Top 10 News Stories of 2022

Top 10 News Stories of 2022

As another year prepares to enter the history books, let us look back on the Top 10 News Stories of 2022. These are not necessarily the stories the media covered. They are the stories the media should have covered that matter most. In fact, the stubborn refusal of the media to cover certain stories is in itself a story. Before getting to the list, here are a couple of items that did not make the list.

The fall of Donald Trump. Normally this would be a major story. Former President Trump’s candidates performed badly in the midterms. The Trump Organization was convicted of financial improprieties. After announcing his 2024 presidential run, Trump has not held any campaign events. His tax returns are about to be released. He teased a big announcement that turned out to be himself selling digital merchandise of himself. He is on the verge of political irrelevance. Yet this is not a story because of the key words “on the verge.” He has been counted out so many times, and he keeps confounding those who bet against him. Until his political career is officially over, he is very much still a relevant political player. His political death at this point is premature.

The midterm elections. Normally an election is a big deal. Yet this one offered much more confusion than clarity. Republicans were supposed to win big. In Florida, they did. In New York, they made significant gains. Yet in other parts of the country, Democrats defied expectations. Yet Republicans did capture the House. They barely control it, but Democrats barely controlled it before. No incumbent Senator lost. Only one incumbent governor lost. Americans say they are angry at their leaders but for the most part reelected them. This election offers no clues about the present or the future, and therefore is not a relevant event.

Illegal immigration and Fentanyl deaths. Yes, the Southern border is out of control. Yes, our open border is precisely why drug smugglers are able to succeed. Yes, the drugs now are more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Yes, Fentanyl manufactured in China and distributed through Mexico is killing Americans. This is not a story because nothing will be done about it. Democrats want illegal immigration because illegals vote Democrats. If Americans have to die, so be it. Democrats can just keep importing new illegals and have an endless supply of illegal Democrat voters. Democrats willing to try and rule in perpetuity is not news. The left has always believed the ends justify the means. That is the furthest thing from news. Nothing will be done about it. Until and unless Republicans can somehow win a national election, the illegals will keep coming, the drugs will keep flowing, and Americans will keep dying. The liberal media will make sure this vicious cycle is treated as a right-wing talking point rather than a heartbreaking deadly truth.

With that, here are the Top 10 News Stories of 2022.

10.) Paul Pelosi’s sordid escapades — In late 2022, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was bludgeoned in his home by a mentally ill leftist political activist ranting and raving about his wife. He became a sympathetic figure, but the truth of what happened that has been suppressed by the media. Rumors abound that he was attacked by someone he knew and invited over to his home. Whether this was a gay romance gone bad or a legitimate robbery turned violent, the media needs to stop hiding the video footage. Paul Pelosi has been protected his entire life. Earlier in 2022, he caused a drunk driving accident that left him injured and two cars smashed. Again, getting a video of the crime scene has proved impossible. The leftist prosecutors did everything they could to tank the case. This is odd given that Paul Pelosi as a teenager was responsible for a driving crash that killed someone. His rich white liberal privilege prevents him from facing charges for any of these situations or for his years of insider trading. His stock trades would be illegal if done by someone not married to one of the most powerful Democrats in America.

9.) Nancy Pelosi ousted — She was the first woman elected speaker. She was even elected to that position twice. The liberal media fawns all over her, but the truth is not so simple. She was also fired as Speaker twice. She raises a ton of money for Democrats, but she raises just as much if not more for Republicans by being a lightning rod. The liberal media crows that the red wave failed to materialize. The real story is that Pelosi was fired. The entire progressive agenda risks being stopped, but for Pelosi, her power has been taken away. While Republican voters were the ones who took away her majority, it was actually leftist Squad members who schemed to take her out since their 2018 arrival. Pelosi caved to the mob, and the mob devoured her.

8.) CNN meltdown — It has been so long that most people have forgotten what CNN used to be. With solid anchors including Bernard Shaw, CNN was a real news network. During the Trump presidency, CNN decided to reinvent itself as a leftist grievance network. This strategy failed because leftist basket cases already had MSNBC. They were crazy but entertaining. CNN tried to combine crazy and boring, which does not work. Then came Chris Licht. He is determined to turn CNN back into a real news network anchored by normal human beings. He has fired the worst of the leftist hacks. He has demoted others. CNN’s ratings keep crashing because they betrayed their original mission, replaced it with garbage, and now have no idea who or what they are. It is impossible to win over everyone, but quite easy to lose everyone. This…is CNN.

