My Presidential Policy Platform

I do not expect you to agree with all of my ideas, but unlike my critics, I have ideas. They actually work. Here they are.


1) Massive supply-side income tax cuts
2) Capital Gains tax cuts, 0% rate on those with < 100k in stocks.
3) Eliminate all estate taxes.
4) Reduce corporate tax rate to 15%
5) 0% tax on all overseas repatriated assets
6) Repeal Dodd-Frank
7) Repeal ACA. Let insurance companies sell across state lines.
8) Massive tax credits for small business owners.
9) Drill for oil everywhere. Find a plot of land and frack it dry.
10) Strengthen the dollar
11) Partially privatize Social Security & Medicare for those < 55.


1) Arrest all violent protesters. Shut down all violent protests. Zero tolerance for violent protest. Repeat offenders get citizenship revoked and deported.
1) Shut down all public universities that violate First Amendment free speech rights. Shut down all public universities until ideology of the professors reflects society at large. Ideological affirmative action. If the university is not a place of various ideas, it should cease to exist.
3) Eliminate Common Core
4) Eliminate Agenda 21
5) Defund all government climate change research. Let rich white liberals privately fund it like they do Google, Apple and Facebook.
6) Shut down as many public schools as possible and use the savings to invest in charter schools and home schooling.
7) Block all gun control attempts. Make gun owners immune from lawsuits by criminals using guns. Crack down on gun criminals while giving more gun rights to law abiding citizens. Punish cities that try to enact de facto gun bans.
8) Expand the death penalty to include rape and drug dealing (Kingpin levels, not the local street dealer).
9) Allow stop, question and frisk.
10) Privatize everything except the military. This includes the Post Office, DMV, and airports.


1) Repeal Iran deal. Reinstitute sanctions until Iran returns $400 million they took from us. Work behind the scenes to overthrow mullahs and enact forcible regime change.
2) Leave Israel alone. Let them do whatever they need to do to defend themselves without interference.
3) Triple foreign aid to Egypt and Jordan to be used to build middle-class neighborhoods. Offer Palestinians voluntary relocation from Gaza and West Bank to these Egyptian and Jordanian nations. After deadline, relocation is no longer voluntary. Suspend all foreign aid to the Palestinians until they are in Egypt and Jordan.
4) Secure the border. Stop rewarding illegal entry. Crack down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants. After border is secure, a guest worker program can exist as long as growth is 4% or higher.
5) Call out Radical Islam by name and eliminate it anywhere and everywhere with as much force as possible.
6) Zero tolerance for those who take American hostages. If they take one, we take 100. We batter hostage takers until it stops.
7) No immigration of any kind until after 2016 election. This is to prevent Democrats from rigging election.
8) No Syrian refugees. Their Muslim brothers can take them in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Rather than drag down America, fix Syria by enforcing the 2009 Red Line and removing Assad.
9) Free trade but fair trade. Crack down on cheaters.
10) Any news organization that gives away secret American troop movements or endangers American troops gets fined. A repeated violation gets the news organization shut down and the owner arrested. There is no free press right to endanger American citizens.
11) Double the size of Guantanamo Bay.
12) Allow use of predator drones against non-state actors such as ISIS and al Qaeda.
13) Allow coercive interrogation methods including waterboarding and rendition with specific approval of the President.
14) Ban terrorists from receiving civilian trials. They are to be tried in military courts.
15) Profile at airports.


Arrest anyone associated with Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, and illegal email use from unauthorized servers to fake email addresses as used by EPA. Tough jail sentences for election fraud.

eric @ Tygrrrr Express

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