Donald Trump declares his 2024 presidential campaign

I voted for Donald Trump twice. I thought he did an excellent job as President. I felt he was a liability in the most recent midterms. His chosen candidates were not very good and the votes reflected that. I did not want him to run again. I still do not want him to run again.
However, he has now announced he is running. The decision has been made. I will not be supporting him in the 2024 GOP primary, but I will not be openly opposing him either. I will support whoever the nominee is and most likely let the primaries sort that out without my interference.
I have heard Mr. Trump give good speeches and bad speeches. For the most part, his announcement tonight was a good speech. There were two reasons it was good. For the most part, he stuck to policy. He was on message. He mentioned his policy successes and contrasted that with the failures of the Biden administration.
His tone was calm. When he rages on, he comes across as a lunatic. That is why Hillary Clinton and Liz Warren cannot get elected President. They keep screaming. Trump is at his best when he speaks in the calm, quiet voice Kelly Anne Conway taught him. When he speaks wildly and strays off script, he is a rambling disaster. When he speaks calmly and stays on message, he is very effective. Tonight, for the most part with only one or two tangents, he was calm, focused, and presidential.
His biggest flaw is his inability to stay disciplined and stay on message. His speech tonight was still too long. He could have cut out 15-20 minutes in the second half of his speech that was repetitive. Nevertheless, he went out of his way to make the speech about the people and not about him.
I will most likely stay neutral in the 2024 GOP primary, but I will absolutely support the 2024 GOP nominee. Nancy Pelosi has been fired. Now Joe Biden must also be fired. Any Republican is a better option than what Democrats offer.
Mr. Trump has lost credibility in recent weeks. However, if he can focus his speeches like a laser on policy and only on policy, he can regain that credibility. Helping Herchel Walker get elected to the Senate would help his cause. He must shut up when it comes to insulting fellow Republicans. In this speech, he only went after Democrats. He made it about policy, not personal attacks. He must keep doing that.
Bring down inflation. Bring down crime. Return parental rights to parents and crack down on rogue education bureaucrats. Cut taxes. Defang the administrative state. Crush radical Islam. Return to a pro-Israel foreign policy. Crack down on the Southern border. Save our kids from dying from fentanyl, inner city violence, and general despair. Eliminate government mandates. End economic decline, military decline, and cultural decline. Restore energy dominance, military dominance, and economic dominance. Hire judges committed to strict Constitutionalism and reign in rogue government agencies.
These are policies, and Trump rightly focused on them.
The speech is in the books. Now we see what unfolds.

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