Pearl Harbor 75 years later

75 years ago, December 7, 1941, was a day that will live on infamy.

Never forget Pearl Harbor. The best way to honor the past is to make sure that we Americans do whatever it takes to preserve freedom and protect the American way of life.

75 years ago, America’s best were spurred into action. They saved the world. Our task today is just as daunting.

With God’s help we can do this.

To George Herbert Walker Bush, Bob Dole, and all our other World War II veterans still with us, Thank you and welcome home.

Bob Dole & George Herbert Walker Bush are lifelong Republicans. The late Daniel Inouye was a lifelong Democrat. Yet they shared an unbreakable bond. They were World War II heroes.

These men did not just win a war. They saved the world. They preserved the American way of life and allowed America to be a beacon of freedom and liberty. Without them, the American dream no longer exists.

When Inouye died in 2012, Bob Dole got out of his wheelchair, steadied himself, and saluted his fallen hero. One patriot ignored his elderly frail body and saluted his fellow hero.

The reason why Democrats and Republicans are able to engage in political skirmishes today is because 75 years ago, everyone came together when it mattered most.

Think about that before having a Christmas or Hanukkah party only with people who agree with you.

I still believe, that if God forbid we face another Pearl Harbor or 9/11, that the overwhelming number of Americans would come together and do what is right.

Bob Dole once said, “Everything in this world flows from doing what is right.”

75 years ago, his fellow patriots understood this.

I absolutely believe that today, enough Americans still do.


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