My March Hate Mail

March Hate Mail


Liberals, feminists, stoners, and Palesimians have few skills outside of sending badly written pieces of hate mail. Here is the newest batch of my hate mail.



I know you have to earn a living, but this shit is delusional. Wow. Crazy. Willfully ignorant or purposefully deceitful? Shameful shit. Shameful.”


Analysis: This fellow most likely teaches government at Columbia or Harvard. I suspect they majored in multicultural metrosexual diversity studies.



When you throw marijuana legalization under the bus to show how serious your issue is by comparison, you're lazy. You can't articulate why your issue is important on its own merits. And FYI people on both sides of the marijuana legalization issue agree it is in fact is a pretty serious constitutional issue. P.S. you look like you're yawning in your byline photo”

Analysis: Wow, making fun of my photo. How hip and edgy. Now this is a serious individual, even by stoner standards. People wanting to stand up for the Second Amendment, tax cuts, and winning the war on terror are people who matter. Whether one supports or is against legalizing marijuana, it is not nor will it ever be a truly important issue. Stoners are not fighting for liberty or the Constitution. They just want to get high.


Please be sure to research your history correctly before publishing anti-palestinian articles. Been biased in an article with a kid protesting in the main picture is surely a shame. Before been a jew, be a person, human maybe!”


Analysis: By Palesimian  standards this is actually not true hate mail since there were no death threats or references to donkey zionist aggressor infidels. Yet I was at the Palesimian rally where nobody showed up. The truth hurts like a suicide bomber.

“Walter Peguise

Here is my question and it's pretty plain simple and serious,"ARE YOU CRAZY" or just pretending?”

Analysis: I would accuse this questioner of asking me if I was Hamlet, but most imbeciles do not read Shakespeare.


“James Twomey

What did your parents do to you?”


Analysis: They put me in public school where I was forced to interact with people like this.



Were you born a pathetically petty and hateful moron, or did you acquire the appropriate habits for this role at the Washington Times through practice?”


Analysis: This gutless coward thinks it is cool to make fun of Vice President Dan Quayle. Apparently Candace Bergen now has nothing better to do but send me hate mail. Like Murphy Brown, this smug liberal deserves to be canceled.



Nice column today. By attempting to prove President Obama is not a good person, you proved yourself to be among the lowest ranks of humanity as well. Congratulations, Eric.”


Analysis: So anyone criticizing Obama is a bad person. Wow, this guy must work for MSNBC.

“Vickie Fixman

No question.    Just want you to know what a complete idiot I think you are.”

Analysis: This woman is a liar. She does not think anything.



“Steve Austin

Are you Gay? Cause I think you're hot!”

Analysis: I am not gay, but if I was, what would be wrong with that? Here is another liberal who thinks it is cool to equate being gay with something negative.



Is it really true your a registered asshole??”


Analysis: Another gutless coward afraid to use their real name. No, I am not a Democrat and the backside of the donkey is not my symbol. I am an elephant guy.


“Matt Delio

I really hope you do not believe the stuff you write.  Your uneducated hate speech is what is wrong with the world. Start to learn both of the Palestinian conflict, rather than just spewing rhetoric.”

Analysis: Hate speech is anything a liberal or Palesimian supporter disagrees with. Naturally, they never say where the disagreement actually occurs. That would require thought and thoughtfulness


Say it with me everybody.


These are liberals and Palesimians. This is how they behave.







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