7.) Roe vs Wade overturned — The Dobbs case achieved the dream of conservatives and the nightmare of liberals. After nearly five years, Roe vs. Wade is no longer the Supreme law of the land. On the surface, abortion should not be a major issue. Out of 370 million Americans, around 150,000 abortions happen per year. Most Americans are never directly affected. Yet emotionally, millions of Americans on both sides of the issue care deeply. Despite leftist hysterics, abortion was not made illegal. It was simply returned to the states, a principle of federalism. Yet the left was able to channel their rage in many races during the midterms. This story would rank higher except that 100 years from now, the fight will still continue. The differences are irreconcilable and the sides are relatively evenly divided.

6.) The Rise of Ron DeSantis — Ron DeSantis was an afterthought in the 2018 Florida gubernatorial primary. Then Donald Trump endorsed him, and DeSantis rocketed past the establishment GOP candidate. DeSantis barely won the 2018 general election 50% to 49%. Four years later, DeSantis won a landslide 20 point victory. He turned blue areas of Florida including Miami rock ribbed Republican red. DeSantis has governed as a real conservative. He has Trump’s pugilistic style but with far more discipline and zero personal drama. Trump was never a culture warrior. DeSantis has launched a full-throttled assault on woke leftism and won. When Disney tried muscling DeSantis, he threatened to remove their tax exemption. They caved. Yet the biggest reason DeSantis won so handily is because he does his job well. His leadership is pure competence. During various hurricanes, he has shown steely-eyed resolve and a laser-like focus. He keeps his political fights related to policy. He is a top tier 2024 presidential contender.

5.) The Fall of Anthony Fauci — For years, Anthony Fauci has been the highest paid federal employee overseeing a budget of billions of dollars. When the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, Fauci became the face of the fight against Covid. Liberals elevated the 78 year old Fauci to godlike status. The liberal media gave him glowing magazine covers declaring him one of the sexiest men alive. Somewhere along the line, the fame got to Fauci. He kept changing his positions with the political winds. He demanded masks and then was caught maskless. He recommended authoritarian measures that stripped Americans of their constitutional freedoms. He encouraged censorship of anyone disagreeing with his arbitrary diagnoses. Fauci was protected as long as Democrats controlled everything. With the Republicans set to take over the House, Fauci knew his protection was gone. New information has come to light showing that Fauci was instrumental in performing barbaric gain of function research. Fauci played a leading role in causing the global pandemic. He has covered for China to protect his own financial interests. He will not go to jail, but his decades of absolute power are gone. Sadly, so are the millions who died from a disease he helped create.

4.) Raid on Mar-A-Lago — If Donald Trump were truly irrelevant, the Biden administration would ignore him. If Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election over Trump honestly, Biden would delight in a rematch. At the very least his supporters would not live in fear of this rematch. Democrats are determined to ban Trump from running again, which is what dictators in third world banana republics do to their political opposition. Under orders from the boss and heavy pressure from the left, attorney General Merrick Garland ordered a raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago mansion. The same FBI agents who perpetrated the 2016 Russia collusion hoax were involved in this raid. Trump was accused of stealing classified documents. This lacks common sense. Any United States President can declare any document unclassified. The double standard was astounding given the kid glove treatment Hillary Clinton received for actually illegally possessing classified documents. Her home was never raided. The raid backfired. Even those who had become weary of Trump’s behavior were outraged at the abuse of government power. This would be the top story except for the fact that nothing will come of it. Trump will not be indicted and nobody in the Biden administration will face consequences.

3.) FTX Collapse — Sam Bankman-Fried was a 30 year old billionaire who ran a cryptocurrency firm. He showed up to meetings in short and a t-shirt and became a member of the protected class due to his progressive politics. He donated millions of dollars to Democrats. He was the second biggest Democrat donor behind George Soros. Yet behind all of his billions of dollars was not business acumen but outright criminal fraud. Crypto may be complex, but what SBF did was very simple. He commingled customer funds with company funds, illegally withdrew customer funds, and used those customer funds to fund his lavish lifestyle. SBF got away with it for so long for the same reason most of his ilk do. He spouted progressive politics and gave heavily to Democrats. He is a vegan. He supports climate change action and gay rights. He virtue-signals. Democrats in return protected him. He bought their silence with illegally donated stolen campaign cash. Yet the bigger story is that every link in his business chain is fraud. The input is crypto, which is in itself a fraudulent “currency” built on nothing and used to finance drug and sex trafficking. The output is climate change action, which is based on fraudulent pseudo-science and lies meant to manipulate people. SBX was the fraudulent middle man connecting a fraudulent product with fraudulent purposes. The case against him is strong, but powerful people do not want him to testify. Chances are, the prosecutors against him will tank the case.

