2016 Presidential Debate III Recap

2016 Presidential Debate III Recap

Chris Wallace: SCOTUS, how should Constitution be interpreted?

Hillary Clinton: SCOTUS the central issue in this election. What type of country are we going to be? SCOTUS must stand on side of people, not powerful & wealthy. Women’s rights, LGBT, say not to Citizen’s United, undermined election system in our country. Allows dark unaccountable money. Senate must do its job on O44’s nominee.

Donald Trump: SCOTUS what it’s all about. We need the right justices. Justice Ginsburg made statements about me and many others. Uphold 2nd and all Amendments. Hillary will harm 2nd Amendment. I’ve named 20 judges, they will be pro-life, great scholars, interpret the Constitution the way the Founders wanted it. The Constitution the way it was meant to be.

Wallace: Hillary said SCOTUS wrong on 2nd Amendment. Cited Heller case

HC: I support 2nd Amendment. Reasonable regulation. 33,000 people a year who die from guns. Close gun show loophole, comprehensive background checks. I disagreed with the way the court applied 2nd Amendment in Heller case. Protect toddlers.

Wallace: How will you protect 2A?

DT: HC very angry about Heller.

HC: Dozens of toddlers injure themselves with guns. I respect 2A. DT supported by NRA. Come together.

DT: Chicago has toughest gun laws, more gun violence than any other city. Proud of NRA endorsement. Appoint justices that will protect 2A.

Wallace: Abortion: Should SCOTUS overturn Roe vs Wade?

DT: If they overturn Roe vs Wade it will go back to the states.

HC: I strongly support Roe vs Wade. So many states are putting very stringent regulations on women. Defunding Planned Parenthood, which provides cancer screenings. Trump favors defunding PP. Too far to turn back.

Wallace: HC says fetus has no constitutional rights, you’re for partial birth abortions.

HC: Roe vs Wade says we take into account life & health of mother. I have met with women who have been told their health is in danger.

DT: HC is saying that in 9th month you can take baby out of womb. On the final day. That’s not ok with me.

HC: DT using scare rhetoric. I’ve met with women. Government should not make this choice. I’ve been to countries where they have forced abortions or forced births.

DT: Nobody has business doing abortion in the final few days.

Wallace: Immigration. HC has no specific plan for Southern border. Offering path to citizenship.

DT: HC wants to give amnesty. Unfair to people who do it the right way. Cited people in audience who lost loved ones to murders by illegals. Drugs are pouring in. Hillary wants open borders. Border Patrol endorsed me. New Hampshire reeling from Heroin that comes from Southern border. Keep drugs out. We get drugs, they get cash. Border Patrol & ICE want the wall. Once border is secure, we make a decision to what to do with the rest.

HC: I met a young girl in Las Vegas. She is scared she will be deported because her parents are foreign born. I do not want to rip families apart or have deportation force DT has talked about it. DT would require a massive law enforcement presence rounding up people in schools and homes, putting them on trains and buses. That is not who we are. I have been for border security for years. my comprehensive plan includes it. Get rid of violent felons. DT got into Twitter war with Mexican President.

DT: Mexican President a nice man. NAFTA signed by her husband the worst deal ever. HC fought for wall in 2006. She never gets anything done so wall wasn’t built.

HC: New technology. DT called Mexicans rapists, criminals & drug dealers. DT used undocumented workers to build Trump Tower. Get everybody out of shadows. Trump exploits workers.

DT: Under O44, millions have been deported. She does not want to say that. Do it the right way. Speed up process. Her plan is a disaster on trade.

HC: Secure borders, bipartisan, Reagan, George W. Bush.

CW: Speech to Brazilian bank for $225k: My dream is open borders?

HC: I was talking about energy, an electric grid. You’re quoting from Wikileaks. Russian government hacking Americans, given that info to Wikileaks. Putin himself doing it. Most important question is will DT condemn Wikileaks, that he rejects help from Putin.

