative Rabbi, I am profoundly chagrined that the President of Hillel has refused to meet with the J-Street students. Because of Saed Erekat? Because it’s J-Street? Are you, too, answerable to Sheldon Adelson? What has happened to civil discourse, and the healthy exchange of ideas? If Hillel has become little more than a recruitment engine for AIPAC, you are going to lose thousands of Jewish students. Tragic, tragic, tragic.”

Does anybody think that her rambling screed is worthy of someone who teaches our youth? Accusing the President of Hillel, a liberal organization, of catering to Sheldon Adelson is nuts. Maybe this professor is held hostage to the marijuana brownies from her Woodstock days? See how easy it is to reduce people to cardboard cutouts rather than have rational discourse? This woman wants a healthy exchange of ideas while attacking somebody without any evidence to back up her temper tantrum disguised as serious thought.

I would beg VP Cheney to waterboard her but waterboarding should only be used when there is a chance of extracting intelligent information.

For those who wonder why I say academics are worthless parasites on society, I have legions of examples I can provide. In other industries, basket cases get fired. In education, they get tenure.


Today’s DJLF is Mary Raz. She’s a New England Harvard academic leftist. I know her personally. She read my post criticizing DJLFs, went nuts

For those who are amused by leftists gone wild, think of this as Girls Gone Wild except Mary Raz is an approximately 70-year old white haired granny-panting screamer. Think Elizabeth Warren with less sex appeal. I support Jews, she coddles Palestinians. She despises Bibi Netanyahu, and here is how she started with me personally:

“I will refrain from comment, because I would slice you apart mercilessly and cruelly (you know who you are).”

Naturally I had my much longer say:

“Mary Raz, don’t sugarcoat it. You’re a worthless f*ck who has never done anything to benefit society. You are a Palestinian worshiper who would rather slice me apart for being a Republican than slice apart an Islamist terrorist who would slice you apart with real knives and not words. You’re pretty brave with Republicans because you know we will not behead you. Let’s see you mouth off to an Islamist that way and see how brave you are. I call liberal Jews cowards because you attack the few people who are peaceful like conservative evangelical Christians. You would never dare talk tough to an Islamist. So spare me your tough talk. You’re a pointy-headed academic who has never experiences a tough moment in her life. Islamists are not impressed with your Harvard debating skills. They would just kill you. Go ahead. Mouth off to them. See what happens.”

Now I know I have an acid tongue, but I brought up a serious issue of her hypocrisy. She then acted like the love child of Elizabeth Warren and Howard Dean, screaming like a lunatic. I apologize in advance for her foul language and her existence. Her response is in the comments section.

“Fuck off, Eric Golub. You were a loser then and you’re a loser now. I am not a liberal. I am a pragmatist. I also prefer to play the devil’s advocate rather than politely acquiesce and fall in line with the rantings of arm chair warriors who want to decide what wars should be fought and when and how but complain over the slightest physical discomfort in true life. From what I can tell by your righteously indignant commentary, it is easier for you to rant for your principles than live them. What have you done for the world lately, lady besides wax prolific regarding the goodness of the Showtime Rotisserie and the Chop-o-matic? When you climb off your high horse and step into some merde knee-deep, then judge me, country cousin feigning royal lineage. You’ve enjoyed a free ride for quite a while yet claim to have bought and driven the car. Hak mir nisht keyn tshanik, derevenshchina.”

My response: Ich bin ein who gives a d@mn! 99 left balloons! Nono origato Mr. Roboto! Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! This woman makes the love child of Elizabeth Warren & Howard Dean seem lucid. I would address the substance of her arguments but there is none. Even by pointy-headed academic standards she makes no sense. I will say it again. She can mouth off to me all she wants because she knows I won’t decapitate her. Let her mouth off to an Islamofascist and see what happens. Republican Jews would not kill her and drag her naked, wretched body threw the streets. This is why I call these people DLFs and DJLFs. We are trying to save their lives and ours and they are too stupid to realize this.


When he was the director of USC Hillel, he once put his arms around me and in front of a room full of people said, “Eric is a Republican, but he is a good guy.”

Are those two things mutually exclusive? Yes, if you’re an ideologically bigoted DJLF.

