Emily Oster Democrats Deserve F-Bombs, Not Amnesty

Emily Oster Democrats Deserve F-Bombs, Not Amnesty


Democrat hatchet man Paul Begala once lamented that Democrats were on the verge of becoming a political party of only “eggheads and African-Americans.” He was half-right. Blacks and Hispanics continue to abandon Democrats in droves and run for office as Republicans. The leftist plan to import millions of new Democrat voters has backfired. Blacks and Hispanics want a better life as badly as their Caucasian counterparts. Democrats cannot deliver that better life. After President Joe Biden’s closing argument rageathon, the only people left making excuses for him are rich white liberal one-percenter academics. They prefer Kamala Harris, because nothing says wokeness like rich white liberals promoting the least qualified minority available.


“It is very important that we threaten democracy. Extreme King Ultra Mega Maga Migo, baby why don’t we go, to Kokomo?”


Slightly edited transcription of Biden’s latest ranting aside, he is too incoherent to sway anyone. To prevent an electoral bloodbath in the 2022 midterms, the secularists in academia are ironically trying a Hail Mary. The most insidious and vile attempt comes from rich white liberal professor Emily Oster.


Professor Oster is calling for a “Pandemic Amnesty.” She claims to want people to forgive each other for certain negative behavior during the Covid pandemic. After two years, we should just let bygones be bygones.


Of all the f-words that come to mind, forgiveness is not one of them. The appropriate response to this academic at uber-liberal Brown University is f-bombs.


For starters, Oster is asking for a ceasefire one week before an expected election shellacking for Democrats. Every time Democrats face a brutal electoral reckoning, they magically develop an 11th hour need to sound like something out of Family Circle Magazine.


The bigger problem is that this has never been two-directional warfare. Most people on the right play by the old rules where talking about cutting taxes and killing terrorists could be discussed civilly. Too many on the left long ago abandoned any pretense of idea-driven campaigns. The Saul Alinsky strategy of “polarize, personalize,” seek and destroy has been taken to extremes. Oster wants a ceasefire but never apologizes for true acts of violence committed by liberals against conservatives, Trump voters and others under the Covid cloak.


Oster Democrats never apologized for screaming at random people who were maskless. My own breathing disorder provided the options of death by suffocation or mask removal. The left did not care. They screamed because they scream. In Red China, any children who had not read Mao Tse-Tung’s Red Book were violently assaulted. Masks are the new Red Book.

Oster Democrats never apologized for getting thousands of unvaccinated workers fired. Academics joyfully led the charge. The same rich white Ivory Tower liberals pretending to care about income inequality took glee in cutting off the income of blue-collar workers. These firing created more than a medical shortage during a pandemic. The number of dockworkers who lost their jobs was a direct cause of the current supply chain crisis destabilizing the global commercial world. The number of fired police officers directly exacerbated the spiraling crime crisis in cities that need law enforcement officers the most.


Most importantly, Oster Democrats have never apologized for fomenting violent rage that has led to far too many attempted murders. Steve Scalise was shot. Rand Paul was beaten. North Carolina GOP headquarters were firebombed. A Duval, Florida GOP booth had a truck ram into it. A Marco Rubio volunteer was beaten and hospitalized.


There is no equivalent on the conservative side. When Paul Pelosi and Gabby Giffords were attacked by leftists, conservatives were properly horrified. Liberals mention January 6th in every third sentence, but most people outside the Beltway do not care about doofuses committing misdemeanor trespassing. Donald Trump builds buildings. His critics are the ones burning them to the ground. Portland is an entire city dedicated to nightly violent leftist rage.


Oster Democrats have never apologized for exploiting Covid to weaponize every alphabet soup administrative agency against innocent Americans who just wanted to be left alone.


If Oster Democrats want to be taken seriously, they can start by taking their midterm beating gracefully, accepting the results, and changing their own behavior.


Otherwise, Democrats will deservedly be reduced to the party of Emily Oster, Liz Warren, Hillary Clinton, and a few screaming middle-aged people of indeterminate gender.


Liberals have become the new Palestinians. Peace is impossible when one side refuses to accept that the other side has a right to exist. This rejectionism is why peace is impossible with Hamas, Hezbollah, or rich white liberal college professors. They only want peace after being crushed on the battlefield. Once their self-declared pre-election ceasefire is over, they go back to waging war.


Crush them. Drop the F-bombs. Then vote every last leftist zealot out of office.



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