DT: That was a great pivot off the fact that she wants open borders. She wants 550% more Syrians. We are going to stop Radical Islamic Terrorism, she won’t say it. Putin has no respect for HC or O44.

HC: DT encouraged espionage against our people. You’re spouting the Putin line. You continue to get help from him.

DT: She has no idea who is hacking, whether Russia, China, whoever. She doesn’t like Putin because he has outsmarted her on Syria and everywhere else.

CW: Do you condemn interference in our election?

DT: Yes, by anyone. Putin outsmarted her and O44. Look at missiles. They create warheads and we can’t. Look at the Middle East. We’ve spent 6 trillion dollars and Russia owns the Middle East.

HC: DT joked about using nuclear weapons. when the president gives the order, it must be followed. 10 people who have had that power do not Donald Trump.

DT: I have 200 generals and admirals endorsing me. We are spending a fortune defending other countries. We need to renegotiate these agreements. She’s been proven to be a liar.

HC: I’m quoting you.

DT: You’re not going to find the quote.

HC: US has kept the peace. DT will tear up our alliances. I will work with our allies.

CW: ECONOMY: HC’s plan, gov’t plays a big role, more spending an taxes. DT wants less taxes & regulation. Why will your respective plans create more jobs?

HC: When middle class thrives, America thrives. Biggest jobs program since WWII. Infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, help small business, raise national minimum wage, equal pay for women. Education system that starts with preschool. College debt free. We are going to go where the money is. wealthy pay their fair share, corporations make a greater contribution. Independent experts say it could produce 10 million new jobs. DT plan will lose 3 1/2 million jobs. DT causes dislocation, trickle down on steroids.

DT: Her plan will double your taxes. Japan, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia were not paying their fair share. After I questioned them, they started paying. Under O44, we’ve doubled our debt to 20 trillion. We will have free trade, but better deals. Our jobs are being sucked out of our country. Our jobs have fled to Mexico. I will renegotiate NAFTA. Better deal or terminate it. Cut business taxes massively. They will start hiring again. Eliminate on tax on repatriated assets. Now we only have 1% growth.

HC: Let me translate that if I can.

DT: You can’t.

HC: I will not raise taxes on anyone making < 250k. My husband created a surplus. O44 inherited a disaster, reduced deficit by 2/3. I have investments in training and education.

CW: HC plan similar to O44’s 2009 stimulus plan which has led to slow 1% growth. Is your plan the same?

HC: It’s a combination. O44 inherited a perilous situation. Blamed Bush 43. O44 saved the economy, doesn’t get credit he deserves. We invest from the middle out and the ground up, not the top down. I will not add one penny to the debt. We’re beginning to see some increase in incomes.

CW: Conservative economists criticize DT plan.

DT: India growing at 8%, China 7%. USA 1% and I think it’s going down. Our country is stagnant, we’ve lost our jobs and businesses. We are not making things anymore. Products pouring in from China and Vietnam. I pass factories that were thriving 20 years ago, they are crying now. NAFTA kicked in after Clintons left office. Now she wants to sign TPP. She lied when she said she did not call it gold standard.

HC: When I saw final TPP agreement, I was against it. I’ll be against it after the election. Only one of us on this stage have shipped jobs to Mexico. I fought against illegal Chinese steel dumping. DT bought it. DT has crocodile tears. I will have a trade prosecutor to enforce agreement.

DT: She’s been doing this for 30 years, why didn’t you do this over the last 15 or 20 years? You have experience, but it’s bad experience. You talk but you don’t get anything done. When you ran State Dep’t, 6 billion went missing. was it stolen? Where did it go? If you become president, there will be a mess for this country.

HC: That’s been debunked. I worked 30 years for Children’s Defense Fund while he was being sued for racial discrimination. I was working in schools in Arkansas while his dad gave him 14 million. I was getting bin Laden while he was hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

DT: I built a massive company, worth many billions. I started with a one million loan. If we could run America like I run my businesses, even you would be proud of it. Look at the world. She messed up Syria. She created the vacuum that gave us ISIS. It’s now in 32 countries. She’s gonna get rid of nobody.

