Westbound and Down Kentucky Monday

Today is Westbound and Down Kentucky Monday.

Flying home today to Los Angeles. Stopover in Detroit. after 12 days in lovely Louisville, Kentucky, it’s time to come home, sleep in my bed

I have been fairly quiet politically because I needed to recharge my batteries. We all need a break. By tomorrow I will be back to my old self, to the consternation of some who prefer conservatives not speak, exist, or breathe air.

Quick thoughts:

Iran deal: Liberals are willing to destroy their own political party & get the world blown up to give O44 a “legacy.” He is a narcissist, willing to let them.

Mt. McKinley: Liberals are trying erase Thomas Jefferson & Andrew Jackson from history. Today William McKinley is being eased out. The appropriate payback is to erase O44 from history as soon as his successor is chosen. He desperately wanted to be transformational like FDR & Reagan, not irrelevant like Bill Clinton. Punish O44 not by hating him, but reducing him to a footnote.

Hurricane Katrina: Never send a liberal to do an adult’s job. Kathleen Blanco & Ray Nagin got people killed, not Dubya.

Election 2016 will be a battle between normal America & basket case America. Let BLM, OWS & Code Pink act like lunatics. It only helps republicans get elected. Bill Clinton made the Democrat Party normal. They are now basket cases again. Republicans should let them implode.


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