Independence Day 2017: My American Tale

Independence day 2017: My American Tale

My grandparents & dad escaped the Nazis. Everything they had was taken in the Holocaust. My grandfather came to America and washed dishes. He lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and had holes in his socks. My father graduated college, became a schoolteacher, reached the American middle class, and is now retired with my mom living in a home they own outright. I managed to get an advanced degree MBA, become a Vice President in the stockbrokerage industry before going on the speaking circuit that has taken me to all 50 states. I live in a beautiful area and have a good life. I am still only 1/2 the man my grandpa was, but he had so much more to overcome.

Only in America is this dream a reality. I love this country because it has given me everything. My grandfather and father were hunted like dogs. I am free. I get misty eyed when I hear Lee Greenwood sing “God Bless the USA” because it rings truth.

As I watch fireworks tonight and munch on hamburgers and hot dogs, I thank our Founding Fathers, our fallen soldiers, our veterans, and our current soldiers.

I thank almighty God for creating this nation and the late Ray Charles for singing “America, God done shed his grace on thee.”

In any other nation, my story would be uncommon and heroic. My story is ordinary because America is extraordinary and exceptional.

God bless America, now and forever. Thank you America, for allowing a child of Holocaust survivor to experience what we call this American dream.


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