CW: FITNESS TO BE PRESIDENT: DT sex accusations. Why would so many women come forward? What about HC enabling Bill Clinton?

DT: Those stories have been largely debunked. I believe it was her campaign that did it. The same way she and O44 caused the violence at my rallies. They paid $1500 to agitators at my Chicago rallies. These women want either fame or to help her campaign. I believe she she got these people to step forward.

HC: DT said at his rallies that he could not have done those things because the women were unattractive. He called the woman reporter writing the story disgusting. Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. He goes after their self worth. We know what he thinks, says, and how he acts. It’s up to all of us to demonstrate how we are. No more pitting of people against each other. Plagiarized Alex de Tocqueville again.

DT: What is not fiction are the 33,000 emails she destroyed after getting a subpoena. A 4-Star general just got 5 years in jail for one lie to the FBI. She lied hundreds of times and gets away with it.

HC: Every time Donald is pushed on something, he never apologizes or says he is sorry. He went after a disabled reporter. He went after the Khans. He went after John McCain. He went after a federal judge in Indiana because his parents were Mexican. This is a pattern of divisiveness, a dark and dangerous vision. He incites violence.

DT: So sad that she talks about violence at my rallies that she caused.

CW: Clinton Foundation has many conflicts of interests. Why is it not pay to play?

HC: Everything I did as Secretary of State is in keeping with our values. Proud of Clinton Foundation. 11 million people with HIV got treatment.

DT: It’s a criminal enterprise. Saudi Arabia gave 25million. Qatar? You talk about women rights? They push gays off of buildings. They abuse women. Why do you take their money? Why don’t you give it back? I was in Haiti. They hate the Clintons. They know what happened in Haiti involving the Foundation was a disgrace.

HC: We spend 90% of the money on charity. World renowned charity. I would be proud to compare us to the Trump Foundation. Haiti hurt by earthquake and hurricanes. Clinton Foundation raised 30 million after earthquake.

DT: 100% of money from Trump Foundation money went to charity. Fisher House among them. Veterans.

HC: DT has not released his tax returns. We cannot prove it. We put our tax returns out there. He has not paid a penny in federal income tax in 20 years. Undocumented immigrants paying more taxes than a billionaire.

DT: We’re entitled because of the laws that she passed. Her donors like Buffett and Soros took the same deductions. HC should have changed the law while she was a senator. You won’t change the law because you take so much money. Your ads are paid for with Wall Street money you took.

CW: RIGGED ELECTION. Mike Pence & Ivanka said they will accept rules.

DT: She should not be allowed to run. She is guilty of a very serious crime. HC should not even be allowed to run based on what she did with emails.

CW: Peaceful transition of power. Loser concedes to winner.

DT: I will tell you at the time. I will keep you in suspense.

HC: That is horrifying. He says everything is rigged. FBI said there was no case against me, he said FBI was rigged. He loses Iowa Caucus, he says that is rigged. He even said Emmys were rigged when he did not win.

DT: I should have gotten it.

HC: 240 years of free and fair elections. O44 called Trump a whiner, said he is not up to the job. He is denigrating and talking down our democracy. I am appalled.

DT: What the FBI and DoJ did including meeting with her husband in back of an airplane is a disgrace.

CW: FOREIGN HOT SPOTS. Will you put US ground troops back into Iraq to combat ISIS?

HC: Continue to press is Syria. Hope we will see a military operation that is successful. Syria will remain hotbed of terrorism as long as civil war goes on. We need an intelligence surge. Go after them online. Don’t let terrorists buy weapons. Push for no fly zone in Syria. Gain leverage over Syrian Government and Russia.

DT: Mosul is so sad, we had Mosul, but when we took everybody out, we lost Mosul. What happened to the element of surprise. We announced 3 months ago to go into Mosul? What happened? They left. She wants to look tough. Assad violated line in sand. She did nothing. We got refugees. The leaders we wanted to get are all gone. Iran should write us a thank you for the stupidest deal of all time allowing them to get nuclear weapons. We made it easy for Iran to take over Iraq. We take Mosul, Iran benefits.

