2016 Presidential Debate I Recap

2016 Presidential Debate I Recap


Lester Holt — 6 straight years of economic growth.

Why are you better on economic growth?

Hillary Clinton: I want to invest in you. Make economy fairer. Equal pay for women’s work. I want more companies to do profit sharing. Having the wealthy pay their fair share.

Donald Trump: Our jobs are fleeing the country. Ford is leaving. Leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio. Childcare, “Hillary and I agree on that.” Reducing taxes tremendously.

HC: Smart, fair trade deals. Donald is trickle-down economics. Trumped up trickle down. Went after Donald’s father for leaving him money. Invest in you.

LH: How do we bring back companies?

DT: Defended his father, spoke about tax disadvantages. Secretary Clinton had 30 years to fix this. Don’t let the jobs leave.

HC: Blamed GOP for 2008 crisis. Donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis.

DT: That’s called business by the way.

HC: Independent experts like her plan. She claimed Trump said Climate Change is Chinese plot. He interrupted her and said this is not true.

DT: We invested in solar and lost money. O44 doubled debt. HC had 30 years. She didn’t bring back jobs. You can’t bring back jobs.

HC: Cited Bubba’s record. Wants a special prosecutor for trade.

DT: NAFTA the worst trade deal ever. You want TPP.

HC: Donald, I know you live in your reality. I wrote a book about it. We have a very robust set of plans.

DT: He said Hillary would cut taxes before correcting himself and saying she would raise taxes. Your regulations are a disaster. You will drive jobs out.

HC: Her home page is a fact-checker.

DT: No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.

LH: Why is raising or lowering taxes good?

DT: Spoke of repatriated assets. He yelled.

HC “I have a feeling by the end of this evening I will be blamed for everything.” she accused trump of saying “crazy things.” Broad based, inclusive growth.

DT: All talk. No action. Typical politician. Sounds good. doesn’t work. We are in a big fat ugly bubble. The Fed is doing political things.

LH: Trump’s tax returns?

DT: I will release them when my audit is done. I will release my tax returns when she releases her 33,000 emails.

HC: Trump is bait and switch. Maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is or as charitable as he claims to be. He owes 650 million to Wall Street and foreign banks. He’s paid nothing in federal taxes. There’s something he’s hiding. I made a mistake. I take responsibility.

DT: That was more than a mistake. That was done purposely. I am very under leveraged. It is about time we have somebody running this country that had an idea about money. We owe 20 trillion dollars and we are a mess. 6 trillion spent in the Middle East. We could have rebuilt this country twice. We don’t have any money because you squandered it.

HC: I’ve met people who have been stiffed by your businesses. You’ve taken business bankruptcy 6 times.

DT: I’ve built a great company. I’ll get to the White House one way or another. The budget is a bad because we have people who don’t know what to do and what to buy.

LH: How do we bridge racial gap?

HC: Tulsa and Charlotte. Restore trust between communities and the police. Everyone should respect the law. She proposed more gun grabbing.

DT: She won’t say law and order. Fraternal Order of Police endorsed me. Inner cities, minorities are living in hell. 4,000 killed in Chicago since O44 was elected. supports stop and frisk. Many gang members are here illegally. Our police are afraid of doing anything.

HC: Trump paints a dark picture of inner cities. Systemic racism. End private prisons. Common gun sense gun control.

LH: Are whites guilty of implicit bias?

HC: We all have implicit bias.

DT: NRA endorsing me. Hillary called blacks super predators. Stop and frisk brought 2,200 murders in NYC down to 500.

HC: DeBlasio good. Trump disagreed.

DT: Politicians have let down blacks. Democrats control inner cities.

HC: I think Donald Trump just accused me of preparing for this debate. I am also prepared to be president.

LH: Birther issue

DT: I figured you’d ask the question. Sidney Blumenthal started it for Hillary.

HC: Trump started it.

DT: You treated O44 with terrible disrespect. Now you act holier than thou.

LH: Cybersecurity

HC: I’ll get tough with Russia. Trump invited Putin to hack into America.

DT: Hillary endorsed by political hacks. We don’t know who hacked DNC. Under O44 we’ve lost control of many things.

HC: My plan to defeat ISIS involves going online. We’re making progress.

LH: Various homegrown attacks on American soil.

DT: O44 & Hillary Clinton left Iraq, which created the vacuum where ISIS was formed. We should have taken the oil. Libya was another one of her disasters.

HC: I hope the fact-checkers are working overtime. Trump supported Iraq War and Libya invasion. Trump said he did not. GW Bush created agreement to leave Iraq. Intelligence surge. Work with our allies. Trump insults Muslims.

DT: The Middle East is a mess, largely due to Hillary Clinton. Iran deal a disaster. NATO not paying their fair share.

LH: Trump supported Iraq

DT: No I didn’t. Cited Sean Hannity several times. I have better judgment than Hillary Clinton and better temperament than her.

HC: She laughed and spoke of NATO Article 5. I voted for Iran sanctions. Trump would start a nuclear war. A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not be trusted with nuclear codes.

DT: Nuclear war the greatest threat, not global warming. Japan and Germany should be paying us for defending them.

LH: 1st sheik?

DT: I would not do 1st strike. China should handle North Korea. Iran deal the worst. We paid 1.7 billion in cash to Iran for hostages. Netanyahu is not a happy camper.

HC: Words matter. We will honor our treaties. The only secret is Trump has no plan.

DT: Hillary created ISIS. We cannot be the policeman of the world. She has no ability.

LH: Hillary the first female nominee

DT: Hillary does not have the stamina to be president. We should not be defending Saudi Arabia.

HC: As soon as he travels to 112 countries, he can talk to me about stamina.

DT: Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience.

HC: Trump insults women.

DT: Rosie O’Donnell deserves it. Hillary spends millions on negative ads.

LH: Are you willing to accept outcome?

HC: I accept democracy.

DT:  Many people given citizenship erroneously. I’ll accept the results.


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