September-October Hate Mail

It has been awhile, but here is some of my hate mail from September and October. Since I have not written lately about Ron Paul or Lady Gaga, my hate mail has been diminished. However, here are a few miscreants from September and October who represent the Obama part of America very well.


“You need to dismiss women sends a clear message to the world that you fear women who have more power than thou. Grow the fuck up and get off your privileged ass and write something that doesn't make you sound like something unworthy of douching with. Douchebag. You need help.”

Analysis: She meant to say “Your” need to dismiss women, but left out the “r.” So if she is telling me “You” need to dismiss women, there is only one thing to say. Ok worthless woman, I will start with you. Begone with Ye! Consider yourself dismissed.

Abel Manji

“Do you really believe what you write? It is rubbish.”

Analysis: Yet this imbecile took the time to comment. Naturally he could not say why, proving that his first name is a complete lie. Besides, thanks to Cain, Abel did end up as rubbish.

Jennifer Russell

“You're not special. You're just like all the other small minded people that can't see honesty if it gets in the way of getting their own way. Do you have a picture of yourself with your mouth closed? Perhaps it's time.”

Analysis: According to Freud, this woman has a fantasy about inserting herself into my mouth. Naturally she will not show her own picture, and I am too successful in my career to gamble on somebody who may be repulsive.

Dean Weiss

“How could you have been so wrong about Obama and the election?

Thank goodness the best man won after all.”

Analysis: I said it would be a very close election and a Romney win. It was a very close election and an Obama win. I wonder if this commenter will feel the best man won after the economy is destroyed. Actually, he probably would.

Daniel Jannotta

“Whatever you're smoking, where can I get some?”

Analysis: I live in California. While I do not do illegal drugs, just go to any public school and obtain them. Anybody too stupid to find drugs in America may be the only person to stupid to have the odd pleasure of doing them.

Lance Oliphant

“Do you get paid by Romney or do you just enjoy being a partisan hack?”

This commenter is obviously a partisan hack who gets paid by Obama. After all, the great intellectuals in this world are highly paid astroturfers who call themselves “Seriously bro?” I would waterboard this fellow but there is no chance of extracting intelligent information.

roger whitman

“The top-ten smallest penises in journalism:

1-9) Eric Golub
10) Eric Golub's mother”

Analysis: Apparently Walt Whitman’s illegitimate fifth cousin read “Leaves of Grass.” Contrary to what this brilliant commenter might think, it is not about smoking marijuana.

Say it with me everybody. These are liberals, feminists, and Palestinians. This is how they behave.


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