JLI Retreat 2023: What the Torah demands of science

What the Torah demands of science

The Torah is not in conflict with science. 

The people who pray the best are people who have jobs. To appreciate that God created the entire world, you have to experience this outside world, from business to medicine to other forms of employment. 

Torah and science usually agree, but sometimes Torah and science disagree. 

Talmudic scholars were not scientists. 

People claim the Torah is non-literal when the literal interpretation makes people uncomfortable. If anything, that makes the Torah itself more likely to be literal. 

Some twist the Torah. Others twist the science. Others smash the whole science-Torah debate with Kabbalah. 

Torah is the blueprint of the world, which is described by science. Science is evidence. Torah is truth.

Ignore the bumper stickers that say “trust science.” No scientist trusts science. Trusting evidence is fine, but rarely is hard evidence offered. Statistics does not offer 100% proof. 

Math has proofs. Science has a preponderance of evidence and reducing the probability of error to near 0.

There is no uncertainty in the Torah. What it says, is. 100% accuracy. Science is collecting evidence. God is a definitive answer. Evidence is only useful if you don’t already know the answer. When evidence contradicts a fundamental principle, throw out the evidence. Jews have a fundamental principle called the Torah.

Science cannot contradict Torah. When it does, the science is wrong. 

Authentic Judaism never compartmentalizes. It does not separate science at work and religion at home. It does not kowtow to nature. 

God is supernatural. We are not bound by nature. God can break the rules and mess with the scientific evidence. God split the sea. 

Theory is less important than practice. Do mitzvahs.

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