Flag Day: My pride flag is red, white and blue

Flag Day: My pride flag is red, white and blue
Many liberals have been waving rainbow flags in honor of pride month.
Let’s see how many of these same liberals wave red, white and blue American flags today in honor of Flag Day.
Supporting gay rights without supporting America is hypocritical and insane. Only in a nation as beautiful as America could gay people have the right to wave rainbow flags unimpeded.
If you are proud to be gay, or black, or Arab, or anything else without being proud to be American, you are living in the wrong nation.
Try waving rainbow flags and being gay in Saudi Arabia, Iran or the Gaza Strip. Good luck with that.
Gay rights exist here because we have a Bill of INDIVIDUAL Rights established by the Founding Fathers. Not Founding mothers or people representing 155 other genders. Founding Fathers.
These men gave all people the right to own a gun to defend themselves, protect themselves from self-incrimination, protection against cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to freedom of speech.
So whether you fly a rainbow gay pride flag or a silver and black pirate flag to represent the Raider Nation, fly those American flags high today…and every other day.
As Ray Charles sang, “America, God done shed his grace on thee.”

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