Conservatives acting like leftists can defeat the Ground Zero Mosque

In an attempt to spread a worldwide Caliphate over conquered lands, Radical Islamists are trying to open up a victory mosque near Ground Zero.

While conservatives are fuming, they need to realize that this mosque-strosity can be defeated if only conservatives would just act like leftists.

No, I am not advocating that conservatives engage in mob violence and try to burn down the property. Not every leftist tactic involves violence (although most of them do, hence the rational assumption).

The legal system is the answer.

Remember the legal system? The left uses it spectacularly when they lose electorally and in the court of public opinion. They just find activist judges to ram their agenda down our throats.

Some will say that the owners of the building have every right to build the mosque, so there is no legal issue.

Yes, they have the right to build. Yes, there is still a legal way to stop them.

The solution is for opposition groups to just seize the property. That’s it. Just take it.

No, I am not advocating that we storm the building, burn everything, and take what is left amidst the rubble (although this was done with great efficiency against my grandfather in Europe).

We simply employ the liberal judicial philosophy to justify seizing the area.

It is called eminent domain.

For those needing another reminder of why liberals should never be allowed to become judges, the eminent domain ruling a few years back in Kelo vs New London allows government to seize private property if there is a public good.

Naturally, with virtually all liberal rulings, the meaning can and has been twisted to be whatever liberals want it to mean. Public good is now whatever feels good to liberal members of the public.

Four liberal justices managed to sway one conservative judge (liberals call this bipartisanship) into violating property ideals that stretch back to John Locke.

All we need is one conservative judge to declare the area…something…anything.

Sure the owner would have to be given fair market value, but fair is such a subjective term. The land can be declared a toxic waste dump, and the owner can be given $1. By my conservative definition, any area inhabited by liberals or Islamists is toxic.

This is so easy. Liberals love it when they do it. For some reason they enjoy it less when it is done to them.

So I say find conservative judges willing to act like liberal activists for a day.

Let’s use eminent domain to seize the property. In fact, let’s use eminent domain against every Islamist property owner and every liberal apologist supporting them.

This tactic may not work, but it does not need to work. Think of this as the Palesimian strategy. Surviving is enough. Bother the other side until they can’t stand it anymore. Make the cost of being in the area untenable.

Palesimians understand this. Liberals understand this.

Only conservatives refuse to act this way.

It is time for conservatives to use the eminent domain ruling to shut this mosque down.

Then we can use the land to build a kosher pizza place. After all, that is in the public good. Everybody loves pizza.

Using liberalism as my philosophy, I said so, so it must be so.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    Dont forget.
    At the same time we have to cry claims of racism, bigotry, intolerance, social injustice and the damage such construction could cause to the environment.

    I find it amazing that a religion thats in direct conflict with the godly inspirations behind our constitution seeks to use that constitution to promote a religion that could never support that constitution never mind be the foundation for one like it.
    The goverments founded on this religion could never afford a constitution like what they take advantage of in this country. Absolutely ironic

  2. Eric! Urgent! WOT is suddenly rating your site as unsafe! Somebody sited you for “godaddy” spam. That’s millions of potential vistors being told to avoid your site! You need to address this asap as it will reflect poorly on your good character and reputation online and off. I will gladly vouch for the integrity of your site if you need me. I’m sure Micky et al will too. But this could be a virus or something on your end without you even being aware of it. Or it could be some s@#$bag intentionally attacking you. Lord knows I’ve had it happen to me. That’s why I had to shut down my site for a long time. Don’t let that happen to you.

    As for the mosque, I wish you guys would give it a rest and give these people a chance. If they use this mosque as anything remotely close to hopw you describe it, then we can all agree that it should be shut down, and i’m sure there’d be some legitimate legal recourse to accomplish that. But if this turns out to be a gesture of peace and friendliness, then we should applaud it. But let’s not automatically jump to the worst conclusions. The guy trying to build this mosque/center is a Sufi, a very peaceful bunch of folks. Why can’t you guys just give this guy a chance? Why do you have to froth at the mouth over this? Chill out.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    yeah, if theres a problem with your site rating I’ll definately bust out the can of a$$whoop.

    Call him what you want. Anyone has to admit theres not much in a name or label these days.
    Hes still unable to denounce Hamas as a terrorist organization and still eludes to America being at fault for 911. Not to mention that Erics visit was a little creepy, to say the least.
    Also, whats this crap the Imam is spewing that Americas national security may be at risk if the mosque is moved or stopped ?
    That was a really stupid thing to say. On top of being stupid it could also be contrued as code to radicals for action.
    The more they resist legitimate calls for compromise the more this stinks and will linger in the media and minds of Americans

  4. Micky 2 says:

    Rauf says ground zero is not hallowed ground.
    Faiz Kahn, a close associate of Rauf and founder of their organization known as “American society for the advancement of Muslims” claims 911 was an inside job.
    “The prime factor for the success the criminal mission known as 911 did not come from the quarter known as militant Islam… although the phenomenon known as militant Islamic networks may have played a partial role…perhaps the role of patsy and scapegoat”

    Why has Rauf not disclosed this ? And why do they refuse to comment on this ?

    nah Jersey, theres just much underlying stink to let this go

  5. blacktygrrrr says:


    Thank you for the tip. Obviously this is not thrilling news but I will handle it. The blogosphere is the Wild West, and it would be hypocritical of me to ask for increased regulations.

    I had no idea what WOT was until tonight. I thought it had something to do with the War on Terror. Apparently it stands for War on Tygrrrr.

    No worries.

    eric 🙂

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