State of the Useless 2023

State of the Useless 2023: Biden’s Build Back Blather

State of the Union 2023: Biden’s Build Back Blather

UNMENTIONED: violent crime, Iran building a bomb, radical Islam, Southern border, price of eggs, price of beef, social media censorship. the earthquake in Turkey.


Inflation was caused by Covid and Putin — No. Spending causes inflation. The Inflation Reduction Act exacerbated inflation. 

Climate crisis — There is none.

Corporations paying 0 taxes — Corporations invest billions of dollars into research and development. Corporations risk their own money. 

Billionaires paying lower tax rate than teachers — Apples and oranges. Capital gains rates are lower than ordinary income rates. Liberals could lower ordinary income rates. Instead they try to raise capital gains rates. 

Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare — This lie was debunked in 1995. It’s still false.

Burger workers and cashiers signing non-compete clauses — False. Non-compete clauses are for white collar workers in executive positions. McDonalds does not care if you quit and join Burger King. 

He wants to hire more border workers — He fired them. 

We stood up to Putin when Russia invaded Ukraine — We did nothing. The war rages on. 

He stood up to Chinese aggression — The Chinese government is  stealing our intellectual property, flooding our nation with drugs, and spying on us without consequences. 

Linked attack on Paul Pelosi to January 6th insurrectionists — There was no insurrection. Pelosi’s attacker was a mentally ill leftist and a Canadian. 

1/2 truths:

Gas prices are down — Down from the high last year, still much higher than 2 years ago.

Inflation is down — Down from the high last year, still much higher than 2 years ago.

Supply chain is recovering — Better than last year, still much worse than 2 years ago.

Passed gun safety laws — The courts are striking these laws down as unconstitutional.

Awful ideas:

Price caps on prescription drugs — Companies lose money on every failed drug. They use the profits from their winners to offset their losers. Price controls were tried in the 1970s and failed.

Quadruple the tax on stock buybacks — Companies should buy back their own stock. It shows confidence in the company. They are putting their money where their mouths are. 

Taxing unrealized gains — Unrealized gains do not exist. If a person pays this tax and then their asset crashes in value, they will then have paid taxes on a loss. 

Free pre-school — We need less leftist anti-American indoctrination, not more. This would bust the budget. 

Raises for public schoolteachers — No. Close public schools. Get government out of the public school business. 

Ban assault weapons — There is no such thing as an assault weapon. People who push gun control want to bans that look scary. This would increase crime since criminals do not obey laws. 


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