After Bibi was reelected, Klein went ballistic. I took issue with him saying that Republican Jewish pollster Frank Luntz and his fellow Republicans have a “special place in hell” reserved for them. When I pointed out that no Jew should use such language toward another Jew, and that especially a Rabbi should not, he called me a racist for wanting Palestinians relocated. Naturally he manipulated what I said about that as well.

He called me a bozo, which is what one expects from a leftist who is as much a Rabbi as Al Shaprton and Louis Farrakhan are Reverends.

He works for Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice, CLUE LA. In other words, he is a community organizing agitator with a yarmulke on to create the illusion that his religion is Judaism instead of leftism. He wants peace and tolerance except for his hatred of conservative Republicans. He also wants peace in Israel so long as it involves giving Palestinians and Iran the benefit of the doubt always and blaming Israel for every problem.

For those wondering why college Hillel’s are churning out so many young Jews who despise America and Israel, look to people like Jonathan Klein. He was once like UCLA Hillel’s Chaim Seidler-Feller, only saner. Now there is no distinguishing them. Israel is always at fault, the Palestinians want peace, and unicorns and snuffalupaguses will mate on a rainbow to produce a happy lollipop ending.

He called me “vitriolic,” which is what every leftist who spouts bile at conservatives thinks is a synonym for someone they disagree with. If Hamas Palestinians were to blow up his family, he would sit down with the Hamas Palestinians and seek dialogue and understanding. Let me give him some understanding. They want to kill you, you DJLF. Sheesh.


I am revealing my last DJLF now so that Friday can be just positive stuff before Shabbos. Meet Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater.

He is a hardcore leftist J-Street loving Rabbi. He is obsessed with interfaith dialogue. He wants to spread peace and understanding. However, if one is a conservative Republican, he just cannot accept that.

I am going easier on him than the others because the others were far worse. They were malicious. I don’t think he is. His wife is a kind-hearted person, but this is about her husband. Like many leftist Jews, Josh cannot accept Bibi’s victory. More importantly, Josh is obsessed with helping the Palestinians even if it leads to the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

Josh asked for solutions on the Palestinian issue. I offered a serious, comprehensive relocation plan that was compassionate and would benefit most involved. Rabbi Jonathan Klein called me a racist, since he is a major DJLF. I asked Josh to put aside ideology and condemn baseless accusations of racism. What do you get when you combine 2 Rabbis with leftism? Moral bankruptcy.

The comments section has how it ended.

“Josh, I am going to say this once and only once. I am fed up.

Jonathan Klein was completely out of line. He called me a racist and said Frank Luntz and his Republican supporters deserve a special place in hell. Either you are against all bigotry, or your entire crusade for peace and justice is meaningless. You have a moral obligation to call out vile behavior, even when your own side does it.

This is not abut left vs right. It’s about basic human decency. You are willing to go to the mat for gays, blacks and Palestinians. Just because somebody does not fit into a politically correct category…does not mean it’s ok to treat them as subhuman.

You have a major voice in this community and I hope you have the decency to privately tell Jonathan that he crossed the line bigtime. Such language is hate speech, even when coming from a Rabbi”

Josh responded as I expected him to do. DJLFs are very predictable.

“I took down the post and am going to unfriend you eric. Jonathan is my friend and a good person. You threatened him on my page and that is unacceptable. Removing settlers from gaza is not the same as forcible transfer of a population from their homelands. We can disagree and I wish you all the best.”

Good people do not play the race card. I threatened to report Jonathan to the Reform Judaism authorities, which would probably accomplish nothing because most of them hate Bibi. If I could get him fired, I would. Apparently Josh can handle Palestinians blowing themselves up and killing Jews, but not a Jew calling out one of his leftist friends. Also, had Josh accurately read my post he would notice that my plan includes putting the relocation idea up for a Palestinian vote to see if they want it. Leftists think they know better than everybody, but they have no idea what the Palestinians want. Besides, it was never Palestinian land. Never. Ever. Even Islamists know this. Everyone but DJLFs know this.

Unlike previous DJLFs Mary Raz, Miriyam Glazer and Jonathan Klein, Josh Grater may mean well. It does not change the fact that when confronted with a vicious character assault, he chose political ideology over doing what was right. Josh will stand up for any people provided they are leftist. That is what is destroying Judaism. This concludes my DJLF series inspired by the DJLF reaction to Bibi.


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