My environmental speech to the Loomis City Council

I am now an environmental hero.

The following events took place in late August of 2011. It took five months to talk about them because of Election 2012 and the recovery from the disaster. Like people recovering from Hurricane Sandy, America may never recover.

This column is dedicated to the phenomenal human beings on the Norcal Tea Party Bus Tour. From Sacramento to San Diego and back to Sacramento, we rallied the faithful.

Today is a day to talk about Agenda 21. Below are my remarks to the Loomis City Council on the subject.

The video is 54 minutes long. I only speak for 2 minutes near the very end. That was enough time to bring the Loomis City Council to a standstill.

For those who do not know, Agenda 21 has nothing to do with underage kids trying to get fake I.D.s so they can get drunk illegally. Agenda 21 is a environmental initiative. The goal of “sustainability” is code for eliminating all human beings and commerce so that trees and bunny rabbits can be happy.

Most of these envirozealots probably want to ban former basketball player Tree Rollins and country music group Oak Ridge Boys. They probably at Christmas sing about Chevy Volts roasting on an open fire. They probably favor a 100% tax on the rich and then wonder why nobody works anymore.

So to all the Agenda 21 lovers, here is my unoriginal poem to you.

“This land is my land

It is not your land

If you don’t get off

I’ll blow your head off

I’ve got a shotgun

and you don’t got one

This land is private property.”

Loomis is a town in Northern California in the greater Sacramento area. While letting such a city commit economic suicide could be fun, the problem is that the greeniacs would then come to a town near you.

Agenda 21 must be defeated. My speech will not change the world, but it sure was fun. As for the rest of the video, it is quite educational. Please watch it.


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