Ideological Bigotry from “Rabbi” Diana Fersko

Ideological Bigotry from “Rabbi” Diana Fersko

Diana Fersko is the “Rabbi” at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue who rammed her leftism down my throat Friday night.

Here is the message I just sent her:

“I am choosing my words very carefully since you are a leftist and I do not want to be accused of microaggressions. I am a proud Jew, son and grandson of Holocaust survivors. I came into your synagogue hoping to hear actual Judaism. Instead you gave a lengthy commercial for Bernie Sanders. I am a Ted Cruz supporter. Imagine if I used my synagogue to tell people that Bernie supporters are stoner parasites who want free stuff and that Hillary Clinton is a lying felon who belongs in prison. Or that Bernie is a self-loathing Jew. Or that voting Republican is the only way to save America from lazy, airhead crying millennials who are good at nothing except protesting. Or that social justice is code for leftist mobs to commit acts of domestic terrorism which usually results in dead Jews. These dead Jews are usually liberals, since conservative Republican Jews own guns and know how to use them. You would tell me to leave my politics out of the synagogue and stick to Judaism. You rammed your views down my throat Friday night because I was too polite to get up in protest and disrupt your speech. That’s what liberals do. I hope next time you give a speech, you remember that Republicans are human beings, and just stick to Judaism. I am sure you will complain to Mark Zuckerberg rather than learn from this. Be a social justice crusader on your own time and your own dime. My Friday night Shabboses are too precious to have them filled with self-loathing leftist nonsense unrelated to Judaism.”

She will probably get me banned from Facebook because that is what leftist bullies do. Since she is a leftist millennial, I bet the chances she takes an introspective look and realizes why she did something wrong are zero.

Place your bets.


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