2.) Elon Musk and the Twitter Files — Elon Musk purchasing Twitter in itself was amusing. While Musk is politically liberal, he is not a raving leftist. He is a free speech absolutist, not a pro-censorship zealot. He concluded that Twitter’s leadership was censoring people and news that contradicted the left. It was an anti-conservative platform. Upon completing the purchase, Musk immediately fired the leftists uncharge of the censorship, although they still insist they resigned. The main censors were former CEO Parag Agrawal, head of legal Vijaya Gadde, and head fo safety Yoel Roth. Upon taking over the company, Musk faced boycott threats from woke leftists and legal threats from Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and others. Rather than back down, Musk doubled down. He released company emails and documents that proved massive corrupt ties between the FBI, the liberal media, and social media companies. There was direct coordination to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election. There was direct coordination and coercion to suppress any Covid narrative that contradicted Fauci and his fellow Democrats. Anyone questioning masks, vaccines, or government-approved drugs risked being banned from Twitter. Millions of people died because of the suppression of honest science in favor of junk science. Again, liberal privilege prevents any of the bad actors from facing consequences. The liberal media will continue to suppress this bombshell news story through a print and television blackout. Nevertheless, the truth has finally come out. This elaborate attempt to censor half of Americans would be the top story except for one issue. Most of the blood and carnage happened out of sight.

A once in a century global pandemic is bad. A government attempt to suppress the killing of people based on junk science and lies is worse. Yet even those events pale in comparison to genocide with the potential for World War III and Armageddon.

1.) Russia invades Ukraine — On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine with the full intent of taking it over. Vladimir Putin’s timing was not coincidental. The days when both political parties were willing to protect the American way of life are long gone. Democrats are now a full-blown anti-war party suffering from Vietnam syndrome. Even the Republican Party has gone from a Bush-Cheney Neocon Party to a Trump populist anti-war party. In 1990, George Herbert Walker Bush responded to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invasion of Kuwait with the declaration that “This will not stand.” The principle was a noble one. No nation has the right to gobble up another nation. George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks routed the Taliban in Afghanistan and removed Saddam Hussein from earth. Yet Americans allowed war weariness to usher in an era of dangerous isolationism. Russia’s Vladimir Putin exploited this. In 2014, Russia took over Crimea. Barack Obama responded by doing nothing, exactly as Putin predicted. Putin stayed quiet during the Trump years due to Trump’s unpredictability. With Biden in charge, Putin knows he can act without consequences from the West.

Putin made one major miscalculation. He underestimated the will of the Ukranian people and Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelensky. Once a Jewish comedian, Zelensky has become one of the toughest historical leaders along with Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, John Howard and George W. Bush. Zelensky is willing to fight to the very last man, and his people have responded with surprising resolve. The West has been sending weapons and money to Ukraine, but Zelensky knows he is alone. The same Western nations that did nothing to stop the Holocaust would happily let Ukraine die to keep Russian oil flowing. Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons. World War III and Armageddon are not impossible. The world is watching the West’s meekness and taking one. China is preparing to try and finally seize Taiwan. Iran is getting closer to a nuclear bomb that they wish to use on Israel. North Korea is increasing their aggressiveness toward South Korea. The world is a mess because the leader of the free world refuses to lead. If Putin loses this war, it will be because of Zelensky. If Putin wins, it is because the help Zelensky received was the bare minimum. The Neocons were right. The paleocons and anti-war left were always wrong. Meanwhile, Ukraine is soaked in blood because the cowards refuse to stop the evildoers. America’s military leaders are more interested in woke indoctrination than defense. Putin knows this. The decline of American military might has led to Russia potentially obliterating Ukraine from the map. That is the lead news story of 2022.

With God’s help, may 2023 be peaceful. This would be bad for the news industry but great for the civilized world.


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