HC: DT again implying he did not support Iraq War. He has not told the truth. I voted for the war. It was a mistake. We got bin Laden while you were doing Celebrity Apprentice. We can take back Mosul and move into Syria and take back Rocca.

DT: Wikileaks just said horrible things about you. Bernie Sanders said you have bad judgment. John Podesta said you have terrible instincts.

HC: They said you are the most dangerous person in modern era to run for president.

CW: ALEPPO. DT said Aleppo has not fallen.

DT: Aleppo is a humanitarian disaster. It has fallen. Do you need a signed document? A lot of this is because of Hillary Clinton. Assad was tougher than she thought. We gave 1.7 billion in cash to Iran. They have aligned with Russia and Assad. We’re backing rebels, but we don’t know who the rebels are. If they ever overthrow Assad, his replacement would be worse. If HC did nothing, we would be in better shape. She caused the migration here with people who are ISIS aligned. Wait till you see what happens in the coming years. Lots of luck Hillary for doing a great job.

CW: O44 refusing No Fly Zone. That would cause a war with Russia. Will you shoot down a Russian plane if they violate it?

HC: I’m well aware of legitimate concerns. This would take a lot of negotiation. We could strike a deal and make it clear that a No Fly Zone is good. I will not let anyone in America who is not vetted. That 4 year old boy in Aleppo is haunting. Careful thorough vetting. Orlando killer was born in Queens, same place Donald was born. I will defeat ISIS.

DT: We should never have let ISIS exist in the first place. During the recent ceasefire, Russia gobbled up land and then said they no longer wanted the ceasefire. Our country is outplayed by Putin, Assad, Iran.

CW: NATIONAL DEBT. HC plan would rise to 86% GDP, DT 105% of GDP.

DT: They’re wrong. I’ll create jobs. I’ll bring growth from 1% to 4% or higher, maybe 5 or 6%. We have a tremendous economic machine. Do not let our companies be raided by other countries. We’ve become very very sloppy. Political hacks making deals bigger than our companies. We don’t use our economic leaders to make trade deals. We use people who make campaign contributions to negotiate deals. People will again go back to work.

HC: I wonder when DT thought America was great. He has been criticizing our government for decades. In 1987, he said the same thing, took out an ad when Reagan was president. He criticized Reagan. I pay for everything I am proposing. I do not add a penny to the national debt. Education, infrastructure, we are going where the money. Wealthy, Fair share. No evidence that will slow down or diminish our growth. Economists call it middle out growth. Smartest way to grow economy, make it fairer. She again invoked his dad.

DT: I disagreed with Reagan on trade.

CW: ENTITLEMENTS: Neither of you has a serious plan to deal with Medicare and Social Security problems. Would you save them if it meant tax hikes and benefit cuts?

DT: I’m cutting taxes. Repeal and replace disaster known as Obamacare. Premiums are skyrocketing 80%, next year over 100%. She wants to keep Obamacare, make it even worse. Bad healthcare at most expensive price.

HC: We need to put more money is SS trust fund. Raise taxes on wealthy. DT may try to get out of it.

DT: Such a nasty woman.

HC: I will not cut benefits. DT’s tax cuts will explode debt, dire consequences for SS and Medicare. ACA saved Medicare trust fund.

DT: Your husband disagrees with you.

CW: Closing statements.

HC: I’m reaching out to all Americans. Fairer economy, make it work for everyone. I know awesome responsibility of the job. my life’s work is cause of children and families against powerful interests and corporations. Good jobs, rising incomes, education.

DT: She’s raising the money from the people she wants to control. Depleted military. We take care of illegals better than veterans. Policemen disrespected. We need law and order and justice. I will do more for blacks and Latinos than she has done in 10 lifetimes. We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama, that’s what you get with her.

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