Kentucky Derby 2011

Before getting to a word from a sponsor, a word from Kentucky…

“…and down the stretch they come!”

That will be the last thing heard on Saturday as 2 hours is devoted to an event that only takes 2 minutes.

Tomorrow is dedicated to all of the wonderful mothers who brought us into this world. Ironically I will be flying on Mother’s Day from South Carolina to Kentucky, missing the Derby by one day.

The South Carolina GOP Convention is political fun, but the weekend should be about sports.

Sadly, as of this moment, none are being played.

Baseball, soccer, and golf are as boring as ever.

(However in a sad note, farewell Seve Ballesteros. You left us too soon.)

The NFL is still on lockout.

My hockey team has been eliminated from the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers are still the evil empire of basketball. They did fall behind, losing two games at home. They even fell behind 3 games to 0, and no team has ever come back from that in NBA playoff history. Yet knowing what usually happens with this team, the Lakers will stop being bored, win it all again, and convince Phil Jackson to keep sleeping with the boss’s daughter and keep his job. So until and unless they are eliminated, I will assume they will win like they always do.

In political blood sports, Bin Laden is still dead and the Royal Wedding is still the equivalent of Sominex.

So all we have is the Kentucky Derby. The blue hairs do look nice in their matching hats, and who does not like a good mint julip?

(Me actaully…never tried one.)

Anyway, it is only four months until kickoff. I have not snapped just yet. For those of you political junkies unable to make it to the Democratic Convention, their will be plenty of horses’ hides on television on this Saturday.

I still say John Kerry wins by a long face.

I would bet my money on the bobtail nag, but leave Secretary of State Clinton out of this.

And down the stretch they come!


Now for a word from a sponsor.

Cowboys Come Away With A Solid Draft

Dallas failed to make the playoffs for the second time in three years last year, although they definitely picked up the effort after Jason Garrett was installed as the head coach, replacing Wade Phillips for the final eight games of the season. With the lockout no closer to being resolved, the Cowboys had to plug some holes in last week’s draft, and they came away with some solid players, including a stud offensive lineman.

The Cowboys were known in their glory days as having one of the top three offensive lines in the game as they opened holes for Emmitt Smith, and allowed Troy Aikman time to find Michael Irvin and his other targets. A good offensive line is key to a team improving their NFL future odds @ BetUs, and they picked up a sure thing with the ninth pick as they selected tackle Tyron Smith out of USC. Smith is an incredible athlete with the feet to move out on the best pass-rushers in the league, and the Cowboys need to keep Romo on the field after last year’s collarbone injury (Romo is fine now and plans on attempting to qualify for the U.S. Open).

Following that, the Cowboys picked up linebacker Bruce Carter from North Carolina, and he’ll back up Bradie James and Keith Brooking, who will become a free agent after the 2011 season. Even though they’re already loaded at running back, you can never have too many of those in the NFL, so the Cowboys went with DeMarco Murray out of Oklahoma, and he was on one of the All-Big 12 teams for three straight seasons in Norman, including a first-team pick in 2010. They also picked up a couple more offensive linemen in the later rounds, snagging Missouri State’s David Arkin in the fourth and Wisconsin’s Bill Nagy in the seventh round.

Dallas’ main goal was to improve their offensive line, and they’ve done enough to improve the quality and depth in the draft, especially with no chance to work the free-agent market because of the draft. The Cowboys should be sorted out up front.

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