Yom Kippur 5776 Epilogue

Yom Kippur 5776 Epilogue

After a very meaningful Yom Kippur, had honor of speaking to Delaware GOP Railsplitters. National politics can wait until tomorrow.

Although their political meeting begins at 5:30pm, my speech was delayed until about 7:30pm because of Yom Kippur. I had not eaten in over 24 hours so when I showed up, they already had dinner being made for me in the kitchen. I wolfed it down and spoke.

It means so much to me that a non-Jewish group accommodated my religious needs. Otherwise I would not have been able to speak.

It was also nice of the group to roll out the red carpet and shut down the streets for my post Yom Kippur arrival. I thank the people of Philly, Jersey and Delaware for cordoning off the streets in honor of my Yom Kippur visit. It was very humbling. I felt like I was treated like a Pope. I hope he receives as warm a welcome as I did.

Out of respect for the Pontiff, I hope he is feted just as nicely. Do not reopen the streets when I leave this area. Wait until after he comes and leaves as well. After fasting for 24 hours and atoning, I appreciate the City of Brotherly Love coming together and honoring my Catholic non-Jewish friend.

This concludes my Encyclical.


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